I think one of the reasons I treasure the eclectic and eccentric, is I appreciate imperfection. Let’s face it, we are an imperfect lot with a wide of array of likes and dislikes. But, we should be less concerned with perfection.

Without getting too risqué, I love imperfections in women. I prefer women to be more true to their look and less inclined to modify their imperfections. I also recognize fully there is psychic value in looking one’s best, but I am speaking to major changes to fix a perceived or actual flaw.

To me, these imperfections add character and beauty. We need not have identically looking women to find beauty. A crooked nose, a beauty mark, differently shaped eyebrows, curly hair, straight hair, full lips, thin lips, small breasts, large breasts, too thin, too heavy, lithe legs, athletic legs, rounded bottom , flat bottom, etc. makes the female varied and beautiful to me.

Yet, women are bombarded by magazines and ads to look a certain way. It adds to a neurosis of appearance that need not exist as much as it does. Of course, we prefer a healthy version of ourselves and would like to remain as youthful as possible, yet these efforts need not be over-engineered. Granted, we men contribute to this with our wandering eyes and sometimes wandering hands. And, I know we men are no day at the beach with our imperfections.

But, the beauty I find most appealing is the ability to laugh, to feel, to converse, to love. There is an old saying that is true to me – the woman picks the man. He just better be aware that she is picking him. What I did not understand until I watched the documentary called “I Am,” is the heart gives off a magnetic signal that can be sensed many feet away. If that heart is a flutter, it can be sensed by the person who made it flutter. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman interested in him.

So, if your imperfect self makes an equally imperfect man’s heart flutter, it could be as close as we get to nirvana. Being an imperfect man, we appreciate your imperfections. We certainly have our share. And, together, we can be more perfect than separately.


12 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. People are always more interesting with a few imperfections. It’s hard for me to relax and be myself when I’m with someone who is just too perfect or expects perfection in others. I Am sounds like an interesting documentary… where did you see it?

    • I saw it on HBO or PBS. You may be able to see it online. In short, a successful film director has a life threatening bike injury. When he recovers and moves into the home of his dreams, he immediately discovers that does not make him happy. So, he interviewed religious leaders, scientists, gurus, psychologists about happiness and shared what makes people happy. The key conclusion is money does not make you happy once you have a certain amount, but the absence of money can make you unhappy.

    • Janis, I answered your question, but did not speak to your comment. I do find imperfections more interesting. Meryl Streep has always been unusually attractive with her crooked nose and light features. Jennifer Gray was more appealing before she fixed her nose and actually harmed her career. And, I am infatuated with the natural beauty of Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” Thanks for commenting, Keith

    • Agreed. Being a sports fan, watching Jim Furyk swing a golf club is witnessing an unusual sight. Yet, he can successfully hit a golf ball under intense pressure, so it works for him.

  2. Note to Readers: Speaking of imperfections, I have my share. I need way too much sunscreen on my scalp if I go sans cap. I carry more weight than I want, but the best thing about being tall is it is hidden more. I must wear those gosh darn spectacles – owed to IBM’s first microcomputer having white writing on a dark screen.

    In a few weeks, I am headed off to my 40th high school reunion. Those are always interesting. Those imperfections like mine will likely be in abundance, but it won’t matter as we catch-up.

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