Serious need for a US Peace Train

One of my favorite Cat Stevens’ songs is called “Peace Train.” It is also one of his more memorable hits. Here are few lyrics:

I’ve been crying lately
Thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating?
Why can’t we live in bliss?

For out on the edge of darkness
There rides the peace train
Peace train take this country
Come take me home again

We should heed its words around the globe, but especially here in the US. It did not come as a shock to me in the annual Global Peace Index, the US ranks fairly low coming in 103rd out of 163 countries. Per the  attached article:

“The index, put together by the Institute for Economics and Peace, an international think tank, defines peace as ‘the absence of violence or the fear of violence.’ It covers three ‘domains’: the level of ongoing domestic and international conflict; the level of ‘societal safety and security’ (things such as murders, terrorism, and riots); and the level of militarization, both domestic and international.”

The US scores poorly on the amount of money we spend on incarceration and militarization, both domestically and abroad. Plus, we have more gun deaths than in the other 23 wealthiest nations combined. The highest scoring and most peaceful countries are Iceland, Denmark and Austria. The least peaceful were Libya, Sudan and Ukraine.

The article notes the world is a less safer place than in the previous year. So, we all have our work cut out for us. But, we could start at home by being more civil to one another, shining spotlights on bigotry, reducing incarcerations for petty crimes and having better governance over gun access. At least that is my opinion.

19 thoughts on “Serious need for a US Peace Train

  1. We talk about “peace on earth” once avery year — and then go on about our business (which has little or nothing to do with making the earth a more peaceful place). We can talk the talk but we can’t walk the walk. It takes work and determination. But above all else, it takes love.

  2. Note to Readers: The rest of the Top Ten most peaceful places per the Global Peace Index:

    4. New Zealand
    5. Portugal
    6. Czech Republic
    7. Switzerland
    8. Canada
    9. Japan
    10. Slovenia

    • Linda, it certainly is, but we need to do our part.

      I was asked at a Young Democrats meeting last night (where I was invited to offer an Independent voter’s perspective) about how to argue with Trump supporters. Depending on the stridency of the follower, we should ask more “why” questions. Why are you voting for him? That will allow dialogue. When they he say he speaks the truth, the answer is what truth is that? He is on record as not telling the truth over 75% of the time and is on trial for three court cases for alleged misrepresentation.

      If the answer is he will make us safer, you can comment that five retired generals and two former CIA directors are on record that his comments make us less safe.

      There is a logical counter to every one of his bumper sticker points. And, we will only be able to tell them if the opportunity presents itself.

      If they attack, Clinton ask “help me understand that, as our allied leaders have openly supported her as she brings global experience, credibility and relationships. She will make us much safer than Donald Trump will, especially given his thin skin and temperament.”

      Thanks for being a consistent voice for reason. Keith

      • Asking might get you heard. My wife and I were watching a stupid movie called “Love and Friendship” about a Jane Austen novella. The antagonizing lead character is caught in a lie and utters “facts are so confounding.” My wife whispers she must think she is Donald Trump. Don’t go see this movie. It is not good. Keith

      • Good strategies. I’ve employed a few of them. The most frustrating response to “just what truths does he tell?” I got was “well I don’t follow politics that closely. He just tells the truth and how it is.”

      • Roseylinn, that is frustrating. How would the person know he is lying if he or she does not pay attention. I guess the best answer would be “you do know he is on trial on three court cases for alleged misrepresentation of Trump University?” The dilemma is people don’t pay attention to this man and his exploitive nature. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I have referenced before the song lyrics from “South Pacific” about the bigotry portrayed by the Rogers and Hammerstein play as a veiled look at Jim Crow laws in America. “You have to be carefully taught, by the time you are a seven or eight, to hate the people your parents hate. You have to be carefully taught.”

    With being generally more civil, shining spotlights on bigotry will help us be a better more peaceful nation.

  4. 1) I always make song titles/lyrics my article title and I almost used this songs a few weeks ago! Lol 2) Lydia, at, told me about you and after article 1 I cant wait to see more! 3) love the way your comments separate so clearly! and 4) YES!! Peace Train baby!! I love it!!

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