God gave us a wonderful brain

Paraphrasing King Solomon’s words from the bible, let me say this with emphasis. God gave us a wonderful brain. We honor him when we use it. Here is a sampling of Solomon’s wisdom:

“For whoso despiseth wisdom and nurture, he is miserable, and their hope is vain, their labors unfruitful, and their works unprofitable.”

“Wisdom is glorious, and never fadeth away; yea, she is easily seen of them that love her, and found of such as seek her.”

“But the multitude of the wise is the welfare of the world: and a wise king is the upholding of the people.”

We often pray for miracle cures, good fortune and remedial help with our difficulties. Yet, we lose sight of this wonderful thing in our heads. God has armed us with a great tool to solve our problems. As Paul McCartney once sang about in the famous anthem Hey Jude, “the movement you need is on your shoulders.” It should be noted, McCartney was going to strike that line from the song as he thought it cheesy, but John Lennon said to leave it in as it was the best line in the song.

I have written before that God does not care who wins football games, so thanking him when you win is misguided. Now, thanking him that no one was hurt is different. Same holds true about war. One of my favorite questions is “which side was God pulling for during the Civil War?” Both sides felt they had righteous cause, yet the prayers should have been for leaders to find wisdom to stop this carnage and let all people be free and not to win a war that claimed the lives of 750,000 Americans.

It is my belief God wants us to solve our problems. He  gave us this wonderful brain and it is incumbent upon us to use it. When people pray for a miracle to cure cancer in their child, how do we know if the doctor’s experience, skill and intellect are not the miracle for which we are praying. As reported on “60 Minutes” last night, some doctors at Duke University may have discovered a cure for certain kinds of cancers using a variant of polio. I stand in awe of those who are behind this research that has saved three lives and prolonged others, thus far.

So, let’s continue praying, but don’t stop thinking and acting. We may have the ability to solve our own problems and doing so would make God happy, just like it does when a child makes his parent happy.

I am reminded of the key moment in the movie called “Ray” about the life of the blind singer and pianist Ray Charles. The scene is when the mother leaves him alone in the house as a child and watches from the door as he figures out things on his own. It is breathtaking. In my eyes, she was God-like. Let’s use our brain like Ray did.


9 thoughts on “God gave us a wonderful brain

    • Janis, it was so powerful wasn’t it? My major reason for writing this is we have too many who are short changing science and reasoned dialogue. I know people who pray over everything and every action, when they have the power in their hands to decide, do or act. I am not knocking prayer, but God has confidence in us to act. Keith

  1. It is so true, we are gifted with a brain but unfortunately, we barely know how to use it wisely. Too often we use it against us not knowing that the other way is always available too. It is a decision what we choose to think… love that post, Keith!

  2. Note to Readers: I have shared the joke about the man who prays to win the lottery. Everyday for months he prays. After six months, he is frustrated and looks at the heavens and asks “God, why have your forsaken me?”

    The clouds part and this deep voice bellows, “It would help if you would buy a lottery ticket!”

  3. Note to Readers: I have shared the story before of two people I know who were on the opposite sides of a contract negotiation, each working with their own internal corporate attorney. They each were delegating business decisions to the attorneys who needed their guidance. The contract was at an impasse and each being devout were fervently praying for resolution.

    I was asked by their bosses to get involved and found that each needed a nudge to make decisions that they had previously not known they could make. Once encouraged by their bosses to do so, they came to resolution. They had the power along. To me this is emblematic of the power God gives us to act. Prayer is important, but we need not bother him when he has given us the faculty to think and act.

  4. Agreement in the main maybe, Dear Keith, yet I’m left to ponder if our grey matter maintained more prelapsarian go along to get along that continues to promote an ever innocent(?) rerun of a stumble and then, The Fall.

    And now maybe fatal, the Enlightenment’s focus on the wee tiny at the expense of the transcendent, the cost of which, a constant tug between prayer and personal prescription. And with nominalism the new normal, there maybe no way out.

    Occam Of Wrigleyville.

    And go Cubs Go.

    • Dear Occam of Wrigleyville, I tried to stay away of the relative merits of each brain. We definitely need more why, when, where, how and how much questions asked of those who need to answer them. And, we need heavy dose of enlightenment, without losing sight of the practical. Good example, a Cubbie need not know why his long throw tails to the right, but he better allow for it do so, otherwise the runner will be safe at home.

      Thanks for opining dear Occam. Keith

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