Barney needs a pick me up

Our friend Barney has been out of commission since early January, with a serious bout of pneumonia. For those interested in reaching out to him, please post a comment on his blog or if you know him, directly. As he writes his blog under a different name, I want to respect his privacy. His blog link is noted below.

Please think good thoughts for him and keep him in your prayers. His wife said I could mention this to his blogging friends. Many thanks.

6 thoughts on “Barney needs a pick me up

  1. late night in quito ecuador; thank you so much for updating us, and i hope that our guy is pulling out of the pneumonia doldrums and getting better…. i left a note, and of course regret that i have so little time online..

    w/my friend barb here, we’re looking at the super tuesday stats, and my oh my… to watch our country from afar.. it is probably best i hold my tongue!


    • Z, thanks for reaching out to our guy. On the election, it amazes me how someone who exploits people, kicks people out of their houses, and is thin-skinned and litigious can be accepted as looking out for the common man. Yet, here we are. Keith

    • Thanks Kim. I think you would like him. In addition to his well-informed opinions, he makes very beautiful cutting boards. They are so artistic, you would hate to cut on them.

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