The more he talks the scarier he gets

Now that the Republican Party has officially nominated a bigoted, xenophobic, thin-skinned narcissist, it is imperative that America gives this candidate a full vetting. I have said multiple times that Donald Trump’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find.

He has made his fortune by exploiting people for money. His sales skills have allowed him to get his money, but he has often left others high and dry through multiple bankruptcies, failed businesses and getting out of deals before they went south. The number of lawsuits that he has  settled are significant as a result as well as the line of unpaid contractors.

The three Trump University class action lawsuits are a microcosm of why he is a poor candidate. He is charged with alleged misrepresentation and aggressive marketing to strong arm money from students and seminar attendees.

But, what bothers me most is his selling of his name to developers where he has nothing to do with the development. He receives royalties while the developer charges unaware buyers more money. I find this exploitive and somewhat unethical. Either way, he is participating in a scheme to gain profit from unsuspecting buyers who are paying a premium for the Trump name.

Yet, let’s set that aside and just consider what a Trump presidency would entail based on his history and campaign positions and comments.

  • Our. NATO allies have now been given reason to question our commitment to them with Trump’s position clarified this week that money comes first then protection.
  • He is OK with all countries having nuclear weapons including Saudi Arabia.
  • He supports Brexit which has been criticized by financial experts as dilutive to future growth and may lead to Scotland and Northern Ireland leaving the UK.
  • He advocates going after terrorist families and water boarding, the former of which is unconstitutional and the latter of which is not only ineffective, but the CIA has said they will not do again since Bush/ Cheney hung them out to dry.
  • He has ostracized Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Jews, women and disabled people.
  • His tax plan has been measured by the Tax Foundation to increase the debt of $19 trillion by $12 trillion over  the next 10 years.
  • He has dismissed Climate Change as a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs.
  • He has said there is no drought problem in California which is news to them and is counter to the #1 global risk of water loss per the World Economic Forum.
  • His party is against reasonable gun governance, so without change there is little he can do to stop motivated lone gunmen in mass shootings.
  • His hateful and bigoted comments have given license to hate groups to feel more empowered and per five retired generals and two former CIA directors, he has endangered America.
  • His healthcare plan would cause 20 million uninsureds, may cause a recession in my view and be very harmful to people in poverty and just above.
  • His thin skin and ego have revealed he does not have the temperament or judgment to be commander in chief says another retired general among many others.

And, per an article by Rodrigo Campos for Reuters:

“A Trump presidency ‘would not be good for markets at all,’ because of the uncertainty among investors about his true priorities, said Paul Zemsky, chief investment officer of multi-asset strategies and solutions at Voya Investment Management in New York.”

i mention this last item as he is supposed to be reassuring to the markets, but brings more uncertainty. This uncertainty is the best word to define the risk of Donald Trump as President.



52 thoughts on “The more he talks the scarier he gets

  1. He was on the news here (Canada) this evening and I could only shake my head in disbelief at the intensity, and apparent volume, of his supporters. I will be praying for a display of common sense from the US public at election time.
    Perhaps this will be the motivation needed to overhaul the political structure there, as DT has reduced your democratic process to nothing more than a back street brawl. Meanwhile, I would suggest that the rest of the world is looking on and cannot decide whether it should be amused by such antics within the US during a presidential election process, or be very concerned about the potential ramifications. Probably both would be prudent.

    • Conventions may give the wrong impression. They are staged. I don’t think he has that must support throughout this country. The question is whether Hillary Clinton has enough support to make sure he doesn’t get into the White House!

      • Hugh, very true. The folks who agreed with Ted Cruz were largely not there. It is interesting to check the Fact Check summary on his speech last night. As per the campaign, accuracy was the victim. I think the convention showed three things – his kids are much better candidates than the father, it showed disorganization that should give folks discomfort and it showed how hateful and small-minded that party has become slipping further down hill than they had before. This party truly has proven that their place at the adult table should be revoked. At least that is the view of this former Republican. Keith

      • I think it would be a mistake to underestimate the support he has, or the general demographics of his supporters. It would also be advisable for the democrats to not assume how much support Hillary has, or how many Sanders supporters will just move to her.

