To all our sexy mothers

To put your mind at ease, my thoughts are for our wives and single mothers, not for my mother, who I think of differently as a son, although she was quite the looker when younger. As my wife and I drive back from visiting my mother, my wife is singing along with the Divine Ms. M as she takes her turn behind the wheel.

What we and others love about Bette Midler is the range of music and emotions she will take you through from the pious to the profane. As she can be a tad bawdy, it reminded me that my wife and the mothers of our children are like Bette and should never forget that sexy woman they are.

And, it is essential that we husbands and boyfriends should remind them of such. Erika (Erika Kind) and Holly (A Heart Afire) have written posts today about unconditional love, being not only supportive but attentive to the needs of each other. See below for links to each. Being able to see past the shortcomings and see the beauty and sublime. As I write this, my wife and Bette are singing the lyric “Did you ever know that you are my hero?” which seems fitting.

Yet, we should never lose sight of her sensuality and sexuality. It is those things we do throughout the day that really are the beginning of foreplay. The kiss on the back of the neck, the phone call during the day, the touch of a hand or caress of a cheek.  Or, it may be the glimpse of how good she looks in that blouse or pair of jeans. Our friend Erika called them “almost shy gestures” that make a difference.

So, let’s not forget our sexy mothers. And, remember they are the women who look past our shortcomings. Happy Mother’s Day.

22 thoughts on “To all our sexy mothers

  1. Wow, Keith!!! WOW!!! You really know the psych of women! Or at least you are one of the few men I met who makes the effort to want to know more. That again makes me see clearly how much love you must feel for your wife and this is very touching! I confirm your words 100%, it is the thoughtfulness we want to experience from our men. These little gestures which say: I am thinking about you, you still matter to me, I see you,… This is what makes a man sexy in my eyes!
    You totally caught me by surprise with your post, Keith! Thank you for the mention. It honors me that I might have inspired you to such a wonderful post!

      • Erika, I was traveling and could not write much. My wife is a joy to be around. After 30 years of marriage, you do pick up a few things along the way in what she likes and dislikes. Thanks for your encouragement, concurrence and friendship. All the best on your Mother’s Day, if it is celebrated in your country. Keith

  2. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    Due to the fact that I won’t do a review until my new time schedule allows it again, I decided to reblog posts which I think need to be mentioned specifically! One of these posts is Keith’s post from yesterday.
    What do we women want most? Jewels? Going out for dinner? Vacation? What we want most, is to be seen and recognized and to get shown it with little gestures of love which say: I think of you!
    (Ok, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t appreciate the rest too 😉)

  3. Note to Readers: I mentioned that I try not to think of my mother in that way, as even us old children cannot think of their parents’ as having sex. With my brother and I having a bedroom next to my parents’, it wasn’t until I was a young teen that understood the noises from the next room that I heard on occasion. I know our kids used to comment when my wife and I kissed in front of them. And, when we were on vacation, our oldest interrupted us, shall we say, and said “oh” and ran out of the room. He was about seven.

    I do know my father and mother met in college and were married for 55 years before he passed in 2006. And, they made an attractive couple, so I am sure they enjoyed each other’s company and did the little things I note above in the post.

  4. Kiss on back of the neck, touching her hand softly while talking, surprising her with a small gift, letting her enjoy her favorite soap on TV.
    These and more things alike makes a huge impact in a relationship. These are mine and you can have your to show how much you love your wife. The goal is common here though: to love your life partner in a way she deserve.

    • Many thanks for reading and offering a comment. I had not considered the TV soap, but she does enjoy “General Hospital” and has for years. The small gifts are meaningful. When I worked downtown, there was a floral street vendor that sold beautiful arrangements twice a week (and only charged $10 which was amazing, so my wife appreciated the price as well), so it was small gesture but appreciated.

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