Five questions for any candidate

After seeing the very childish Republican debate which reveals the infighting in the party, it reminded me of the questions not being asked enough or answered when they are. It troubles me that the leading candidate is loud on bravado and quiet on substance. And, he does not like questions which should speak volumes.

We need to think of five basic questions we should be asking all candidates, but especially the ones running for President. We owe it to our country and the rest of the world. And, this goes for candidates of all parties.

Why? Why do you believe that? Why do you say that? Can you elaborate on your position? In today’s politics and governance, if your opponent did something it is by definition bad and vice versa. So, this first question is key.

What? What will you do to remedy the problem you note? It is so very easy to critique, but harder to do. Tell us what your plan entails. Be specific and not speak in platitudes.

How? How will you do what you say you want to do? This is particularly good to ask when what is being advocated is unconstitutional or would lessen our global standing. Or, if the idea is unrealistic.

How long? The difference between a hope and a plan is a timeline. How long will it take? What does success look like? An early critic of going into Iraq and Afghanistan said “be prepared to stay for 30 years.” This lack of definition of success and the time to get there is a major frustration of our troops who are at risk.

How much? Money is not infinite and we do have a building debt crisis. Paying off new things is important, but we must also pay for old things, as well. And, please remember the following crude statement – any dumb ass can get elected saying they will cut taxes. Cutting taxes, in and of itself, should not be confused with good stewardship.

Five questions. They will work on any issue. And, there is one certainty, most candidates will not like answering them. But, for our sake, they must. For our children and grandchildren’s sake they must. We owe it to them.


15 thoughts on “Five questions for any candidate

    • Agreed. My wife was watching a silly movie yesterday made in the 1980s with Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith and John Goodman. Griffith is the girlfriend of Goodman’s character and Johnson is asked as a reporter to help educate her on issues. He eventually arms her with ten sayings that can be used to answer any question at a Washington cocktail party. It was quite comical and applicable today. This is a key reason Bernie is gaining ground. Whether you like his answers, he is the only candidate speaking about issues and telling you what he thinks.

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  2. Note to Readers: I recognize I left out the “where” question. With poverty and economic inequality stretching into rural areas, as well as urban areas, investment in those areas are key. Fortunately, many of the fast growing renewable energy investments are in rural areas. Also, with innovation being portable, we need to make it easier for foreign students in our universities to stay and develop here.

  3. Note to Readers: I guess the final question to ask after the above are not answered well or at all is “Do you believe…” As in do you believe the words coming out of your mouth?

    • Janis, you did not miss substance with the SC GOP one, but you did miss a childish middle school “you’re a liar, no you’re a liar” fight. Kasich was the confused adult in the room, shaking his head. Jeb did finally show some backbone against Trump, who came off poorly. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: The Donald is perturbed at Pope Francis for saying that building walls and not bridges is not Christian. Trump notes how horrible it is for a religious leader to question someone’s faith. Yet, a Twitter feed from Trump just last week questioned directly Ted Cruz’ Christianity because he is lying about Trump. I guess it is OK for Trump to question others.

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