I was wrong

The above title represents the three words you may never hear Donald Trump utter in public. And, yet based on his prolific pace of lying and continual bashing of anyone or anything that gets in his way, I can think of no other celebrity who should say these three words more than him. I was wrong.

Let’s help him practice.

When DT derides Senator John McCain, a war hero, for not being such as heroes are not captured – I was wrong.

When DT sells his name to a development that he has nothing to do with for them to con folks into thinking this development has higher quality – I was wrong.

When DT says Carly Fiorina is not attractive enough to be president saying looking “look at that face” – I was wrong.

When DT imitates a reporter who has a noticeable disability with his arms and then denies he was so doing when it was obvious after saying “you should see this guy” – I was wrong.

When DT accuses reporter Meghan Kelly of unfairness implying she was on her period because she asked him legitimate, but tough questions – I was wrong.

When DT uses every means possible to evict people from their homes, saying it is just business – I was wrong.

When he says America is the most taxed country in the world, when it is not even close to being accurate – I was wrong.

When he derides a judge for being unfair to Trump because he is Mexican, when the judge was born in Indiana – I was wrong.

When he tells seminar goers and students he will personally interview and select teachers at Trump University when he did not and when he has a sales playbook to strong-arm people into spending their money – I was wrong.

When he not only condones, but encourages violence at his speeches – I was wrong.

When he says whites are killed by blacks 80% of the time at a rally to rile up the crowd, when the truth per the FBI is it is only 15% of the time – I was wrong.

When he derides Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, women, etc. indicting them as a group or as individuals – I was wrong.

When he consistently says the President was not born in America when the proof has been exhibited time and again – I was wrong.

When he says global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese, when there is written documentation revealing his request to the Irish government to build a sea wall to hold back the rising seas due to climate change – I was wrong.

When he berates reporters for asking him legitimate questions and refuses to participate in a debate because a female reporter hurt his feelings – I was wrong.

When he  brought up unsubstantiated or denounced stories about his competitors from sources like the National Enquirer or from past Republican smear campaigns – I was wrong.

When he said unemployment was 30%, 40% or even high as 42%, revising it down to 20% later, while the Bureau of Labor statistics had it between 4.9% and 5% when he said these statements – I was wrong.

When he pretended to be a public relations person for his organization as he called into talk shows and bragged as a fictitious employee about how great, rich, successful, sexy, etc. his boss Trump is – I was wrong.

The dilemma is I could go on and on. Plus, rather than confess a wrongdoing, he will sometimes double and triple down on the bad statement as he did with berating John McCain or the judge from Indiana. I was wrong. Three simple words. But, they are not in the narcissist playbook. Yet, there are four definitive examples of when he was wrong that he cannot hide from – he has filed for bankruptcy four times. On those failed investments, let’s hear him say it – I was wrong.





35 thoughts on “I was wrong

  1. The problem is this man is really not worth the time you and others (like myself) have spent on him. But I do admire your tenacity! (If only he would simply fade into the sunset…..)

    • Hugh, I wish he would fade away. I was telling someone who commented on his narcissism, that you would think everyone knows a complete jerk who puts every down. Why, of God why, would people vote for such an obvious jerk like this man? Bill Maher said a few months ago he knows this guy’s schtick as he saw it all the time in Jersey. All talk and no substance. He just took it nationally.

      You are right, though, we should not have to waste our time with this candidate. Keith

      • I recently read the following comment by Deepak Chopra that helps us understand the man’s popularity: ” he’s so popular because he’s given permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons.”

      • Pertinent quote. I caught John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show from this past Sunday. He blisters Trump and Trump University. He quoted from their marketing play book that in essence said what he is doing in the election – selling feelings. That ties nicely into Chopra’s quote.

  2. I want him to come here to El Paso! The local Republican Party is asking his people to make it possible. Then again it might be worse than the protests in Albuquerque and L.A. Great post! I’m enjoying your blog. I see you over at Erika’s blog a lot so I decided to check out your blog.

    • Many thanks. Erika is good people. Are you one of the folks she visited on her last trip here? As for the protests, I hope the violent protests end, as there is no place for that in our society. Civil protest is welcome and more than fine, but when it turns violent it feeds into his narrative. I recognize fully he has created and endorsed an environment of violent put down, but the answer is not to vote for him. It embarrasses me that his candidacy has gotten this far.

