Tuesday afternoon

As I think of the fabulous Moody Blues’ song, let me share a few random musings on this cloudy Tuesday. Technically, it is morning here, but since Greenwich time is five hours ahead, the title has merit.

If we look at the US presidential election, what are the signals telling us? The Democrat candidate is being supported by major party leadership, some of whom are on the campaign trail. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who scares Republicans because of her history of fighting for those who have been screwed over, has joined with Hillary Clinton to advocate the message of helping the middle class and those in need with actual programs. There is no better advocate for the disenfranchised than Warren.

On the flip side, the Republican candidate has leaders bailing on him and hiding when he says his latest inane thing. Conservative columnist Michael Gerson has been against Donald Trump and what he represents from the outset and George Will just left the party because of Trump’s presumptive nomination. And, no living president supports his candidacy with the only foreign leaders who have advocated for him are Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

In Scotland, Trump noted what a good thing Brexit is, yet the financial markets, debt downgrading, and the lowest pound in over 30 years are giving many pause. Plus, he said this in Scotland who voted to remain and have started plans for another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU. This is supposed to be the candidate with the best business acumen, but yet again he shows little grasp of the issues, even financial ones. What the Remain camp failed to explain is the number of jobs created in the UK by being in the EU, with companies who have placed their European headquarters and plants there to have duty-free access to Europe.

The US Supreme Court handed down several important verdicts this week. The first one was a tie, but left standing a lower court ruling that President Obama went a bridge too far on his immigration executive orders after Congress failed to act for so long. Next, Affirmative Action was upheld in a Texas lawsuit that argued college admissions could no longer use race to determine acceptances of applicants. The Supreme Court said the colleges could continue to use race as a factor. A lesser publicized ruling noted that people who had been convicted of domestic violence crimes could be denied access to gun purchases in a state that said it was illegal. The court upheld Maine’s right to deny gun access.

But, the biggest ruling was against Texas 5 to 3 that overturned a lower court ruling on abortion clinic access. The Supreme Court ruled that what Texas did, which was use arguments for women’s health as a ruse to close down too many clinics. The data and examples of other less safe procedures that were allowed to go on in clinics revealed a purposeful attempt to severely limit women access. This was a huge win for women’s rights on allowing what to do with her body. Experts have noted this is the most important ruling on women’s right to abortion since 1992.

That is all for now. Have a great Tuesday.



37 thoughts on “Tuesday afternoon

  1. Though I am not a huge Hilary fan, I am a democrat and progressive/moderate. I agree with all you have said so eloquently. On a side note, Trump’s actions are inexcusable and his trip to Scotland a disgrace.

    • Thanks Holly. Truth be told, the better candidate is Warren. Yet, Hillary does add something that is not talked about enough. She brings global credibility, experience and relationships, many of whom are going out of their way to advocate for her. She has been an exemplar by position and action for improving women and girls issues around the globe and, with the maltreatment of women being such an issue, this by itself, is a huge thing in her favor. John Oliver showed Trump’s remarks on his show this past Sunday and said the man basically said nothing, even contradicting his own comments earlier in the statement.

      • The very fact that many people are serious about Trump is baffling and says a lot about the mindset (though I hate saying it…and ignorance) of the people.
        I think Hilary is making a mistake if she includes Warner on her ticket. Clinton is leaning too far left in an effort to please constituents and draw Sanders votes. Trump is leaning right to please the religious right and I actually feel he has no real moral concerns. I don’t think either really feels all that they espouse. I have never witnessed an election year such as this one. It’s disturbing.

      • Holly, it is bizarre. As I mentioned to Susan, I don’t think she would select Warren. Warren is a fighter and an experienced debater. Trump would do well to not pick fights with her. I think she will go with a non-senator such as Castro who is a rising star.

      • I will have to check into Castro, I am not familiar. I think a two woman ticket is more than this country is ready for, maybe someday.

      • I think you are right. Look up Julian Castro. He was Mayor of San Antonio and is currently Sec of HUD in Obama’s administration. His twin brother Joaquin is a Congressman.

  2. I really hope that the American voters are aware of the result of not voting based on a supposed predictable end result (BREXIT) and the chaos that can follow a non-vote. Sadly, I suspect that so many of them are probably totally unaware of the whole BREXIT farce and the serious ramifications of a laissez-faire voting public.

    • Colin, it is funny how little even the UK citizens knew of what the EU did. The most googled search items the day after in the UK was “what is the EU?” and “what does leaving the EU mean?” In the US, there are even more who have no clue what Brexit is, what it means to the UK, what it means to the EU and what it means to the US and the rest of the world. So, they do not realize how foolish Trump’s comments were about applauding Brexit and why he should not have made such comments in Scotland. I have said this all along that Trump is a brilliant sales person, but he is not the best of business managers given the number of bankruptcies and failed businesses. Thanks for your comment, Keith

      • Hi Keith. I acknowledge, understand, and agree with everything you wrote…. and it makes me worried about the potential outcome of the imminent elections there. A brilliant sales person who can sell total nonsense and gibberish to the masses could be meeting a world that includes egotistical dictators; mindsets from centuries ago; unbridled desires to expand and reap the commercial benefits; unscrupulous manipulators…. and I would suggest that not one of them is either ignorant enough, or just plain stupid enough, to find any reason to believe Trump. It is one thing to sell unrealistic ideologies to the masses, but quite another to convince world leaders that you are potentially a stable and beneficial influence in world affairs.

