Do you know…

Do you know the following facts? They are all true, so feel free to verify them and use them as you deem appropriate.

The famous Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca, designed the first Ford Mustang using the underpinnings of a Ford Falcon, fulfilling an idea to have a sports car for the masses.

The auto industry sold more cars and light trucks in the US in 2015 than in any year previously, with 17.5 million total topping the previous high of 17.4 million in 2000, back when Bill Clinton was President.

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is left-handed and played drums on a right-handed drum kit giving him a unique sound.

The US has had 71 consecutive months of job growth, one of the longest periods ever and later this year, unless the economy turns as a result of China’s slowing economy, we will have the 4th longest economic growth period in US history.

The words to “A Natural Woman” sung by Aretha Franklin were written by a man, Gerry Goffin, who was married to and a partner of Carole King. They wrote the song in less than 24 hours after a chance meeting with a record producer on a New York City street. The producer rolled his car window down and asked if they could write a song for Aretha by tomorrow.

The President who was in office when the greatest number of jobs were created was Bill Clinton at 22.8 million jobs, even more than during FDR’s presidency. Ronald Reagan oversaw the third most job growth at 16.1 million according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The songwriter of “Crazy” made famous by the late Patsy Cline was none other than Willie Nelson. A great moment in the movie “Doc Hollywood,” with Michael J. Fox, is when this song is played at a dance, showing it remains a great love song many years later and no one could sing Willie’s song like Patsy.

The US stock market, as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has almost doubled in value since January 23, 2009, just after President Barack Obama was sworn in, even with the fall off the first few weeks of this year. On January 23, 2009, the DJIA was $8,078 and it closed yesterday at $15,883.

The late Glenn Frey of The Eagles had his first professional experience playing acoustic guitar and singing background on Bob Seger’s “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.” Seger encourage Frey to have his own band and they remained friends until he died. Frey will be missed.

According to the US Department of Energy, in 2014 Iowa led the nation by producing 28 percent of its electricity from wind power, followed by South Dakota at 25 percent and Kansas at 22%. Wind energy provided more than 15 percent of electricity in a total of seven states, more than 10 percent in a total of nine states, and more than five percent in a total of 19 states. Texas and California are the largest producers in terms of Megawatts.

David Bowie and Bing Crosby once sang a Christmas carol duet on Crosby’s Christmas show that was stunningly poignant. They blended new lyrics which Bowie sang while Crosby sang “Lil’ Drummer Boy.” Bowie will be missed.

Martin Luther King did not intend to deliver his famous “I Have Dream Speech” as it was delivered. He had a different theme in mind. When MLK ad-libbed a line away from his prepared speech, the famous Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson cried out to him to “Tell them about the dream, Martin! Tell them about the dream!” as she had heard him speak of it before. MLK set aside his prepared remarks and gave one of the most famous speeches of our time or any time.

Steve Jobs biological parents immigrated from Syria to the US. Think about that for a while. Would we have Apple today, if he had not been born here?

Keep seeking the truth. We need more of it, especially with so many leaders, politicians and so-called news sources taking liberties with it.





15 thoughts on “Do you know…

  1. Fun stuff! Lee Iacocca was also the man at Ford who insisted on continuing to produce the Pinto even after it was clear that it endangered the lives of the drivers because of a small bolt near the gas tank that penetrated the tank on impact and caused the car to ignite. A number of people died in crashes or were burned beyond recognition. He calculated that it would cost Ford less to pay the legal fees stemming from law suits than to recall and repair the cars! (A bizarre cast to the cost-benefit calculus).

    • Hugh, he must have glossed over that in his autobiography. I read he helped create the Pinto, so he must have had too much allegiance to it. I think Toyota must have made that same calculation as they were slow to address their acceleration problem. And, the Takata air bag thing is huge with so many cars they supplied. Thanks for the update. Keith

      • Generally speaking, publicly owned companies are reluctant to do the right thing if it will affect the “bottom line.” Private companies are a bit more aware, but the ones who worry about their shareholders tend to look the other way until there is a public outcry (CBS did a major exposé of the Pinto scandal that finally led to their recall and redesign — which cost only a few dollars for each car!)

      • Hugh, that is what is so amazing when the fix is not that costly. The same holds true for Toyota. And, what both lost sight of, is no company is perfect, so doing the right thing does not harm the brand. But, if you cover up…just look at the Flint situation. Thanks for commenting, Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I just read this morning that 2015 experienced the most home sales in the US in nine years. A reason I am mentioning these positive statistics, is politicians are portraying our economy as in the tank, but it is actually doing pretty well. We do need to work on the declining middle class and poverty issues, which have evolved over time, but to say the economy is broken is a misnomer.

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