If you want to enter Bill’s history into the race….

Let me state up front that I did not vote for Bill Clinton for President either time he ran, as I was a Republican at the time. Now that I am an Independent and with the advantage of history, I can look back more clinically at his presidency.

I mention this as Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the GOP primary race, wants Former President Bill Clinton’s history as a philanderer to be fair game for the Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s race for the White House. My advice for Mr. Trump is be careful of what you ask for, as all of Bill’s history as a president should then be included. You cannot pick the parts you like.

It is a matter of record that Bill was a philanderer. His wife, in a highly personal decision, has decided to stick by her husband. And, like only 50% of Americans who married, they remain married today. So, it is not our position to judge her decision as it is not hers to judge other married women in a similar situation. But, if The Donald wants to adjudicate Bill’s philandering, he is a big boy and can bring it up all he likes.

Yet, he needs to be mindful that all of Bill’s record now is fair game. His was the presidency that produced the greatest job growth of any president, including FDR’s. While Ronald Reagan had the best numbers as a Republican president, Reagan trails Bill Clinton’s numbers by 6.8 million jobs per the Bureau of Labor statistics (22.9 versus 16.1 million)

Further, when Bill left office, he handed George W. Bush a surplus budget. Clinton worked with Congress to outsource certain government functions and with the economy clicking on all cylinders and with no wars under his watch, the budget was balanced and had a little surplus. Plus, working with Congress significant legislation was passed to help disabled Americans. And, per David Smick, who wrote “The World is Curved,” and was an economic advisor to Reagan, Jack Kemp and Clinton, the latter was big on international trade just like Reagan.

It should be noted, his presidency was not perfect, as none are, so there a few issues that could have been done better. I was not a fan of the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which let banks get into more business. I felt we under-reacted to a small bombing on the USS Cole and should have made a more demonstrable retaliation. But, he did keep us out of war, so that cannot be overlooked.

The interesting tidbit in this equation is if Hillary wins the White House, Bill will be in a very unique role of First Gentleman. Now, with his philandering record, he may not qualify for the term “Gentleman,” but he would be in a position to share his opinions if asked, by his Presidential wife. And, with that successful track record as echoed by a 62% favorability rating when he left office, that would not be a bad thing.

34 thoughts on “If you want to enter Bill’s history into the race….

  1. I did vote for Bill Clinton… twice. I’d most likely vote for him again if he was running. His personal failings were disappointing but probably not very unusual for men in power. I wonder if Trump’s personal life could live up to that scrutiny?

    • I agree about men in power. Newt Gingrich was having one of at least two affairs while accusing the President. Then there is JFK, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, the SC governor who said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail while flying to his Argentine lover, et al.

    • Many thanks. It was funny, in 2012, Paul Ryan was laudatory of Bill Clinton’s efforts on the deficit, in part to distinguish him as different from Obama. Now, he is being used as a philanderer. Same guy. Keith

      • Paul Ryan…I don’t understand guys like him.

        The Clinton ‘Sex’ scandal is interesting from the perspective of the abuse of the political process.

        I was born and raised in the deep South…

        And the men I grew up with did not consider oral sex ‘real’ sex.

        I suppose it was a way to cheat on the wife or ‘dally’ with guys without feeling guilty.

        So if you asked them if they’d had sex with a person they’d say no…even if you’d just watched.

        The most outrageous aspect of the impeachment proceedings was that the loudest condemnation came from men who knew why Clinton believed he wasn’t lying because they were born and raised in the same region.

        Every Southern boy of Clinton’s background and generation knew that oral sex wasn’t real sex…

        In many ways, Clinton is just a very smart bubba….Who was up to his tushy in Crocodiles…

        To that extent Obama is more savvy than Clinton was…but then the attempt to assassinate his presidency is also more blatant which makes it easier to deal with.

      • Very interesting comments. I am not surprised by that line of thinking, but I am sure Southern women would include that in their definition. But, Ms. Lewinsky was not his only tryst. But, to have an impeachment proceeding over this wasting America’s time was a shame. It was such a shame, the media missed the biggest cover up story that involved the CIA during the Reagan years using taxpayer money to fund drug dealers from Central America, tangentially related to the Iran-Contra affair. This was denied for years as they discredited the reporter who broke the story, but a report during the Lewinsky scandal era confirmed the reporter’s findings.

      • I love your point about Southern women or as with Bill Clinton, Hillary. I’m sure she thought he was lying and I bet she wanted to slap his face off.

        I would not be as annoyed by the impeachment or even the endless scandal mongering leveled at Obama and Hillary if the Republicans applied the same standards of moral purity to members of their own party.