        Excuse me now … I feel a compelling desire to pray.

      • Colin, say a little prayer for all of us. If elected, I see Vladimir Putin taking advantage of Trump with his thin skin, big ego and equally big mouth. Much of the outlandish stuff Trump spews is unconstitutional and would make us a pariah (such as attacking the relatives of terrorists). Thanks, Keith

  3. Love your synopsis of this very interesting news week. I keep thinking the Trump Show will stop the vortex roll down the drain, but not so far. What do you think about a Hillary/Elizabeth ticket?

    • Thanks Susan. I was discussing this with Linda. I love Elizabeth Warren. I love the statement it would make, but my guess is if the Dems take back the Senate, she may be Senate Majority leader. I have felt she might choose Julian Castro as her VP candidate. She has a terrific American story as the daughter of a janitor and worked her way through school as a waitress and now is a US Senator.

    • Many equate Trump with the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, as both are bombastic egos. Johnson is an early favorite to take David Cameron’s place. What is the sense if the UK vote in your neck of the woods?

      • We did not think that the Brexit followers would win! We are a non EU country and we went well with that. But the UK was there from the beginning on and that is a big difference. It is a tough road the UK has chosen. Hopefully they make it without damages. I don’t know the possible details to be honest. But it is just a shame that Europe falls more apart than grows together. But to me it feels like the beginning of a different way that Europe needs to go for a union…. just a feeling!

      • Apparently, the Leave folks did not either as they don’t appear to have a plan and actually wiped clean their website. One key contention has already been renounced by the Leave campaign, which is ironic as they plastered this untruth on buses all over the country. I hope they do some serious reflection, especially with Scotland making plans for a new referendum to leave the UK.

      • What we heard over here was that they not only left out serious issues when leaving the EU but also simply lied about things they said. I cannot name something. It is just what I heard. But the voices for a new referendum are huge!

      • Erika, you may be referring to what I referenced about 350 million pounds per month going to the EU could be used in the UK. This did not take into account all transactions, so the day after the election, the principal leader of the Leave movement backed off that premise. This was so important that it was on banners on buses, and it turned out to be untrue.

  4. Yes, the song jumped into my mind before the post loaded! Short on time, I have this loaded and will give it more worthy attention when baack on the property.

    I also loaded the homepage, so many of your most recent posts will be there to peruse.

    HAPPY FOURTH a few days early!

    • Thanks Lisa. Love the Moody Blues. I look forward to your thoughts. I hope things are starting to get better in Ecuador. Are folks from Venezuela migrating your way?

      • i’m at a restaurant in quito!

        saved some online reading on teh screen and one post is about venezuela and the escalating problem about food.

        i hope to go to the coast soon, and it will be heartwrenching… of course will post photos and stories, but for now a potential buyer has been here and for the next week we’ll be waiting to see if there will be a change of owners… my time in mindo will continue, however, until the new family feels comfortable in their new location…

  5. You know Keith, this is the first time in over thirty years that the GOP disinformation machine has failed them so completely. I guess it’s true. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time is true.

    People are beginning to see through the smears and fake scandals.

    Smear campaigns are not policy.

    Has anyone asked the media ‘experts’ why Paul Ryans ‘replacement’ for the Affordable Care Act is so good?

    • Rob, you are so right that the media fails to ask legitimate and repeated questions. Plus, Dems need to not let the GOP define the story. Many in our country believe the country is doing poorly, when it is doing pretty well and even better comparatively.

      My wife and I were talking about how John Kerry was “Swift-boated” by George W. Bush’s campaign people. If Kerry, a Vietnam war hero had stood up against this fiction from someone who did not serve in Bush, he would have won hands down. Keith

      • I was appalled when people showed up at the GOP convention the year that Kerry was “Swift-boated” wearing badges that mocked the Purple Heart.

        That was when I realized that the GOP is a political party without honor.

        Democrats didn’t get it.

        Even after watching the GOP spend most of Bill Clinton’s Presidency spreading the most malicious lies tear him down, even after watching the outright theft of the 2000 election…Democrats didn’t understand that republicans views the use of reason as a weakness–
        and they exploit it.

        The only way to deal with unscrupulous people is to have a media that questions every lie and exposes every hypocrisy.

        We don’t have a media that does that it’s up to us bloggers to do what we can to counter the lies.

