If you want to be president, act presidential

During this campaign season, we have seemingly lowered our standards. We are giving more than just one front runner license to say just about anything about any one or group without repercussion.

To me, if someone wants to be president, they should act presidential. These candidates are interviewing for one of the most important jobs in the world. We should expect the candidate to exhibit the traits we would want in a leader who interacts with other leaders.

That would mean telling the truth and not being so cavalier when your statements are shown to be untruthful or inconsistent. That would mean not disparaging someone asking a legitimate question. That would mean avoiding labeling and name calling others about perceived deficiencies. That would mean showing a little thicker skin and calming demeanor in the face of adversity.

My view is relatively simple. The louder someone yells to drown out another or the more name calling that person uses, usually means his or her argument is poor. We often mistake leadership with a false bravado. There has been an interesting trend in the corporate world with more introverted leaders. The reason is businesses are complex, so they need to be led by someone who has a grasp of the issues.

People will vote for whom they want. I would like them to consider this litmus test as they do, as they may reach a different conclusion.

13 thoughts on “If you want to be president, act presidential

  1. Some of these canidates are use to getting their way and believe they can bully themselves into office. But like you I hope the American people are smart enough to hear past the shouting they’re using to convince us they are the best and hear the calm voice of the thinker.

  2. I didn’t have the option to “like ” this, but I do. Those who ask questions are reluctant to press the speaker with tough follow-up questions. They fear they will be ignored in the future — or their bosses will give them grief (after all, the corporations own the media for the most part). Gone are the days of the incisive, informative and sometimes embarrassing interviews with those who would yield power. Thus we now have the shouting matches and glib responses that are designed to bring listeners with short attention spans and little between their ears to the side of the shouter.

  3. Thank you for this. We the people are interviewing these men and women for the job of President of the United States. What corporation hires a CEO who openly lies and actively works to subvert the goals of the company. How many corporations hire a CEO because the employees think he would be cool as a drinking buddy?

    • Many thanks. Between his cavalier attitude toward lying, his playground name calling, and his stomping on the constitution, he should not be given a lot of consideration.

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