        Hillary ‘failed’ national security with Benghazi but let’s ignore the enormous failures that resulted in 9/11.

        Obama is risking American lives with his deal with Iran but let’s ignore the thousands of American lives lost to the lies that caused us to invade Iraq.

        Understand that my point is not to play political tit for tat.

        All of the ‘scandals’ I’ve described may in fact not be scandals at all…What bothers me is that we don’t know about Iraq, or 9/11 because Republicans refuse to investigate members of their own party–while wasting time, resources and national credibility by abusing their majority to sabotage members of the opposition.

        The Starr commission was a witch hunt as is the Benghazi panel.

        In the meantime the rest of the world looks at us and sees a nest of ninnies who don’t hold their leaders accountable for possible crimes against humanity.

        If there was no crime on Bush’s part, let’s find out. But to not even bother
        to ask in spite of all of the information we have is cowardly.

      • Thanks. I agree on the double standard. What many don’t realize is one of Bush’s people went to jail over a WMD cover up, in Scooter Libby, who outed a CIA operative in Valerie Plame. Her husband, a former Ambassador, wrote an Op-Ed piece on how his WMD recon was misused. On Benghazi, this was put to bed in December, 2012 with a report by Admiral Mullens and Ambassador Pickering. Their findings were we could have done better by these guys, but found no cover up, yet were not invited to testify for nine months. Congress also forgets it cut funding to add more security to embassies that summer.

      • I really love the way you write about the political scene…You’re very calm and well informed. I also sense that you are non-partisan in a way that I want to be…thank you…

      • Clearly, the vast majority of information we are allowed too receive is handled by “spin-doctors” who care not about logic or truth but only about shaping the world as they see fit.

  2. DT is not capable of pointing out the good in anyone, that would make him feel less. He’s in the business of dimming lights to make make his shine brighter (in his head).
    I voted for Bill twice as well, and although his behavior was something I did not agree with, he is human and last time I checked that horse was dead.
    If DT is going to go after indiscretions and spouses, well then I would love to see an Ivanka and Marla Maples press conference for ole time sakes. Oh, and please bring along Tiffany, the product of his affair. Personally, I would love to hear what his current stepford wife has to say about the whole thing too.
    Keith, you have raised my blood pressure today…lol

    • If one’s history is fair game, so is the other’s. Plus, the former President is not running, his wife is and she was the victim. You may remember a previous post about leadership. Bad leaders assume more credit than they deserve. I read yesterday that DT is taking credit for the release of our prisoners. Really?

      Sorry to increase your BP. Have a great day. Keith

      • I read that as well. It’s gotten to the point that politicians will say anything knowing that their listeners have no idea whether what they say is true. I also read that “Fact Check” had to go to the hospital for treatment after the latest Republican debate!! Case in point!

      • Fact Check is working hard. The truth matters little, unless it supports your story. Have you ever noticed the Congressional Budget Office is cited when their findings agree with the speaker’s party and they are biased when they don’t?

  3. Thanks for bringing this up. It is typical of The Donald to bring up the issue of Bill’s dick. It’s one more non-issue item for him to flap his fat lips about. While I don’t forgive Bill for the way he handled the repercussions of his silliness, that is all past history and has absolutely no bearing on Hillary’s ability to lead the country. That she and her husband have worked that transgression out is both a miracle and a testament to their larger vision. It is

  4. oops… Bills sexual philandering is his and Hillary’s private business. The rest of the world laughs only the harder that this silliness once again raises its head in American politics.

    • Agreed. We are indeed laughed at for what we discuss. How many minutes were wasted at the GOP debate regarding a birth certificate and NYC values? Here is a joke for you, since the man is so consumed where people are born. Where was Donald Trump born? Answer – on third base thinking he hit a triple.

      • I saw today where Sarah Palin endorsed him. That will help with the strident GOP group, but likely harm him with non-GOP voters.

      • Note to Readers: The same day Sarah Palin endorses DT, the British Parliament discusses his travel ban to Great Britain using candid commentary, that would not be deemed politically correct. They stopped short of the ban, but did not mince words about The Donald.

  5. Note to Readers: I have an old colleague who had the opportunity to shake Bill Clinton’s hand in a room full of people. My friend was a HR Director, so he is an outgoing person. He said Clinton made him feel like he was the only person on the room. He said he spoke with others and they had a similar reaction.

  6. Yes, I saw Bill Clinton campaigning many years ago in a rope line (is that what they call them?) in Boston. Being the contrary person that I am, I stepped back, away from his approach, rather than forward, and was able to really observe–the effect he had on those near him, and those who leaned in and shook his hand was very powerful. He was very charismatic, with a very strong pull.

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