Odds and ends for a Friday

Mother Nature is wreaking havoc with flooding in France and Texas. Our expatriate friend Lisa from Ecuador is living in a community that has experienced devastating earthquakes which have taken many lives and will cost over $3 Billion to repair. And, this is on top of the encroaching seas which continue to wreak havoc in her seaside community causing folks to move inland. So I feel guilty about the beautiful day we are having here and wish for others to experience the sunshine.

Here are a few odds and ends on this Friday.

Violent protesting is not the answer – in response to maybe the most divisive, bigoted and narcissistic candidate we have ever had in the US in The Donald, protestors have become more physically demonstrative outside of his rallies. This needs to stop. Civil protest is more than OK, but violent protest has no place in our country. I recognize fully this leader-wanna-be has used his false bravado to encourage forcible put downs of protestors which is as far from presidential as you can get, but doing the same in protest is not the answer. The answer is don’t vote for this globally disastrous candidate.

That climate change thing is real – I  mention above about the encroaching seas on Ecuador and have talked before about the impact already occurring on Miami, Norfolk, Bangladesh and the Cartaret Islands, but my favorite lie of the above candidate is “global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs.” I have said before The Donald, who is on record as lying over 75% of the time by nonpartisan fact checkers, knows he is lying, but in this example we have proof. It turns out the Trump golf course in Ireland has formally petitioned the Irish government to permit him to build a sea wall to prevent the rising seas due to climate change from encroaching on his golf property. But, you said….

With friends like these, who needs enemies – Why this is not talked about more is amazing, but our allies have come out strongly against Trump given his statements and lack of awareness of global issues. Yet, The Donald does have the support of Vladimir Putin and now Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Putin is very adamant against Clinton and wants The Donald in charge. People need to ask themselves why? Here is a KGB trained man who knows how to manipulate and is in favor of Trump. Here is a man who makes sure Russian TV programs have purposeful light criticism and heavy support of Putin, as a means of propaganda. Don’t you think he is salivating at an egomaniacal, thin-skinned, and bombastic leader like Trump who will tick of our allies and make Putin look more statesmanlike?

Brazil and Venezuela have made governing a farce – There are known problems around the world with poor and corrupt governance, but it seems to have been heightened in these two countries. Brazil is about to host the biggest athletic show in the world, yet its leader, Dilma Rousseff  was suspended and is about to be impeached for cooking the books to make things look better than they are. Not to be out done, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ticked off everyone by seizing control of businesses who have had to shut the doors because of cash flow problems. The country has relied too much on oil and with the downturn in oil prices, their economy has been devastated. Plus, he has ordered military exercises, which cost money, but basically are for showmanship. Dialogue is non-existent at this point and that needs to change, as oil prices are not soaring back anytime soon.

That is all I have for now. I think if there is a theme above, we must have reasonable and accountable leaders to run our governments. Our problems are real and we deserve leaders who will govern, govern with facts and not step on folks.



30 thoughts on “Odds and ends for a Friday

  1. Just returned from ‘breakfast’ in this Mayberry sort of town in the cloudforest… I kept a browser tab open to pass on to you, and here you are with an appropriate prompt.

    I wonder how the deniers will explain this one;

  2. As for Venezuela, the only positive thing I note here in Ecuador is seeing more and more people from Venezuela that now call Ecuador their home. They are all amazing ambassadors for their country, are well read, talented, courteous, many speak almost perfect English, and they are humble. If only the world could say the same about many from our country! The locals seem to embrace them as well, and they are not treated as outcasts.

    This past week I spent time with a perfect example of that kind of character — but that’s a story I look forward to sharing in a post. First I need to ask his permission to share… It’s a low-key breaking news that’s tiny for most but for his world is great!

    • Thanks Z. The people who live in these countries deserve better leadership. As you know, in our country, we are terribly uninformed. The president had a town hall in Indiana the other evening and several answers to questions were dispelling untruths about refugees, guns, veterans, economy, etc. Yet, with biased news sources and candidates who would rather tell a story than the truth, we have so much ignorance of the facts here. I had three colleagues espousing BS the other day about Trump and we were about to start a meeting and I let it pass as a result. I did insert some facts on an issue, but decided not to derail a meeting.

    • Thanks Susan. The NJ and CA results will be telling. I was glad to see Bernie on Bill Maher’s show being highly critical of Trump. With either Clinton or Sanders as the standard bearer, their not winning in November would be a disaster for the planet.

  3. This needs to stop. Civil protest is more than OK, but violent protest has no place in our country.

    Amen. I try to stay out of political discourse of any kind, especially this year; but the level of hatred and fear being exhibited is hard to digest and rather heartbreaking.

