An imperfect woman for an important job

Former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton will never be accused of being a perfect person. She has taken more grief than most politicians, some of which was thrown at her husband or when she defended her husband. Some of the criticism of her is fair, but the lion’s share is unfair. The trouble is it is hard to tell the difference between what is fair and what is Republican smear tactics dating back to the 1990s. But, make no mistake, she is eminently more qualified to be President than her main competition.

Clinton will bring to the table global experience, credibility and relationships. In fact, many allied leaders have gone out of their way to advocate for her Presidency. The only leaders who have supported Donald Trump have been Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, neither of whom would be accused of being highly democratic. It should be noted that it is unheard of for other leaders actively promoting a candidate for US President.

I have mentioned before that being the first woman US President should not be sneezed at. One of my concerns for a our planet which prevents better solutions from occurring is the maltreatment of women. The book “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn highlight the global maltreatment, which is so brutally unfair, but stands in the way of economic progress. A region that treats women like a possession that can be sold, mutilated, demeaned and killed is not only brutal but competing in a world with only half of its intellectual capital. Much of the progress in poorer regions occurs when women become active small business owners and can pursue education.

Through action and notoriety, Clinton has made a visible statement to the world that women and girls matter. She has led numerous meetings both during, before and after her role as Secretary of State. Change does not occur over night, but her Presidency would immediately elevate women’s issues by the nature of the position. By itself, this is a major factor to why she should be President.

Clinton also brings a much better temperament to the position which requires a tough-minded person who is not going to act impulsively. Her main opponent could not be accused of having either of these positive traits as indicated by his history and his ill-timed and inane comments made throughout the campaign. The President of the United States is one of the most important jobs in the world and temperament and stability matter. I would sleep much more comfortably with her in the White House than a thin-skinned, demonizing and bombastic narcissist. I would add she is much tougher than Trump, who does not like anyone who disagrees with him or asks him questions.

And, at the end of the day, policy positions matter. My greatest fear is we end up with a President who does not understand climate change for the problem it is. Our planet cannot afford to stop progress or retrench on this issue, as we lost eight years under the last Republican President. Clinton understands this issue. She also sees the need to specifically address the increasing number of people in poverty and decline of the middle class. Her position is far more than a changing bumper sticker platform used by Trump which should not be mistaken for policy.

I recognize fully she has issues. I recognize fully many of those issues blown out of proportion. Yet, she deserves more credit than she gets for what she has achieved. It might help for more people to look beneath the rhetoric and see what she has to offer. It won’t be perfect, but it will be impressive.


23 thoughts on “An imperfect woman for an important job

  1. Was there ever a president elected who didn’t have “issues”. I’ve never voted without being aware that the candidate I was choosing was the better option, not the perfect the option.

    Yet every election we pretend that who ever is the other candidate is not viable because NOT PERFECT.

    You are so right. Clinton is suited to this job by experience, skill, and character. She’s not perfect. But she’s miles better than Trump, who has shown none of those qualifications.

    • You are so right, there is no such candidate. We should also remember that one of our best Presidents rated by historians, Harry Truman, woke up to headlines that he had lost, when he actually ended up winning. Two of the most effective presidents ever in the two Roosevelts had many flaws. And, Reagan was almost impeached over the Iran-Contra affair and had his veto overturned when Congress wanted to sanction South Africa for Apartheid.

  2. I think, there is no one born as a president. Every new president (as it was said) has issues and each one has to get used to what being a president means in being a president. So, I would rather have Hillary in need to get used to being president!

    • Erika, she is running several excellent commercials about her history of fighting for children, in particular helping introduce the state administered Children’s Health Plans. They are very effective and she needs to do more of those. Keith

      • These commercials are an attempt to tell her story. Too many know her from smear campaigns to discredit her and her husband. There is a visceral reaction to her by people who have only paid attention to pseudo news outlets.

        To your point, she is campaigning with Senator Elizabeth Warren advocating paid maternity leave, investing in infrastructure, increased minimum wage, investing in renewable energy, offering cheaper access to public colleges and community colleges, improving Obamacare, etc. It is funny, even serious news stations cover the policy issues less, which is unfortunate, as Trump’s positions are mainly sayings and variable. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: People might want to watch replays of former CIA Director Michael Hayden and Blackrock CEO Larry Fink on CBS Good Morning today’s (June 30) show to get two crisp definitive reasons why Trump’s is so harmful. Hayden said in “this lane” Trump is elevating terrorism success by his rhetoric after Orlando and comments on waterboarding. He added in “this lane” Clinton is not only better than Trump, she is better than the President. When asked about other feelings about Trump’s positions, he noted in the parts of the CIA he talks with, they fear a Trump presidency.

