We need to protect the children of the world (to protect ourselves)

There is one constant across all people, religions, and cultures. We love our children and want to protect them, nurture them and give them opportunity. Yet, we need to do a better job of protecting not just our children, but all children of the world. There are too many strident and zealous people who provide challenges to this goal. And, there is too much corruption among greedy leaders who stand in the way of helping.

Our missionary friend in Nigeria notes in his view the three greatest challenges we have are climate change, global poverty and global corruption. The latter seems out of place, but it is a major cause of disenfranchisement everywhere in the world, even in western countries. It stands in the way of getting resources and help to those in need and lays the groundwork for terrorist groups to find a way in to help. It is only too late, when the people realize the terrorists are far worse than the leaders.

Terrorists are very good at brainwashing adults and children leading them to extreme beliefs. Just as bigotry has to be carefully taught, so does hatred and zeal. It has to be nurtured and the terrorists are good at recruiting innocents and creating new generations of haters and using them as their army. It should not be lost on anyone, that the young impressionable person is strapping a suicide vest on, not the teacher.

Outside of the extreme example above, we tend to avoid thinking about helping our children. We have far too much short-sighted thinking that stands in the way of doing a greater good long term. We have too much corruption in politics that our profit makers get their way at the expense of others. And, the messages can easily be manipulated, so that blame can be assessed. We are too good at blaming others than looking at the real problem.

Here are few real truths that need to be addressed by leaders:

  • The World Economic Forum in their Global Risks report note the two greatest risks over the next ten years are the global water crisis and climate change inaction. Please ask your leader and want-to-be leaders what they intend to do about it. If they deny these issues are a problem, then do not vote for them.
  • The global maltreatment of women, including in western worlds, is an issue as it affects women and girls. Women must be viewed as partners not chattel, as to do otherwise is not only unjust, it is unwise, as women hold up half the sky. If a region does not value women, then it is competing in a world with half of its resources and intellectual capital.
  • To the first point, a major concern is overpopulation, which will heighten the impact of climate change and water. Our earth cannot support its people if we grow like expected and people consume more like western cultures. Plus, increased family size is highly correlated with poverty, so family planning is essential. The religions of the world need to get their arms around this issue and not prevent holistic family planning.
  • The refugee crisis must be addressed by all, including the US and Russia. Xenophobic fear mongering that is espoused by a few politicians does not serve the purpose. It is a resource issue and one country cannot bear the burden. Our Canadian partners are showing the US how to help, but we have decided to let politicians fear monger rather than help more. Russia needs to be part of the solution, instead of looking to gain influence at others’ expense which is Putin’s goal on most anything. Europe cannot do this alone and we need to get Syria more settled or the problem will continue.
  • When regions are in a state of disruption, little education is occurring. Our children are not getting the education they need if they are too consumed with just surviving. The refugee children are an extreme example of this, but when adults are disenfranchised, education suffers everywhere.

I have noted before that treating women better around the world will have an echo effect. It is not only the right thing to do, but economies will grow, we will be tapping more intellectual capital to solve problems and women do not compete like men do in politics, avoiding zero-sum games and seeking collaborations. I remind folks it took ten female senators to avoid the US from defaulting on its debts in October 2013, when Senator Ted Cruz single-handedly shut down the government.

Treating women better will enhance how we look to help our children. Girls are maltreated just like women, sometimes worse as they are sold as property or stolen. So, this echo effect will greatly help our children, through more stable economies and a greater focus on education. People should not lose sight that some of history’s greatest advancements came out of the Middle East. If we leave entire populations in disarray without education, that hurts us all.



30 thoughts on “We need to protect the children of the world (to protect ourselves)

  1. A wonderful message Keith. I just hope and pray that the upcoming US electorate get this message before they go to the polls…. and that the rest of the world “gets it” soon after!

    • Many thanks. We are such a poorly informed electorate, so in some respects we are behind. Yet, we do get it right in assimilating people and cultures better than other countries. It is shame we have politicians who want to divide us like the GOP front runners. Keith

      • We must have faith that common sense will prevail and, if the electorate doesn’t “get it”, then let’s hope that both the Reps and Dems can manipulate some sense into the situation.

