Remember that tingly feeling?

My blogging friend Candice made a reference in one of her recent poems to a “spinning bottle” and the angst of growing up. It got me thinking of the first time playing the game “spin the bottle.”

We were back in the sixth grade, which was very precocious then in 1969 and may be even now, although kids are far more aware now than we were. The mother of one of our friends was more forward thinking than my mother was or would ever be.

It was very exciting and gave me (and I am sure others) quite the tingly feeling of anticipation. As I recall, there were about five girls and the same number of boys. All gathered in a tight circle around a coke bottle. Now there is a commercial for the cola.

You hoped the coke bottle gods would favor you, especially if one of the girls you liked most was spinning said bottle. But, to be frank, it mattered less as you just wanted your chance to kiss a nice girl. And, you hoped the feeling toward you was not one of “oh, no” although those words were not uttered out loud. Now, our kiss was in front of everyone else, but my wife said she played a game where the kissers went into another room as they were sixteen when they played.

Of course, when it was your turn and you knew a kiss was coming, then you hoped it would land on the girl you favored. As I think back, I am at a loss of how long we played. My memory makes the time stand still, but it was likely a couple of hours with so many playing.

We could have never played this with my mother present. As I recall, my friend’s mother was sitting off to the side of the room, likely in the dining area of their apartment. As a divorced mother, my guess is she was remembering back to the tingly times in her youth. My wife said, “you mean she remained in the room!”

Kids grow up much faster now. But, I am quite certain those tingly feelings exist. That first game of Twister. The first note or text with someone you liked. The first hand being held. The first kiss. The first French kiss. The first steady girl (or boy). And, the other firsts….

Even at the age of 57, we can remember those tingly feelings. And, we still get them. The nice thing about long time love, moments where it floods back are quite nice. So, a toast to those tingly feelings. May they never wane.


42 thoughts on “Remember that tingly feeling?

  1. Love it! So glad my memories brought forward your own. Like an inspired chain of memories us who are fond of maps in time♡

    • Thanks Candice. Your words are descriptive and do provide inspiration of thought and reflection. That is indeed a credit to you. Sometimes my maps get blurry, so it is nice to set them in motion with some mile marker. Keith

      • I have a strong belief that your maps are very clear my friend. I wish i knew more of your journey but with time I hope to. Meanwhile I am extremely grateful to you because you encourage me♡

      • Many thanks Candice. My journey is likely less interesting than yours with your living around the world. All the best, Keith

      • No. Moving around isn’t interesting at all believe me♡ we all have interesting stories♡

      • I am not a fan of Europe anymore though Europe of old was bewitching it is No longer like that. Despite being a French national I never liked or felt a sympatico for france, their history of mistreating Jews may have something to do with it. France has more nuclear energy than anywhere, it’s part responsible for GMOs in EU it’s got more Pharmaceutical companies, and sold out in WW2. I was glad to leave. People say Paris is the most romantic city on earth, many assumptions based on tired notions of rinanticism. McDonald’s is the fastest growing chain and Leon is 70 percent Muslim. I dislike Trump but he wasn’t wrong about there being while districts that are unsafe.

      • My family were Mizrahi Jews living in Egypt for years. They were exiled from Egypt and now France is the same way. Euripe has ak ways had an agenda inc coveting rich oul nations and selling out their poor. At the end of WEt nobody wanted to let the surviving News in, they also wouldn’t let them to back to their rightful home. America made that happen, and had been their sole protectorate. I feel safe here. And I’m not even practising. England reneged on Israel and nearly caused a mess genocide of the remaining Holocaust survivors in Israel. Yet it’s fashionable to be anti Israel mostly because truth in history is suppressed.

      • When I moved to America I was so grateful and I became a citizen. This country for all it’s flaws is still an incredible place. There is more beauty in the state’s here than the whole of Europe. That said, I do miss the food there!

      • Candice, I will comment on all three of your latest comments here. Thanks for sharing your perspective. You validate that we tend to assimilate different cultures better, but not perfectly, here in America. It does help break down barriers, at the same time folks like Trump are putting them back up. Your perspective is important and different from tourists to Europe. That is why it so meaningful. Truth be told the haves tend to take advantage of the have not countries, exploiting them for resources and making sure the brokers and leaders are well paid, but the common folk are left with not much. One of my missionary blogging friends likes to say the three biggest concerns in the world are global poverty, climate change which impacts the poor more and corruption which impacts both.

        My travels have been few, to London, Ireland, Cannes and Canada. So, my perspective is one of business traveler and tourist. Your views are very helpful. Thanks for sharing them. Best regards, Keith

      • Actually, it was business trip, but it was a wonderful time. My favorite part is we went into the hills and had a three hour dinner with colleagues. The French do know how to eat.

      • I so miss the fearless appetites of France that is true. Strangely we eat a lot but are quite slim.

      • Somehow Canada manages to have affordable universal healthcare, meanwhile my friend is 61 and pays $800a month for hers here. That’s wrong.

      • I lived outside Toronto for a year. Beautiful places, but I’m more enchanted with the USA. Have you ever seen a film called The Sweet Hereafter? That popped into my head as I wrote you. Amazing film.

  2. I remember the tingly feelings. When I read Candice post I remember us going in the closet we were early teens 13, 14. There was a commercial where the kids had a picture on their cell and spinned phone. Technology. 🙂

  3. I remember spin the bottle. I also remember the thrill of just boy/girl parties. It was so…. risque and grown up. I loved those parties.

    I feel like that is lost now, the kids seem to be born with more worldly knowledge about sex than I had when I headed to college. But maybe you are right, it the newness thrill exists but in different forms.

    I don’t think the more worldly way of today’s kids is all bad though. I was not just naive, but painfully undereducated about men and sex and my own feelings. My expectations and illusions were founded on the naivete that was so prized then. I think I would have fared better with a more realistic knowledge of it all.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think you framed the issue well. The kids are more worldly in many aspects, but maybe know less of the art of interacting with the gender of choice. While kids see more explicit things, they may lack a filter that what they are seeing is less normative. And, by hanging in groups, the sexual anxiety and tension and elation (the thrill) from courting another may be lacking. To me, it is much harder to be a teenager with the pressures and social media which can heighten them.

      I wrote a post which referenced the passing of notes between and during classes. That at least kept some privacy around the interest. Now, such interest, if unrequited could get blasted all over social media. Great comment.

  4. Keith, I cannot imagine that these tingly feelings have an expiration date. No matter, how old one is…. once you get into another new situation like that… it is there! It is another first again.

    • That was a bit strange with his mom there, but it was less of a concern with the mission of the game. And, I agree how to gain a kiss from a cute girl was a nicer problem to have.

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