Used bedroom furniture

When I was single I moved into my first home, albeit a condominium with two bedrooms. With a spare bedroom, I decided to look into used bedroom furniture, which I found in the newspaper for sale.

I bought this solid wood furniture – headboard and frame, chest-of-drawers and dresser for $200 in 1983 from a policeman and his wife. They had first painted the set pink for their daughter and then brown for their son.

While it has had many coats of different colors, we still have the set 33 years later. My daughter has the dresser in her bedroom, while we just pulled the chest-of-drawers from the attic to put in place of a piece my oldest son is taking as he moves into his first post college apartment.

We are excited for his move as he is. He is starting a new path forward. But, these old bones and what little muscle remains have been moving stuff around and down stairs, with more to do. Since this piece is well-built, it is not light even sans drawers. Thank goodness it was going down the stairs, as up would have been a challenge.

New furniture is lighter and flimsier, unless you want to spend a fortune. For $200, we have been able to build on the memories first created in the policeman’s home with his family. I wonder if he and his wife bought it used as well. We have made good use of it.

To me, the furniture is as good a metaphor for a solid family as I can think. Times change and events occur, but family is forever. This furniture may last that long.

11 thoughts on “Used bedroom furniture

  1. Very few of the new furniture pieces are made with real wood, either. It’s mostly particle board these days. Oh yes, those were the days, were they not??!! I can’t remember how many times I have moved in my lifetime. I really don’t think I want to remember! Good luck to your son: that also brought back bittersweet memories. Thanks!

    • Thanks Hugh. I don’t think those particle board dressers would make it up and down the stairs as many times as the solid wood. Bittersweet on the move defines well the sentiment.

  2. I grew up in a home with scary, dark, heavy old furniture, some of which I believe came from Germany. I always hated the stuff and craved the light, airy look of mid-century modern/Danish furniture. I regret to say the oldest thing in my house is my mother’s baby grand, which I never play and should part with because it is way too big for my tiny house. But I can’t part with it.(I also can’t move it, so there’s no rearranging furniture in my living room!)

    • A baby grand with memories and sentiment. I wish we had one. My wife would shuffle things around to display it. She would play more, too. The heavy furniture can be overdone and stifling. But, it had to be built to last. These pieces are less ornamental, so would qualify as more modern, but solid. I think we have had three different sets of hardware on them as handles have to match the room occupant and tastes.

    • Thanks. My wife, who loves to paint, is painting the chest-of-drawers another color. There are several furniture consignment shops next door to each other in Asheville. One place has old bar and church furniture. It is like a treasure trove.

      • I use to work down the block from two used furniture stores. I had a beautiful vanity. When I was moving the heavy, huge mirror was broken. I don’t see too many stores. But there are yard sales that are also great places to find nice pieces. I like the natural wood color. I would sand and stain it. What color is your wife painting it?

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