Questions and more questions

I have written before that we do not ask enough or the right questions of our leaders and candidates. Why, what, how, when, where, how long and how much? If we would just ask the why questions more, we would be far better off.

Here are a few to ask:

Why have we not made changes to gun governance since the significant majority of Americans want certain measures?

What do you plan to do about our $19 Trillion plus debt problem, especially with the interest burden becoming such a big part of our $4 Trillion annual budget?

Why are we not doing even more to combat climate change (or in the case of some, why are you blocking climate change actions)?

Why are we not funding Planned Parenthood even more, when they help reduce unwanted pregnancies through education and birth control thus reducing abortions and healthcare costs based on actual data?

What do you plan to do about retraining people for jobs that have been reduced due to technology, declining markets, offshoring, outsourcing, etc.? 

Why do some people feel they are more American than others based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.?

Why must you be against something because your opponent is for it?

When did collaboration become a dirty word?

What data do you have to support your contention or plan or better yet, when did using actual data become a negative?

When did we start tolerating bigotry in our national leaders, especially since this has been a reason to not vote for racist candidates in the past?

There are many more to be asked, but we could start with these few.

29 thoughts on “Questions and more questions

  1. It seems answering questions are not in the plans for Trump. His tactics are to divert attention with outrageous rants and bullying. On the other hand, I am not a fan of Hilary either but at least she has and is not afraid to give some answers to “questions”.

    • Holly, I agree. Hillary, while imperfect, at least has a clue of what is going on and won’t scare the crap out of folks when something happens in the world. Keith

      • It’s a pathetic choice in my opinion Keith, actually there is no choice but Hilary and I am so disappointed in the current agenda but Trump must be stopped.

      • Holly, I won’t argue on the lack of a great choice. I give her more credence than you do, as I do believe she takes a lot of crap, but she is far from perfect. The FBI announcement will help both of them, as it confirms her poor judgement while exonerating her of guilt. I would love to see Elizabeth Warren, but we may only get her as a VP candidate, if then. My guess is she will pick someone else. Either way, Trump should not be President, as the downside is huge.

      • I couldn’t agree more regarding Trump. The conservatives (Republicans) have brought this situation upon themselves and can find no way around it. Hilary has shown poor judgement in some ways but I too think she is the brunt of incredible and unreasonable criticism and applaud her courage. I think she will fail if she places Warren on the ticket, this country is not progressive enough to elect two women as Pres. and VP. I can’t see it happening so I hope she will go elsewhere and find someone who is more moderate, I would like to someone like Biden on the ticket.

      • Holly, I would like to disagree with you on the two women ticket, but I find myself hard-pressed. I want to think we have changed. It would be interesting to see two women debating Trump and Gingrich, complete with their large egos and misogyny. I think she will pick Julian Castro as Warren’s seat would be replaced by a GOP governor’s choice. Keith

      • I’m afraid I am right about the 2 woman ticket though as a woman, it pains me.

    • Thanks Susan. The one on the debt is a huge indictment of both, as neither one is talking about it. The Executive Director of The Concord Coalition who focused on the debt, writes often on this topic. What frustrates me is the GOP is the one who beats on its chest most about the debt, yet it is Trump’s tax plan that will increase the debt by $11+ Trillion over the next ten years, while Clinton’s will decrease it by about $500 Billion. Neither number is near enough what we need and neither one is talking about it.

      • Keith – the more I read (which isn’t much, I’ll admit) the more I am disheartened at the differences between these two. Trump is clearly more willing to display his lack of ethics, but I have this feeling that Hillary Clinton is mostly better at keeping things quiet. ??

      • Susan, I would agree with Trump’s lack of ethics. To me, a good example is his selling his name to a developer to use to bait buyers into a supposed higher quality condo, when Trump has nothing to do with the development. As for Clinton, her weakness is not being forthcoming when accusations are made. I think part of it is due to false ones made, but she has tended to protect her philandering husband when he was in power.

        In terms of who would govern better, to me there is a huge light of day between her abilities and Trump’s lack thereof. I would worry daily about Trump doing something stupid. Thanks for your thoughts. Keith

    • Hugh, what many are not considering about Trump, even when he is stating an obvious problem, he is not offering much of a solution and his history (and ours) is often antagonistic to what he is suggesting. He will say he is against hiring illegal immigrants, when he has exploited illegal immigrants in the past. He will say he is against using foreign workers, when he uses foreign workers. He will say he is against lying and corruption, when he lies more than anyone and is on trial for corruption. He will advocate doing things that are illegal or make us a pariah in the world, like targeting terrorist’s families or waterboarding. The sad truth is we still may end up with this man and the questions will remain unanswered and we will need to answer other ones. Keith

    • I honestly think the Repubs will drop him at, or before, the Convention. The handwriting is on the wall. Several members of the Joints Chiefs of Staff have threatened to resign if Trump becomes president. That should shake up some of the hard-liners!