      • Roseylinn, your points are well taken. Trump can win. He should not win, but he most certainly can win. I was reading the comments to a PBS Newshour story on fact checking his speech, which had numerous mistatements. A Trump supporter chimed in parroting Trump saying who is checking the fact checkers.

        Lesley Stahl took some grief for not challenging him on his statement that he did not support going in to Iraq, when there is evidence to the contrary. He lies so often, he wears the reporters out and then if becomes fact.

        His supporters are varied, but they do not fully understand his history. If they did, they would not vote for him. At this point, my hope is the Trump University first case will get legitimate scrutiny. Thanks for your comments, Keith

    • Colin, thanks for the comments. To me, the rest of the world, outside of Putin, Jung-Un and terrorists groups, should be very concerned. My guess is Putin is loving this, as he sees a man who will do the heavy lifting for him, by damaging NATO, insulting our allies, and showing the hind end of the western world to others. Putin, Jung-Un and the terrorists will gain, with the latter having their recruiting materials written for them by Trump. So, any questions you can pose to American voters would be greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks, Keith

      • Hi Keith – Based on what we are hearing, you are exactly right re Putin. He has already demonstrated that expanding Russia (regaining territories) is high up on his agenda. He just needs to let DT do all the preliminary work and then move in! Given DT’s position on other cultures etc., I don’t suppose he would have any interest in getting involved, and if the original (50’s & 60’s) Eastern Bloc countries fall, where does that leave Europe?

        “In the 1932 elections, the Nazis won 33 percent of the votes, more than any other party. In January 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor, the head of the German government, and many Germans believed that they had found a savior for their nation.” (quoted from Holocaust Memorial site). Deja vu? I really hope not!

      • Colin, as much as the right likes to use labels like Nazism to describe Obama and Obamacare, there are startling similarities between 1932 Germany and today with Trump, with one major exception. Germany was in a real bad way after WWI restrictions. America is doing pretty well, in spite of Republican efforts to say the contrary. There are two things for certain – the Nazi Party and KKK are supporting Donald Trump. Why is that? Check out the link about Jon Stewart’s guest appearance n Stephen Colbert’s show below. Keith

    • Agreed. I actually was kind with the “uncertainty” comment. To me, the only uncertainty will be the recurring uncertainty of what dumb or insulting thing would he do next. Take the Egyptian Air plane crash, when he said with bravado and certainty that he guaranteed it was terrorism the next day. What if he acted on his belief and as in this case, it turned out to be an engine fire. I am using this as a metaphor. Or, what happens when a foreign leader or speaker of the House openly disagrees with him. He will attack them straining relationships. Like Cruz, they will remember being called vile names and labeled.

  2. Note to Readers: People who follow my blog know that I am big believe in Fact Check and Politifacts. There is a reason Trump wants to taint them in the eyes of his followers, as he has lied more than any other candidate in this and other elections, by far. While he was not incorrect to call Ted Cruz, Lyin Ted, Trump lies far more than Cruz does. Please check out Fact Check’s review of his and other speeches during the convention. Accuracy was the victim. The problem is his followers believe every word he says, but Trump would not know the truth if he tripped over it. The sad part is truth does not seem to matter any more.

    • Thanks Lisa. One writer termed it the “Mistake on the Lake.” I am huge fan of David Brooks and Mark Shields commentary on PBS Newshour. Brooks has commented on the vile hate speak that has been used throughout toward Clinton. He noted that it is not sitting well with even Republicans. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, truth has been a victim in this convention and campaign. A key trait of narcissists is to blame others for the narcissists’ faults. So, what he says about Clinton is in evidence in him, his history and his conduct in spades. Per most summaries on narcissists, it is a protective way of deflecting criticism.