      • No it’s not! That’s like saying all police are corrupt; all people are dishonest; everybody just wants to make money; all teenagers are delinquent etc. etc. Most certainly there are people that fit all those categories, but there are so many that don’t…. but we just never hear about them. Have faith that common sense will win in the end. 🙂

      • You of course are right, so I should not have made a generalized flippant remark. It should not be as hard to do sensical things as we make it. For example, many GOP politicians know climate change is real and man-influenced, but their funders and past positions get in the way of openly talking about it. But, to your point, we do have folks that try to minimize those monied influences and do the right thing.

      • Look on the bright side Keith – being your northern neighbor and trading partner… we have to hope that the electorate will come though with a reasonable decision but, if our worst fears are realized, then the ramifications nationally (and globally) could well force a major overhaul of your political system. That could well be a very good thing!

      • Wise words. By the way, it was indeed a joy to see your new PM and our President show how much the relationship means. Their respect for each other and banter is refreshing to see.

      • Yes, we have had a number of leaders who were “less than interested” in global affairs (in the broadest sense of the term). JT was a refreshing change to all the prior political rhetoric.

        Personally, I have a short fuse for anybody who tells me who I should NOT vote for. I think I can figure that out for myself. What I need to hear (and I heard it from JT) was why I should vote for him. So far, he seems to be doing a pretty good job, although he cannot be having much of a private life given all the traveling that he is doing! 🙂

      • Sorry … I missed your point! Yes, we too support Obama and was pleased to see how well he and JT seemed to work together. The next presidential term is certainly going to be very interesting.

      • I wish we could clone him here. In America, his matinee idol looks would play well, especially with his progressive message. I would love to see him get the chance to work with Hillary or Bernie.

  2. Good post — and well said. You mention overpopulation even though your Nigerian friend leaves it off his list of major global problems. But it is not a problem that will soon engulf us: it has already started to do so. The earth already exceeds its carrying capacity. Note the widespread starvation and suffering in “Third World” countries. We seem to be insulated against it, but it is out there. A couple of really dry years that cause the crops to fail in the Midwest and it will affect us as well. It’s the elephant in the room, as I have said.

    • You are right, Hugh. California crops are already suffering with the water problem and then there is the bee decline. Yet, have you heard any politician mention bees or overpopulation, much less global water (which goes beyond Flint)?

      • Very true. You reminded me that Denmark had to get buy in on their climate change plan as it had to outlast the election of different political parties, plus they are below sea level.

  3. Well stated. I think that corruption is the worst of our problems because it reaches into every tool that we need to sustain the rule of law and our political system. How can we deal with the facts when our media distorts them and corporations are free to buy a ‘science’ that lies?

    The people must be smart enough to know when an expert ‘opinion’ is paid advertising.

    • Great comment. That is precisely the view this missionary had as well intended aid does not reach its target. As for those expert opinions, we readers and watchers need to know when an expert is opining outside his field, which is not uncommon when industry is looking for a hired gun.

  4. Note to Readers: interesting development today with Putin’s announcement that Russia will be pulling out of Syria saying they accomplished their mission, which has been to prop up Assad. I think the real reason, which I heard on the BBC, is Russia continues to have financial troubles with sanctions, declining oil prices and an insecure economy before all this started. Yet, it would be great if they could lend support for the refugees.

    • Agreed. The divisive words and environment being created by this demagogue are more harmful than we could possibly imagine. Not only is it not presidential, it is teaching a very wrong and misguided lesson to our children. I am working on a post right now, but I believe he should stand down and resign from his campaign. He is being that malevolent to our country.

      • It’s embarrassing. I was wondring if the attorney general could bring him up on charges. Behavior unbecoming, inciting a riot, or even charged with a hate crime.

      • Kim, it would not surprise me if someone ends up being killed. I like what the protestors did in Hickory, NC, taking a page from MLK. They sang hymns outside. I saw several members of the clergy protesting. Protestors must be civil. Thanks, Keith

      • I agreed. I just heard on the news thatbthey think Democrats are going to switch and vote for Kashi in Ohio to keep Trump from winning. I know I messed up spelling.

      • Kim, I can’t see Dems switching, but I can easily see Independents opting to vote in the Rep primary to prevent him from winning. Keith

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