      • No, we haven’t met. I’m sure we will meet sometime though. I agree with you on the protests. It should be kept peaceful and civil. He’s a joke and embarrassment to this country. I immediately disliked him after everything he said about Mexicans. The whole judge thing from Indiana is ridiculous too. I was hoping Bernie Sanders would be nominated but it looks like Hillary is the nominee there.

      • Lisa, I would have voted for either Bernie or Hillary, each bringing a lot more to the table and leaving a lot off the table relative to The Donald. Bernie speaks the truth, yet he is more progressive aspirational. People that equate him and Trump do disservice to Bernie as The Bern speaks the truth and The Donald would not know the truth if he tripped over it. Hillary is more progressive pragmatic, but has benefitted greatly from Bernie’s issues and success. The difference between the Dems and the GOP, is the Dems discussed issues and will coalesce. The GOP debated personality and bumper stickers, with no candidate truly challenging Trump, who is the ugly image the GOP wants to hide in the mirror. Thanks for your thoughts. Keith

    • Erika, you are so right. I kept stopping and starting as I thought of more. One I left off, there is a conservative columnist who is paralyzed from the waist down and Trump made fun of his inability to buy new pants. This man is running for one of the most important jobs in the world and he is making fun of disabled people. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I saw a bumper sticker in my home town. Trump – Brains/ Balls. I personally think Clinton is tougher than The Donald. The latter can’t take criticism and is scared of questions. And, he does not know when to STFU and keeps digging holes. I find him neither brainy or ballsy at least from these two perspectives.

    • He is perpetuating a con on his followers and they don’t realize it. How this man can be viewed as the champion of the common man, when his career has been exploiting them for money, is one amazing marketing trick.

      • He does indeed. The labeling of opponents is part and parcel. He used Lyin Ted when he lies more than Cruz and Crooked Hillary, yet he is the candidate on trial in three cases for alleged misrepresentation.

      • I was talking to my doctor the other day. She made the point that he, and his followers, are frighteningly similar to the time just before Hitler took over and did his best to destroy the world by turning it into a “White Only” martial nightmare. He is prodding the cattle, preparing them for a stampede towards xenophobia and mindless ignorance.

        Did you ever watch “West Wing” when it was on back in the early 2000s? I rewatched on Netflix, and marveled at how, no matter how time moves along, government never changes. Bitter, brutal, manipulative, and willing to deal in the most vicious, uncaring social cruelties in order to pander to small groups of the rich and powerful (and line the politicians pockets) no matter the cost to schools, hospitals, and the segment of the population that only want to live a life a bit better than that of their parents. Then, there are the haters, the ignorant, the ‘fundamentalists’ who think that, unless the whole world is living exactly the way they think the world should live, we should be put down. I don’t know. I think the world is due for another big ol’ meteor to do a bit of cleanup work. Mom came back from the last one, she can come back again. And maybe this time the mammals, reptiles, or whatever new and wonderful creations she comes up with, will actually deserve to inhabit this beautiful planet.

      • Leiah, it amazes me how people can rationalize behavior we would find abhorrent in our kids. Trump is a danger to our country and planet as stated by retired generals and CIA directors and yet, people brush it off like it is a small indiscretion. We must demand civility and tolerance from our leaders. Otherwise, we have a larger hill to climb. Keith

      • “Within a few hours, the presumptive Republican nominee was back on social media saying that he’d appreciated “the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

        After President Barack Obama did not use that same phrase to describe Mateen in his remarks from the White House, Trump released a statement saying the president “should step down” — a provocative response that far exceeds the typical Republican criticism of Obama’s approach to extremism.”

        Did the Hairball even take the time to send condolences to the parents, friends and family of the victims? Or did he just immediately jump on his psychopath bandwagon? Well, I suppose, given his track record, he considers the lives lost a good thing – take out “useless queers” and give himself another psycho drum to bang on at the same time.

      • Leiah, he patted himself on the back in the same tweet he sent condolences, which reveals the lack of sincerity. Yet, he fails to realize his role in inflaming folks and his role in supporting easy access to guns, which is something that must be addressed. By the way, the Indiana guy who was headed with weapons to a gay pride event was not Muslim. With easy access to weapons, there is not a damn thing Donald Trump can do to stop a lone wolf who is motivated. Our hope is the diligence of the community to ferret him out. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: It should be noted that in response to a commercial, Trump is saying he did not make fun of the disabled reporter. The footage clearly shows him saying “you should see this guy” before launching into his mocking pantomine. As Carly Fiorina said after he denied commenting on her looks, “Women heard you and they understood what you said,” to loud cheers from a debate crowd. Trump is beyond a racist, lying narcissist. He is a jerk.

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