What are other leaders saying about our election?

Since we Americans are mired in the presidential campaign, it sometimes good to step back and gain a different perspective. What are other leaders saying about our presidential candidates? From what I read, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have more notoriety, while Bernie Sanders is a lesser known candidate, which is not necessarily bad. But, what is profoundly interesting, the difference between Clinton and Trump outside looking in is startling.

As former first lady, US Senator and Secretary of State, Clinton is more widely respected by other leaders outside the US. In a poll of European and western Asia national leaders, only Vladimir Putin would support Donald Trump, with the rest going to Clinton. Why? Two reasons, in my view.

First, she has traveled to almost every major nation on earth in her roles. She is widely known and as a woman is an exemplar like Angela Merkel and Christine LaGarde that women can succeed. With women being maltreated around the globe and even here in the US, she shows a path forward. Her experience in these relationships show that she will be starting out on good footing.

Second, Donald Trump’s racism, bigotry and bombast is not restricted to our shores. Leaders are looking incredulously at our consideration of someone who not only lacks knowledge of global affairs and has already made the world less safe with his remarks, would not know diplomacy if he tripped over it. They see a man and party who publicly denies climate change which would take us backward as a planet. They see a thin-skinned, narcissist who is not the kind of person you want leading anything and are sharing that concern openly as did David Cameron, the prime minister of our longest ally, Great Britain.

I recognize fully Clinton has her imperfections. I also recognize that the criticism she receives is fair and unfair, as stories are re-aired that were not true to begin with. The would be Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy let slip last fall that the continuation of the Benghazi hearings have been a smear campaign of Clinton, which was known but not uttered. He had to end his candidacy for speaker as a result. On the flip side, her unforced error on using her own email server is worthy of legitimate questions.

Many Americans may not see clear differences between the two, but other leaders are hoping Clinton wins and don’t mind saying that openly, which is rare.


22 thoughts on “What are other leaders saying about our election?

  1. It’s not at all hard to see why other nations do not take Trump seriously. What continues to puzzle me is that so many Americans seem to do so. Well….I am beginning to understand it, but I don’t like what I see.

    • Susan, with your travels and work abroad, you have seen this up close. I remember going to a global meeting at my company back in 2004 and my non-US colleagues were amazed that we could re-elect such a bad president as George W. Bush. Four years later the GOP would not invite to be physically president at the convention nor was he invited to the 2012 one. Outsiders follow the news better than Americans, so they know more than we do. Keith

      • Susan, John Stewart did a piece where one of his reporters went to the 2008 GOP convention, and not only was Bush not physically present, there were no Bush paraphernalia (buttons, logos, etc.) to be found. Contrast that to the last two Democrat conventions where Clinton and Carter spoke.

    • Erika, thanks. See my response to Susan. Non-Americans are more informed than Americans in general, so they have a much better lens. Trump should not have gotten this far, but he ran against a weak field who were scared of him. Keith

      • Yes, fear is still the biggest weapon to bring people under control. But right that fear leaves the rest of the world shaking that Trump could make it!

      • Erika, I encourage you and other non-Americans to share your concerns. Our dilemma is Trump and the GOP just say it is the liberal media making stuff up. Until now, the media has been far too kind to Trump. His candidacy should have never gotten this far. They need to pepper him with legitimate questions.

      • Oh, believe me, this is shared over here vividly! Nobody wants trump! NOBODY!!! In a world that is about to grow together more and more through all the tragedies happening around, Trump is needed like diarrhea…. sorry, but it makes me angry too that he got that far!

  2. Note to Readers: A second country leader has endorsed Donald Trump besides Vladimir Putin. Kim Jong Un, the tempestuous emperor from North Korea has endorsed Trump. Those two endorsements should speak volumes.

    • Agreed. Why this is not a huge news story, is beyond me. If I were Clinton, I would do a comparative country leader list of endorsements, emphasizing which ones are part of key groups to which we belong.

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