What movies disappointed you?

Going to a movie these days requires a microloan. With the price of tickets, the obligatory overfilled popcorn and two huge drinks that you need two hands to hold, a movie date runs US$40 or more. Once you are settled in your seats, you are tempted by movie trailers of future movies, which you and your date will comment on regarding the relative merits of seeing each.

One of the disappointments in going to the movies is seeing one for which you had high expectations, but it falling flat. Some comedies will have their only funny scenes in the trailers. Once you see the movie, you realize that you had already seen its Sunday best and could have saved yourself $40. Or, you may select one based on the cast of stars, only to realize that familiar faces cannot perfume a pig. Or, it may be based on a favorite novel or TV show, and leave you lacking.

At the risk of offending those who liked these movies, a few that come to mind are as follows. If you agree or disagree, please do not hesitate to reiterate or challenge my opinion. Maybe, I need to give some a second look. But, note I prefer plot and dialogue in movies. Action movies are fine, but they need to have a story somewhere within.

August, Osage County – This movie had all the making of a great film, with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Chris Cooper leading a very good cast. Yet, unless you like dysfunctional families that are not very endearing, screaming at each other for the duration of the movie, you might want to pass.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The original version starred Audrey Hepburn (who I adore) and George Peppard as two people who made a habit of leeching off other people. So, it was hard to pull for these less than endearing people. Yet, what made this movie voted the second most racist movie of all time is Mickey Rooney playing an over the top Asian-American man who lived in the upstairs apartment. For younger folks, Rooney is not Asian and his portrayal of this character was offensive. The movie highlight is the introduction of the song “Moon River.”

Austin Powers Films – I generally like Mike Myers, but I must confess my wife is not a huge fan. But, at the recommendation of Bob, a good friend, who said we must see this movie, we shelled out our $40. About halfway through the movie, my wife looks at me and says “I am going to kill Bob.” I know many liked this series of movies, but it was way too childish for my tastes. I may get some pushback on this one, but we stopped at one Austin Powers movie.

Tarzan, the Ape Man – I hesitated to put this on the list, as several guys went with me to see Bo Derek (of the movie “Ten”) tell the Tarzan story from Jane’s perspective. We should have known better, so technically it could have been left off this list. After a few minutes you realize that her beauty cannot overcome a very terrible movie. We should have also realized the movie “Ten” was good because of Dudley Moore’s bumbling comedy, not Derek’s ten-like looks.

A Bridge Too Far – This movie was not horrible, but it had one of the largest, most elite casts I have ever seen. It had the makings of a great, blockbuster film. It is a WWII movie about a failed mission, which should have been a clue to the producers. It just meandered through to an unexciting end. If it came up for free access, I may watch it to see if I missed something, but would not spend money to rent it.

The Razor’s Edge – One of the most poorly titled movie’s ever, starring Bill Murray. This movie left you nowhere near the edge of your seat as it plodded along. Even though it is based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham, it left me wanting so much more. Since that was the theme of the book, maybe wanting more from the movie was a goal, which was successfully met.

Please offer up some of your disappointments. I recognize movie disappointments do not compare well to the problems in our world, but please look at this as a diversion.







28 thoughts on “What movies disappointed you?

  1. I like August, Osage County. I love both Meryl and Julia. I am also a Breakfast at Tiffany fan. I didn’t realize Mickey Rooney played the Chinese guy. I was only disappointed that they didn’t give him a close up. I guess that’s why. Austin Powers a big thumbs down. Tarzan and WWII not my thing either. Though I will watch Vietnam movies and any of the Planet of Apes movies.

    • Kim, we must not have been in the mood for Osage. Chris Cooper was one of the more redeeming characters as he defended his son. I saw Tiffany’s only recently, so I was disappointed in the characters, especially with my fondness of Hepburn. We were traveling to FL when we heard a radio show which listed the most racist movies. I knew I was risking not preferring others’ favorites. Thanks for offering your thoughts, Keith

  2. Mhmm Interstellar did, didn’t live up to the hype, preferred The less hyped Moon. Um… better question may be what films do not disappoint only because so many are gimmicky or too self conscious or riding on the skirts of former themrs, or just too weak in character and pkot. A good film is rare but wonderful to behold. A la Rabbit Proof Fense. Good questions xxxx

    • Thanks Candice. I have done several posts on movies I liked, I figured I would do a post on those for which I had higher expectations. I agree, Interstellar was confusing, especially after the hype. Three recent films that impressed me are Spotlight about the Boston Globe breaking the Catholic priest pedophile story, Concussion, about the Nigerian doctor who broke the concussion issue in the NFL and The Big Short, about the housing crisis. Another we liked was The Intern, with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.

  3. Note to Readers: I saw “The Revenant” with Leonardo DeCaprio with my son today. It is good, but not a movie for the feint of heart. The photography and sounds captured in the wild are excellent and the story is compelling. But, it is a brutal movie in terms of some horrific action. That is why my wife stayed home. Keith

  4. I was very disappointed by the Revenant. It’s getting so much buzz and had good talent, but there were too many flaws in footage. For example, the image of moose that’s supposed to pass for an elk. The film, based on a real story, was blown out of proportion making it more fantasy than history. Very poor CGI in some sequences. Add to that the god-awful blood, gore, & violence, I walked out of the theater feeling cheated.

    • Linda, it was a tough movie to watch for the latter reason. I did not detect the flaws, so you have a keener eye than I do. My son thought is was pretty good, but not great. Thanks, Keith

  5. Have you seen Spotlight? It is a must. It reminded me of All the Presidents Men in a way. Small film with a lot of punch and a fantastic story.
    I will confess that Austin Powers is my guilty pleasure. I must let my inner 12 year old boy loose and watching this sets him free. (Don’t hold it against me…lol) I think I’m drawn to the Mod style, oh and Dr. Evil.

    • Lisa, I have seen “Spotlight.” It is excellent and I agree with your equating it to “All the President’s Men.” It does leave you said that this happened. Guilty pleasures are OK. I am sure I have several that others would say, “that is awful” or “that is so boring.” My wife would say my interest in watching some movies countless times is one of them. I have watched “The Dirty Dozen” more than 12 times and, for some, reason, I can watch “Bull Durham” or “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” over and over again. So, go get your Austin fix. Thanks, Keith

      • Lisa, if you like “Spotlight,” check out “Concussion” with Will Smith as a Nigerian born doctor and coroner who blew open the NFL’s concussion problem and how they tried to discredit him. Very similar to the Catholic Church’s early denials of a problem they knew about. Keith

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