China, Cuba and Iran

Former President Richard Nixon became the first president who almost was impeached and would have been if he did not resign. Yet, in spite of his troubles at home where he ran a disinformation and burglary ring from the White House, he did make a huge difference in opening up dialogue with China. His efforts and those of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, paved the way for changes in the economic relationship with that country which led to growth there and abroad.

I bring this up as when we look back in forty years at these moments, we may be able to say the same things about Cuba and Iran. Both have very young countries, with the youth crying out for better ties with the west and the products and services they bring. Yes, both countries are not being led the way we would want, but I believe having commerce with people is the best way to break down barriers. At some point, the commerce is so important, that it will be preserved and more dialogue will occur.

Of course, we need to move forward with our eyes open, but it is far better to find common ground than to beat on your chest and refuse to enter the sandbox. So, from where I sit, I applaud the President for opening up these countries to more dialogue, just as I thought as a teen that dealing with China was exciting.

We will see the positives with Cuba much sooner, as tourism will be ramped up this year. The president’s visit was a huge step forward. But, I think having a better relationship with Iran will pay dividends as well, yet I am not foolish enough to say trust them completely. So, let’s be cautiously optimistic and guarded as well.


8 thoughts on “China, Cuba and Iran

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I personally see Cuba as a help to our economy with its proximity and a huge help to theirs, which will improve our relationship.

    • They do change. Many were against Nixon for traveling to China. Now, it has helped bring in an element of capitalism into a controlling socialistic country.

    • Yes, you do. That is why we should use honey, but still keep the fly swatter handy. Using a different metaphor, if we refuse to share our sand toys, we may never get into the same sandbox.

  1. The Castro brothers are soon headed for their “just” reward, and before the dirt on their graves settle, the struggle of who’s gonna run the Big Cabana in Havana begins in ernest, if not already mucho many plotting sugar plum dreams. And it might be nice to have a little yankee capitalist influence to nudge the outcome of what’s up with our Caribbean home boys.

    Hell and that hand-basket in our hemisphere, you would think the party of Mammon would be hip to spreading a little investment dough to see if you can get a rise out of the some local freedom leaning/loving reformers. A long term investment most likely, but some lettuce entertainment liberty could quickly change the tide of the “peoples revolution.”

    You’re so right Keith, about the kids in Khamenei land. While they still recall and like to pshaw The Shah, they’re more then ready to 23 skidoo into the 21st Century, while the retro revolutionary guard seems contend to stay in one spot and “Twist” those Arabian nights away. But, as I’m sure you already know, the GOP’s gonna jitterbug this delicate diplomatic dance at every opportunity. And I fear they may not always act…. the honest chaperon.

    Wise post, Keith
    and go cubs


    • Thanks Doug. The Cuba reaction by some in the GOP is puzzling, although it is supported by more than a few Republicans. Some are just knee jerking a reaction in our zero-sum political game, since it was Obama’s idea, they must be against it. As for Iran, with a median age of 35, there are many young folks who crave that “21st century” world as you nicely phrase it.

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