Rest in peace our blogging friend

Some of you already know that our blogging friend, Larry Paquette (aka “Barney’), has passed away. His wife Pat posted this note on his blog called Mountain Perspective.

Larry was one of my favorite bloggers and friends. He offered a unique, independent and free-minded perspective to the day’s news and events. He was fair with his comments and when he agreed with your post, you felt you were on the right track. But, he would also tell you where you may have run off the tracks or not considered all points of view. For this, I thank him immensely and will miss his voice on his blog and in mine, as well as others, through his comments.

He lived in the mountains of California with Pat, of whom he spoke highly. In my posts about my positive relationship with my wife, he would echo my comments as sounding an awful lot like his wife, Pat. He was devoted to her.

From what he told me, he had various careers in writing and Silicon Valley. I want to confirm this in his obituary once it is published. He also was quite the artist with his wood carving boards. He shared several posts where his wares are pictured.

I am saddened also as he passed before I could meet him. I wanted to travel to the west with my wife to meet him and Pat. It was a trip we spoke of, but I had to delay when my mother’s issues flared up and we moved her to an assisted living facility. We spoke by email last December about a trip this fall.

Please go to his blog and offer words of encouragement to Pat. It is my hope she will leave his blog up, so we can read his past work into the future. Rest in peace Larry and peace be with you Pat.



16 thoughts on “Rest in peace our blogging friend

  1. Note to Readers: One of the best discussions with Larry was over the use of drones. He believed strongly they were over-used and too easy and clinical. I argued that their use saved lives (our troops and other civilians) by targeting provided they had suitable governance. He brought me closer to his view and I did the same, although we did not meet in the middle. What I have learned is drones have to be carefully and judiciously deployed. We have actually created more enemies through the use of drones, which begs the question have they made us safer? I appreciate greatly his mind and civil discourse we had, even when we did not agree. It should be noted we agreed far more than we didn’t.

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