    • Tanya, thanks for opining. Civil protest is one of the underpinnings of our country. Violence solves nothing and actually makes the intended look like a victim, even of they have a hand creating the mood and circumstances. Donald Trump will be defeated by ideas and arguments not by stooping to his level. Every day he does not have to answer serious questions is a win for him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keith

      • I know what the polls say, but I don’t believe that Trump stands a chance. I stay out of politics, primarily because my family and friends are so widely split on the issues. That said, I know life-long conservatives voting for the Democratic ticket this year.

      • Tanya, I do hope you are right. I witness reasonable people justifying and normalizing him, when he remains the same person. We need people to say this emperor has no clothes. All the best, Keith

  4. Always interesting to get your analysis and some facts behind the scenes. I heard about that idiotic sentence about the Chinese invented the idea of global warming for stealing jobs.Are the many people who voted for Trump blind?

    • Erika, many who had disdain for him early on are now supporting him trying to make him seem more normal, rationalizing his earlier comments. He is the same person who offended so many, but he is a master marketer. What his followers fail to realize, he has sold them a bill of goods. What is not well-known is he on trial in three separate law suits with alleged misrepresentation from his now-defunct Trump University. From the court released testimony as bad as the alleged misrepresentation is, it is rivaled by the strong arm marketing playbook to sign up people for an extended program which cost $35,000. It is a microcosm of how he has exploited people for money. Keith

  5. I very much appreciated reading this Keith. As a Canadian I have to say “The Donald” and the thought of him as the president of our neighboring country is terrifying. Most of the people who I speak with are still scratching their heads as to exactly how he has gone this far. I fear that people do not fully understand the implications of giving a man like him that type of power. We don’t need any more hate or ignorance poured in to this world. Putin supporting him I think is extremely telling.

    • Alisa, many thanks for opining and please share your concerns with your American friends. There is a terribly predictable and unfortunate rationalization process going on in his party with an effort to normalize him. He is not even close to the kind of leader we need. The fact that he brags on himself and everyone else is stupid should be a sure sign on his lack of veracity. Thanks for stopping by. Keith

    • You are most kind. I am very flattered, but I have chosen not to participate in the award process. It is not my cup of tea, but do know your endorsement is greatly appreciated. Please stop by and offer your opinions. I like how you think. All the best, Keith

      PS – is your first name Imani and may I call you that?

      • Hi Keith. That’s absolutely fine for you to opt to not participate, these awards are definitely not for everyone so I completely understand 😊 Yes I’m Imani, though usually I like to preserve my anonymity and call myself B.E, short for body electric. I’m trying to keep my blog private for the sake of the kids. Out of curiousity, where did it say my name? I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for alerting me to that 🙂

    • Lisa, totally agree. Clinton’s speech included a reference to she will leave it to the psychologists as to why Trump has an affinity for leaders like these. Thanks for dropping by, Keith

  6. Putin and Russia are unhappy with the United States for reasons that have everything to do with us. When we ‘won’ the Cold War we dismantled the political ethos and the economic system that made American Democracy attractive to so many of the World’s people. During the Cold War we were strong advocates for global human rights.We regulated capitalism to place it in the service of promoting human rights at home. We didn’t do it perfectly but there was something compelling about our system because we tried. After the collapse of the soviet union we elected to abandon the political and economic tools that gave us the moral credibility to lead. If I read Pravda correctly, the perception in Russia is that we are now the evil empire. Electing Donald Trump would prove to the world that the United States is unfit to lead. It will give Putin the excuse he needs to fully re-arm.

    • I agree with your assessment that Putin would use a Trump presidency to his advantage, especially as he tries to rebuild the Soviet footprint and have closer ties with China.

      • Yes…! I’ve read that he wants reasons to rebuild the Soviet Union. In my opinion this represents a terrible mistake in the way the United States understood the fall of the Soviet Union.

      • Agreed. It was good to see the Ukraine police thwart a terrorist hellbent for France two days ago. In addition to its accomplishment, it shows alignment with the west to defeat terrorism.

      • If the voters in United States can demonstrate to the World that we actually do know the difference between right and wrong and that we actually do understand that our political decisions have consequences, often life and death, that extend beyond our borders, it will go a long way toward easing international tensions.

        While we shutter public schools other western nations are funding higher education and preparing manned flights to Mars.

        When you get right down to it a capitalist tyranny is just as horrible as a socialist tyranny.

        The problem is not the with economic system.

        The problem is people who the people who use them as weapons against their fellow citizens.

      • Agree. We have our priorities in the wrong place and we have people working off rhetoric and innuendo rather than fact. We have a politic party that forgets their role in lack of collaboration, forgets they have long favored giving more money to rich people, forgets that constitution has words that mean something, while we have another political party who tends to forget we need to pay for things as we must assess where we should be spending our money better than we do. It should be noted that the first party wants to pile up defense toys at the expense of helping people get educated, get healthcare, get helped when needed. We miss good discussion because collaboration is a bad word. Just yesterday, we had local primaries, where the GOP incumbents were being blasted for cooperating too much, so people are not learning from what is wrong with DC. It is not being more strident, it is collaborating more.

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