      • There is an interesting commercial running which shows some of his chest-beating, naïve and inane remarks on defense and beating terrorism. The last one was “I know more about ISIS than anyone. I know more about ISIS than even our generals.” Really? Why do people with some intelligence not see his crap for what it is.

      • There are some Trump followers who should know better, which is who I hope can be swayed. The others have bought his con job hook, line and sinker and they are beyond reach.

    • Leiah, yes he did. Remember, he always knows more than anyone, just ask him. One of my favorites of Trump’s is “I know more about taxes than anyone. I know more about taxes than anyone in history.” Same guy whose tax plan will increase the debt by $11+ Trillion over ten years.

  2. These are excellent questions Keith. I don’t think we need to be fans of the people we choose to represent our interests as citizens of the United States.

    These are important questions to focus on, especially with the smear machine in overdrive.

    There are people who are spending billi8ons of dollars to distract us from the issues that matter to our lives and our futures.

    I’m not voting for a savior nor am I voting for a ‘star’.

    I’m voting for the person who will represent my nation for the next four years…and my primary concern is will that person do the job in the best possible way.

    Corrupt politicians calling politicians corrupt is such a tedious sight after nearly 20 years of watching the GOP abuse it’s investigative power to smear democrats.

    I wonder is republicans understand that their days of getting anyone but the corrupt media elites at Fox News to buy into their fits of cherry picked moral outrage are over.

    • Rob, all good points. I just hope more people will use your lens. The GOP will make hay with the FBI report which is unfortunate, even though no indictment is forthcoming. It feeds a fair and largely unfair narrative. Unlike Benghazi, which became a smear campaign, on the email issues, Clinton used poor judgment. Thanks for your comments and reblog. Keith

      • Yes…she did…but her poor judgement in regard to her use of her email account does not make her the most corrupt politicion to ever park her butt in Washington or a danger to the everyone’s liberty everywhere.

        For me, this whole campaign season comes down to a mantras:

        If are a Republican in Congress and you are not concerned about the security failures that happened under GWB then shut-up about Bill and Hillary Clinton already..and do the job you’re supposed to do. Represent all of the people or get the hell out of Congress.

      • Rob, unfortunately this issue won’t go away. She dug herself a hole and it worries me. I just listened to a Senator supporting Trump saying he occasionally says objectionable things in contrast. This man is on trial in three separate class action lawsuits for misrepresentation at Trump University as a microcosm of his exploitation of others. And, yet poll numbers say this con artist is more trustworthy.

      • Never underestimate the effective way the GOP uses their media to
        poison the public debate.

        All we’ve heard from them since 1992 is that Bill and Hillary Clinton are crooks. That and the outrageous smears against our President.

        I’m surprised Hillary has gotten this far given the decades and the billions of dollars that republican’s have spent to smear her.

        It is noteworthy that for all of the screams of outrage on the right not a single one of these fanatics who claim to be masters of morality can bother themselves to investigate the one possible crime for which their is real evidence: the invasion of Iraq.
        Hillary in the same position that Gore was in during the 2000 campaign.

        And as we can see from this perspective, had Gore rightfully taken office we’d be living in a much safer world.

        I frankly think that we get what we deserve in this country.We seem to ‘want’ to beleive that democracy is dead so we make our selves stupid by feasting on lies and drama –then we sit in our homes and fail to do the one thing that might make our lives better: get out and make a thoughtful vote.

        If Trump becomes President it will be because the people themselves are corrupt.

      • Well said. At least if Gore had been president, we would not be eight years behind on climate change action. I saw a Bernie fan at a Trump rally in Raleigh on the news. He said Sanders and Trump are close together than Sanders and Clinton.

        No, they are not I said at the TV. A Sanders fan voting for Trump is an insult to Bernie. Sanders attempts to tell the truth and Trump is a pathological liar. Sanders believes climate change is a concern, Trump believes it is a hoax invented by the Chinese. Trump said he will bring back coal jobs, while Sanders truthfully says those jobs are not coming back, so we need to pay for retraining and to bridge income gaps. And, so on.

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