While the Republicans bicker

While the Republican Presidential candidates and leaders bicker, it should be noted that the two Democrat candidates are far more civil and focused more on issues than mudslinging. Whether you agree with Bernie Sanders’ solutions, he is the most consistent candidate in speaking about our real issues in America. He is also offering more specific solutions rather than speaking in platitudes.

And, Hillary Clinton is giving a more pragmatic lens into why her approach is different than Sanders.This is the way it should be. I have heard neither candidate comment on the looks, sweatiness or intelligence level of the other. To me, that is an important distinction. Only John Kasich on the Republican side has had a similar sense of decorum and is speaking consistently about issues. Ironically, he has little chance of winning his party’s nomination as a result.

Yet, while these GOP shenanigans sink to new lows, a few other things are happening.

the 73rd consecutive month of job growth has occurred in the United States;
the unemployment rate remains below 5% at 4.9% per the Bureau of Labor;
the economy continues to be in growth mode, with the 5th longest growth period in our history and the most car and light truck sales ever in the US in 2015;
the business and tourism excitement with renewed relations with Cuba is palpable;
the Affordable Care Act has yielded several positives, but could use some improvements to make it better;
the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau created at the impetus of Elizabeth Warren has been hugely successful for punishing banks and credit card companies and getting compensation in penalties for defrauded and preyed upon consumers; and
Iranians have just voted in a greater number of moderates in their version of parliament.

We have problems in our country with the increased number of folks in poverty and disenfranchisement of urban and rural dwellers, but our country is doing pretty well. This is especially true in contrast to other countries. So, we need to build on these successes, not pretend they are not happening. And, we need to address the social injustice that is going on.

13 thoughts on “While the Republicans bicker

  1. I just watched a (https://youtu.be/_y626Pq8INQ) on how our government is doing a pretty decent job (the bureaucracy part, not the politics) and with the same number of employees for the last 50 years despite have a significant increase in population.

    We spend a significant portion of our budget on positive things – ie social security, medicare & ACA, veterans benefits and welfare of one kind or another.

    Its very popular to discuss everything that is wrong with the government, but it really does do things that make a difference. And its not nearly so big as it could be.

    I still think we need to control the deficit, but this idea that our government is one huge mountain of useless waste is so misleading. And that is the way it gets painted in politics.

    • Great comment and link. While we need to be ever vigilant against bureaucracy and regulations that are not working as intended, this conversation is easy political fodder. As you note, there are key roles government must play that private industry cannot. And, we have learned there are some roles that can be contracted under government oversight. Yet, blanket statements of how big government is or like Grover Norquist notes that he wants to shrink government so much that he can drown it in a bathtub are absurd in their shallowness.

    • Well, if they won’t we should. And, we must hold these candidates and our leaders accountable. As David Brooks said last night on PBS Newshour about the GOP debate, the reference to the size of Trump’s manhood, shows how low the GOP discourse has fallen.

      • Nice conversation to have with your 89 year old mother. It could easily be with a child. With your comment, I was thinking of how a high school civics class would be addressing the childish debate going on. These guys are vying to be leader of the free world not a fraternity.

    • Hugh, like you noted in your last post, when so called leaders say delusional things with conviction again and again, coupled with shallow, conflicted news reporting and an uninformed population, we can be led to believe anything.

      These are my feeble attempts to provide context and insert some truth into the arguments. As an example, when Romney took Trump to task, he did not mention his policy type lies like I defined by CUTE, as those lies support the GOP narrative; he mentioned lies about Trump’s past. The GOP wants you to believe we are the most taxed country in the world, yet that is far from the truth.

      As you know, I still push for addressing that empty half, but what I see as why it is empty is different than this crowd and want to fill it with other solutions. Thanks, Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I left off some additional good news, the main of which is moving the ball forward on renewable energy. Oregon just announced they passed a law to ban coal energy in twenty years and requiring bolder renewable energy goals. That shows the path forward for other states. Plus, hybrid and electric cars are taking full flight, with hybrid cars maturing as a market.

    • Janis, it does frustrate me that politicians feel they have license to say anything without repercussion. I guess I write for my own sanity and to spread some truth at least as I see it. Thanks for your comment, Keith

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