It is hard for Cruz to be a solution

Saying people are angry with Washington is sloppy reporting and does a disservice to the problem. There is a large group who is angry for the legislators not collaborating enough to get things done. Then, there is a group who is angry that their representatives are not strident enough in their convictions to only get things done their way. Let’s set aside the veracity or lack thereof of those convictions.

The latter group has been tapped into by the two men leading the GOP race. The problem is they are angry at the wrong people. Senator Ted Cruz is one of those leaders of the strident group and advocates that he is the solution. That is difficult for me to fathom, as Ted Cruz is part of the problem.

Cruz is a grandstander who has made an effort to not work with his colleagues at any level. He has ridiculed the leadership, embarrassing them on occasion. As a result, his senate colleagues will not go to bat for him. It should be noted when Senator John McCain’s birth in the US Panama Canal Zone became a minor issue, the Senate passed a bill that said just to make sure, this is not a problem. With the issue over Cruz’ birth in Canada becoming an issue, he should not expect a hall pass from the Senate. That speaks volumes.

And, he personally shut our government down for 16 days. The President had to cancel his attendance at two important international trade meetings, which is a key role for the position of President. If it were not for ten female Senators, the US would have defaulted on some debt, which would have been a horrible move per other countries and the head of the International Monetary Fund. This is as good an example of why Cruz would be such a disaster as President.

Yet, if we get back to what I set aside, Cruz is also part of the problem based on his positions. His bellicose rhetoric about carpet bombing shows his ignorance of the challenges of the Middle East. While not as blatant as Trump he has demonized more than a few groups of people. And, Cruz tends to overlook facts when he criticizes policies. If it is not his way, then it cannot be working.

Most Americans want Congress and the President to get things done. They want collaboration. Cruz just wants the attention. He wants it to be his way or no way. He is not the solution. Ted Cruz is part of the problem.

16 thoughts on “It is hard for Cruz to be a solution

      • You are right about all thinking they are solution. While neither are what is needed, I actually think Cruz would be worse than The Donald, as he believes his own BS. Trump knows he is lying his ass off, but does not care. In his mind, he is thinking, “just make the sale.”

    • Kim, I would not say they don’t care, but their focus is not on all Americans. I also think they are working off a bad fact sheet. The GOP is on the wrong side of more issues than they are not. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I do not like that Congress does this, but it shows a good example of how Cruz’s strident zeal can be used against him. After the election in 2014 when the GOP won a majority in the Senate, there was a lame duck period for the Senate. Cruz was adamant about having a vote on Obama’s immigration policy, which was used to the advantage of Senate Leader Harry Reid. Since the doors remained opened, Reid scheduled votes on all open judge positions that the GOP Senate had been holding up for various reasons (this is the part I don’t like as we need judges to run the courts) and they passed. In other words, against the wishes of his GOP colleagues, Cruz’ zeal was used against him to the advantage of the Democrats. Think Ahab as you read the attached article, which is one of many on the topic. Putin would play Cruz like a fiddle.

  2. Good blog post. Did you read the Motherjones article, “Is Ted Cruz Really an Awful, Terrible Jerk?”? It’s along the same lines as yours.

    In regards to the 2014 government almost shut down event; it allowed a reversal of a banking rule to get pushed through because everyone was too frantic getting the “must pass” budget passed at the last second to do something. The only real winners of that fiasco were the banks.

    • Roseylinn, I did not read the article. I was unaware of the banking bill that was passed. As for his dearth of support in the Senate, our GOP Senator Richard Burr said he would vote for Bernie over Cruz. He later denied saying that, but the news reporter stuck with his story. Thanks for the comment, Keith

      • There wasn’t a specific banking bill. It was an amendment/add on to the “must pass now or the gov’t shuts down” budget that was pushed through at the last minute in 2014. If they took the time to stop, read the document, and deal with it then it would have caused a shut down.

        I saw where Senator Burr tweeted that the AP lied about his comment. Too bad no one got it on tape.

        This election year is turning out to be interesting.

      • Thanks for the update. It is interesting. I do like the fact the reporter said he is sticking to the story on Burr’s comments. My guess is Burr was embarrassed or chastised by the party leadership on his Cruz comment.

  3. Note to Readers: With Cruz, people need to fully understand what they are voting for. A Cruz win will involve the repeal of the ACA which is working pretty well, an effort to deny marriage to gays and lesbians, a cessation of climate change actions especially with his fracking funders, a hard line on immigration and migrants from Syria, and a bellicose attitude toward complex global problems.

  4. Note to Readers: I was watching an interview with former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on the BBC World News America today. When Katty Kay asked about the “carpet bombing” solution to the Middle East espoused by a Presidential candidate, meaning Ted Cruz, his answer was robust. In essence he referred to Cruz’ idea as “insane.” He also was complimentary of his former boss President Obama for not getting sucked into a military intervention, as once you are in, it is hard to back out.

  5. Note to Readers: With Donald Trump’s petulance around attending the last GOP debate, the opportunity to show well was in Ted Cruz’ court. From the viewpoints of several sources, Cruz failed miserably in his mission that night. In fact, his “you’re being mean to me tantrum,” was a very bad debate moment for any candidate. Trump will suffer from his move to not attend, but the benefactor will likely not be Cruz.

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