The new ten commandments

It may have been beneath the radar screen, but Donald Trump received the endorsement of Jerry Falwell, Jr. after Trump spoke at Liberty University. Falwell said Trump even reminded him of his father. I found that to be a stretch, as whether you agree with the older Falwell’s positions, his faith and sense of decorum does not resemble that of The Donald’s.

Even self-proclaimed evangelical brother Glenn Beck took issue with that endorsement and supported Senator Ted Cruz. Irrespective of the veracity of Beck’s choice, Trump proceeded to denigrate Beck in a less than Godly manner. WWJD in Trump’s mind? Slam Beck of course.

Equally puzzling is that evangelicals reconcile their religion to support Trump. I guess my ten commandments don’t read the way the evangelicals following Trump’s do. I guess they should be boiled down to six and read Thou shalt…

demonize others for being different
– denigrate women as objects
– name call or mock people for their gender, disabilities, war service, obesity
– lie and not care if caught in a lie, as it is only politics
– create an environment where dissent is squelched and tolerate the physical removal of adversaries
– say anything, but cry foul when someone questions you

Maybe the younger Falwell teaches a different version of the ten commandments than I remember. If he looked, Falwell might not be too keen on Trump’s history of exploiting others to make money or suing to evict people from their houses under eminent domain rules as he builds his casinos next door (see below).

My sister is an evangelical, but she from the outset has not liked Trump. His manner and denigration of others are not very Christian-like she has said. It surprises me that other evangelicals are growing accustomed to Trump given his history and conduct. This support seems to be inconsistent with WWJD in my simple view.

Please contrast this behavior and endorsement with the speech made by Senator Bernie Sanders in front of the same Liberty University crowd, which was less welcoming to him. Bernie gave a speech (see below) that moved people as he spoke of the real truths about inequality and social injustice. He spoke of how the words in the religious text matter and we should lift up people who are in need.

To me, the message that Bernie is talking about is a better answer to WWJD? It would also resemble the one that the elder Falwell may be more inclined to give.

26 thoughts on “The new ten commandments

  1. I wonder if you are right? People have just gotten used to the Trumpet and dismiss his outrageous behavior as non-essential? If so, it’s a form of wishful thinking. Personally I have come to think that the Trumpet represents a quick response to problems, simple and fast solutions to complex issues. Folks are tired of waiting for the snail-like pace of democratic procedure (even when it is working). They want what they want when they want it. The Trumpet gives them that. And not much else.

    • Hugh, we should underline that he “tells” them he will give them that. He cannot accomplish a lot of what he boasts as it is either unconstitutional, unworkable, untenable (on the global stage) or unaffordable. I am baffled that evangelicals would support his bellicose meanderings as they are contrary to the bible teachings. By the way, I quoted you on another blog regarding judgment. All the best, thanks, Keith

  2. I have seen some strange endorsements videos forTrump on FB. I believe he is buying these endorsement. I think this is a game for Trump and his only objective is to win and the best intrest for the country isn’t a priority or really a consideration. I hope he gets bored or has a major tantrum and drop out.

    • Kim, it is a nice hope. Cruz is actually a more dangerous candidate as he believes his own BS and that is not good. Trump just says what ever strikes his fancy and what people want to hear and it changes often. He is just looking to close the deal. Neither man should be allowed near the White House, as they are the opposite of what we need. Thanks, Keith

    • Erika, it is a nice prayer. Or, maybe we can pray for the more sensical folks to get out and vote. Trump’s following is fervent and not big on facts. Thanks, Keith

      • Facts don’t matter as much. We also used to set rhetoric aside after elections and govern with facts, but now with social media, we govern with rhetoric.

      • They are so enamored with his bravado, they overlook his racist and mean ranting. His pep rallies are all slogans and him winging it, usually dissing someone.

      • I understand that up to a certain point. But at some point what he says is simple from the 1940s and I cannot believe so many don’t see that. I don’t need to tell you this. But if he got elected…. Holy…. the whole world is in danger.

  3. Note to Readers: Since The Donald is now being a poor loser, after first promising to be magnanimous, it is starting to hurt him. His petulance around the debate was the first sign, with his tantrum about Cruz cheating, being the second one. It is funny, it seems it is OK for him to be a jerk when he is ahead in the polls, but now that he is being jerk since he is more fallible is impacting people’s impressions.

    With that said, Cruz arguably did cheat. He was very sneaky about sending out official looking correspondence, which did not come from a state official in Iowa. I personally detest these antics having seen it up close with the NC GOP and the stringent Voter ID rules, which are in court as of this writing. Cruz, nor Trump, have been acting very presidential from the outset, nor have they laid a foundation of presidential behavior before the election season started.

    Yet, Cruz likes to tout his religion. One thing to mention to him when he next does this, the answer to WWJD is not cheat.

  4. When I heard him trying desperately to quote a Bible verse, I just wanted Jesus to appear and punch him in the face. A girl can dream.
    Both DT & Cruz are constantly throwing the “I want to make America great again” statement in our faces, but guess what? Both of them have had ample opportunity to do just that without being President. DT has 8 BILLION dollars to spare on an election, yet he never thought to us some of that for good? TC has been a sitting Senator and has made the choice to vote down anything that would benefit the greater good. They had their chance to “make america great again” and they made the conscious decision not to participate.

    Keith, I’m going to the gym now and I will leave this anger on the gym floor…lol

  5. Note to Readers: Apparently The Donald getting religion did not hinder his ability to lie. At the debate, Trump said we were the most taxed country in the world. Per PolitiFacts, a nonpartisan fact checker, we are 27th out of the 30th when ratioing taxes to GDP. When measuring taxes per capita, we are 17th. So, they rate Trump’s statement as yet another falsehood. Again, he was measured as lying 76% of the time out of 77 statements as of year end.

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