Please cease the endless Benghazi hearings (and work on something important)

Dear Representative or Senator,

Like many Americans of all political stripes, this independent voter requests that you ask Congressional leaders to cease the endless Benghazi hearings. Eight is enough, as the old TV show says. You are wasting taxpayer money and time on something that has been put to bed many times over.

Representative Trey Gowdy was made to look very foolish last fall and your first Speaker of the House candidate Kevin McCarthy’s words betrayed the motivation behind the hearings. To be frank, I do not like my tax dollars paying for political campaigns.

If you must continue, please ask Rep. Gowdy to reinvite Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Admiral Michael Mullen back in to go over the report that put Benghazi to bed in December, 2012. These report authors were not called to testify for over nine months by Rep. Darrel Issa, who led the first waves of hearings, which I have found puzzling, but not surprising.

With this new found time, Congress can improve upon the executive actions that the President made on background checks which were long overdue. The President should be applauded for this first step. Congress has punted on this issue, siding more with the NRA rather than Americans who overwhelmingly support better background checks, including 79% of Republican voters per a Pew Polling survey. Plus, 40% of all gun sales in America do not have a background check conducted – that is almost half.

I have long grown weary of the stale argument of X action would not have stopped Y mass shooting. One thing is for certain, not doing anything at all has shown to be ineffective. And, the greater number of gun deaths are what occur everyday in America, including 60% of them which are suicide.

Please ask your colleagues to stop trying to keep their job and to do their job. Campaigning does not constitute doing the job. Productive discussions around better gun control measures do.

Many thanks for your time and service.


11 thoughts on “Please cease the endless Benghazi hearings (and work on something important)

      • That does indeed happen. Our dilemma is they are not listening to Americans. We still have to try and make ourselves heard. Usually I get a form letter back based on subject. If you post in their website, ask them to call you, and a staffer will usually follow up.

    • I used to believe Issa was more open minded. When he refused to call the people who did the report for nine months to perpetuate the hearings, I lost a lot of respect. If you were sincere about the effort, these folks would have been called in to deliver the report.

  1. Good letter. They are having more Benghazi hearings? Is it related to Clinton’s email issue? There has been movement by states to close loopholes, for example; Washington State in 2014 became the first state to require background checks on private sales.

    • Thanks. Yes, they will continue. I think Leon Panetta is set to testify. I did send a variation of this letter to our toe senators and rep. I heard WA state made some good changes. I believe there is a common sense wave starting on this issue.

  2. Your closing sentence “Many thanks for your time and service” is a bit premature, Keith. It’s been almost 8 yrs. And I don’t see any time or service given by the majority of any elected official. I know…critical…please understand…not of you.

    • Raye, I fully understand your point. I have actually sent variations to my senators and rep, so I want them to see me acknowledge their efforts, even if they have misspent. Please feel free to send a variation to your legislators. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: It interesting what perspective can do to the same story. Speaker Ryan was very smug about the big accomplishment of sending a bill to the President that he knew would be vetoed and they did not have enough votes to overturn it. Setting aside the veracity of either side’s position, as a taxpayer I would view that as a waste of time. In essence, it was a campaign ploy to garner votes from strident folks. As noted above, I don’t want my tax dollars paying for campaigns.

    If one digs further, the majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood and keeping, but improving the ACA. So, this campaign stunt actually goes against what the majority of Americans want. And, if one digs a little deeper, they would find that both PP and the ACA are working pretty well and help many in need and living paycheck to paycheck. So, my question to the Speaker is to ask why is he so smug about this so called success?

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