        And to that end I give you this link:


      • That was pretty low. They even did it to one of their own when the smeared John McCain for fathering a Black child out of wedlock, when the truth was McCain and his wife adopted girl from India.

        When people are wronged like this, they need to fight back. And, others need to step in and fight with them. Clinton is not perfect, but she is a much better candidate than given credit for and far better and tougher than her bigoted and thin-skinned opponent.

      • She’s not perfect and Bush wasn’t perfect…But there is actually more evidence against Bush than there is against Clinton.

        That’s my problem with Benghazi,

        Once again the GOP picks and chooses a moral stance that just happens to suit its political needs.

        I am so sick of it and I’m especially sick of the fact that our media doesn’t call them out on it.

        There is the empty accusation of hypocrisy and then there is simply using a word that best describes the thing.

        This pretense of caring about the ‘soldiers’ that lost their lives in the Benghazi tragedy is hypocrisy so vile that if it had a stench it would smell like the victims of our bombing of Iraq.

        How many thousands of people are still losing their lives because of our fiasco in Iraq?

        The uninvestigated Invasion of Iraq which everyone now knows was based on lies still subverts American security.

        Do the people of this nation believe that we can let our leaders commit “what may be” war crimes and the whole world will blindly join us in pretending it didn’t happen?

        How many of the terrorists acts in our world today are rooted in the outrageous decadence of a people
        that enables a Republican Congress to cynically abuse it’s investigative power to further its political goals while it ignores overwhelming evidence of a ‘possible’ war crime against the people of Iraq?

        What will it take for the people of the U.S. to realize that other people’s lives are our not ours to snuff out because we want their resources.

        We have moral obligations in this world and one of them is to hold our leaders accountable when their mistakes result in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

        If the only reasons NOT to vote for Hillary are Benghazi and the email smear she has my vote.

        Nothing she’s done can possibly sink to the depravity and abuses of power we’ve seen from the House Republicans.

      • Rob, the fact we investigated Benghazi with eight committees and have not done as detailed review of the lead-up to the Iraq invasion is indicative. My thesis is we went into Iraq on false pretenses, without good recon from the right people, with fewer troops than our Joint Chief of Staffs suggested, with inferior equipment, without many interpreters and then fired the police force who became ISIL. When we go into a battle, we owe it to our troops to first avoid conflict if we can, but support them. It should be noted that Scooter Libby (who worked for Karl Rove and Dick Cheney) is the only person to have gone to jail and he did so for outing a CIA operative whose former ambassador husband’s recon on a WMD lead was intentionally misused and he called them on it. People died because of this – Americans, our allies and innocent Iraqis. Keith

      • Very true. We went from having the world on our side after 9/11 and then throwing that good will away with the WMD fabrication and invading a place where we did not know the underlying history and context.

      • The direction won’t change until we hold our leadership to the kind of accountability they impose on the average worker at Walmart.

        It must be an outrage to watch from the outside.

        Do you realize that it’s 2016 and the GOP is STILL investigating fake Clinton scandals?

        Are you as sick as I am of having our Nation’s public policy decided by a corrupt political party that strategically poisons public debate with smear campaigns and lies? And they do it on the taxpayers dime while saying they need to cut taxes.

      • Rob, I think I shared with you that one of the reasons I left the GOP in 2006 was a tendency to make things up. It is not an even distribution. To me, the biggest conspiracy in America is finally being investigated by the NY Attorney General and that is the alleged misrepresentation by Exxon-Mobil to its shareholders and investors about the impact of climate change on their business. They are a poster child for the “Global warming is a hoax” campaign, yet they have memos and speeches dating back to the 1980s cautioning about climate change, until that posture was reversed in the late 1990s. Lying to shareholders is a crime, so this is serious investigation. By the way, I need to write about this, but Josh Fox’ documentary on climate change is excellent, very somber at first, but somewhat hopeful at the end. Keith

      • This reminds me of the tobacco companies that have known for well over a generation that their products cause cancer but still spend billions of dollars to convince pubescent boys and girls to take up smoking.

        There is evil in the world.

        It often wears a three piece suit and touts the virtue of personal accountability as it abuses its power to poison our world for short sighted personal gain while it blames everyone else for the outcome.

      • Rob, it is precisely like the tobacco industry, in part because they both used the same PR firm and approach. Not only did eight tobacco CEO lie to Congress under oath about knowing nicotine was addictive, per the movie “The Insider” and as reported on “60 Minutes,” they added enhancements to hook people on cigarettes.

        As for Exxon-Mobil, per Sierra Magazine, the investigation has uncovered several smoking guns that indicate early knowledge of the dangers of climate change and impact of burning fossil fuels on it. This is not dissimilar to the smoking guns for the tobacco industry.

        I had a hoaxer argue with me that it was not a crime if they had lied. I said lying to shareholders is a crime under Securities Laws, whether it was intentional or not. This is not like lying to voters and press. This is fraud.

        Thanks for your conversation, Keith

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