    Fink was asked to comment on Brexit and he noted that it was a sad day for the UK and global economy. He was also asked about Trump’s comments on trade, which were vilified in the Wall Street Journal and by the US Chamber of Commerce. He noted that we are the largest importer and exporter of goods, so we rely on trade. Yes, there are some who have not seen wage increases and seen downsizings, but this is more of a technology issue than a trade issue. He noted that we are importing more jobs with technology advances now, but it is not a plant with 2,000 workers, it will be one with 300 workers due to technology.

    These astute commenters and comments are worth watching by all.

  4. Note to Readers: The list of Republicans supporting Clinton is interesting as it keeps growing.

    Plus, here is a Daily Beast summary from a fellow blogger, which includes a link to the Daily Beast. These are foreign security folks who have opined on why Clinton over Trump.

    • Hugh, you are right about Warren, but I think she is leaning to someone else, so that Warren could lead the Senate if the Dems retake the majority. Thanks again for the sidebar tip. Keith

      • Hugh, I read this morning that the Governor of Massachusetts is Republican, so if Elizabeth Warren is selected and Clinton wins, the governor would appoint a Republican replacement. That is probably the reason she will pick a non-senator. Keith

  5. Hillary’s gender should have nothing to do with the decision to or not to vote for her. But I think it does, just as President Obama’s skin has created petulant, stubborn opposition to his administration. The world has long recognized women’s ability to lead: Indira Gandhi, Maggie Thatcher, Angela Merkel . . . why can’t America get over gender and color?

    • Linda, it should not based on past leader’s experience. To your point, the “toughness” attribute has been assigned to Trump because he beats on his chest with false bravado and spouts bumper sticker tough stuff. Yet, toughness has nothing to do with talk. This same man cannot take criticism and is scared of people asking him questions. This woman is far tougher than Trump and has taken more crap. Could you picture Trump being grilled for eleven hours? He would explode.

      I keep hoping this is the beginning of the end for Trump.! It is amazing he has lasted this long. Thanks for your comments. Keith

    • The comparison of Hillary to Obama must take into effect the obvious fact that Hillary is a helluva lot tougher than Obama. He has proven himself to be an ineffective president — albeit he has had to work with an intransigent Congress (to put it politely). Hillary can get things done. She knows how to play the game of politics.

      • Hugh, she is tougher and will be more strident on foreign policy decisions. I would not call Obama an ineffective President, given the truthful state of the economy, what he has done with the ACA, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, moving forward Climate Change action, etc. Yet, would have been great to see a more collaborative Congress – especially if we passed an Infrastructure funding bill earlier in his Presidency. I think he will be remembered as a pretty good president, but not a great one. Keith

    • Susan, it is indeed. Plus, her opponent is having a hard time fielding a convention slate of speakers and staffing his campaign team, as people are concerned about damaging their reputations. Thanks for your comments. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Just as Hillary Clinton tries to turn a corner and is running some effective commercials about her history of helping children, her husband causes an unforced error by saying hello to AG Loretta Lunch at a chance meeting on the tarmac. They both say it was all pleasantries, but the optics were poor. Lynch has recused herself from
    all involvement in the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton email server, which helps, but Clinton needs no appearances of impropriety. This was a poor move on Bill’s part.

  7. Note to Readers: Apparently, the Trump campaign has broken campaign finance laws last week. The Trump campaign actively solicited money from Members of the UK Parliament. It is illegal to accept donations, but it is very illegal to solicit them. Apparently, this became an issue, when the MOP openly asked Trump to take them off his mailing list.

  8. Note to Readers: The FBI decision following their extensive review to not recommend prosecution of Clinton is not unexpected, but does leave questions. If the Department of Justice follows the FBI’s recommendation, then Clinton can move forward. With that said, her poor decision to use the servers and handling of 110 confidential emails reveals lack of judgment on this issue. It also will be used against her and be harmful to her campaign.

  9. Note to Readers: It is incumbent on Clinton to stay out of her own way from here on in. That will be difficult with the expected onslaught against her. I do like the commercials that are running which show her historical efforts to help children and the ones which show the relative foreign experience that she has versus Trump, but she will need to do all of that and more.

    She is imperfect, but she is not a apocalyptically bad a candidate as her opponent, who has already endangered America (and the planet) with his bigotry and xenophobia. Plus, Trump is having a hard time getting people to work with him, which also is part and parcel with his history as he rakes people over the coals, even the ones he likes, at some point.

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