    • While attacking Trump and his supporters make for good controversial (money making) TV, I cannot help but question its effectiveness in anything other than money making. If somebody verbally attacks me, my intuitive reaction is to defend my situation. It is NOT to think “Oh yeh…. you may have a point.”
      DT supporters need to be treated respectfully simply because they need to understand the potential ramifications of their support. They need to be coaxed into learning more about DT because if they can realize how unscrupulous he is, and how unreliable his “facts” are, perhaps they would not want him to display the same traits with their personal affairs.
      You really do not need a high education level to conclude that someone who “lies, cheats and steals” is not the person you want leading your country. If they can believe that he is telling outright untruths to further his personal career, then they have no reason to expect honesty in any other aspect of this man.

      • Colin, you of course are right. All you need to do is look at his history and ask questions, yet so few people do this. I have written before how ill-informed we are as a country, as many have no idea someone is lying. And, with Trump he has told his followers not to believe the judges who say he is lying (don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain, so to speak). I watched Mike Pence being interviewed. Nice guy, but I shared with my wife on several occasions, what he just said is not true.

        Stewart has at least earned some respect for skewering the inane comments made by politicians. He would have a few things to say to Hillary as well. So, I guess I was reacting to someone calling people on the carpet for obvious hypocrisy. I have come to the conclusion the only folks whose opinions can be changed are the ones in the middle, as the ones on the ends are too much in stone. I send emails each week to legislators, news folks and friends which tend to be more even-handed, but still raising questions. The best remark from an opposing view is “I read your emails and appreciate how you frame things, even though I may not agree with everything you say.” This is in keeping with your point.

        Thanks so much for opining, as you are indeed correct. Keith

      • I agree, but how do you coax them into learning the facts when they have their hands clasped over their ears and are screaming “I am not listening!!!”?

      • Good discussion. Maybe we can pry a finger or two off their ears and sneak in a fact. Diplomacy works best at the finger prying.

      • Very true. His voice is missed. If in his old job, he may have been able to point out the lunacy of The Donald candidacy during the primary.

    • I don’t think the goal should be to tear down the supporters of the other candidate; or their positions. It should be to have a discussion about the facts and/or why they support the candidate. It can be incredibly difficult to have a discussion with people who want to cover their ears; or who believe that the only truth comes from their candidate, or their choice of trusted sources. Facts are also a good tool to use. There are some people who won’t be convinced; or won’t budge from their position.

      • Roseylinn, you are right it should be fact based discussion. But, as you know, each side has its version of the facts. When I write emails to legislators, reporters and others, I try to cite facts supported by references. You are very good about this and are one to emulate. There are some who will not be swayed, but with facts and cites, some may be reached.

        As for your earlier point about Clinton’s support from Bernie supporters, that may have been thrown out the window with the DNC email screw-up. They have made it much easier for Trump to win with favoritism feeding his narrative. I do like Tim Kaine, so hopefully he will help.

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I read this morning that David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the KKK, will be running for Senator from Louisiana. No doubt, he feels empowered by the hateful rhetoric and anger that Donald Trump has tapped into and heightened. My guess is if Trump were to win, we would see more extremists feel empowered to come forward. And, with gerrymandering, some may actually win in smaller districts.

  4. I forced myself to watch his speech last night and came away even more concerned than before. I realize that it was red meat to his loyal following on the convention floor, but it had just enough “reasonable” content that it could – god forbid – sway voters who make their decisions based on sound bites and unsubstantiated claims. To those who say that no way could he win: please re-think that assertion and work hard for his defeat. I live in a safely blue state but I’m seriously considering spending time working to get out the vote in a swing state.

    • Janis, you are right to be scared. We are stupid enough to vote Donald Trump as President. We are so ill-informed and his marketing skill is significant, that bumper sticker policy making and fear mongering work.

      Democrats need to coalesce around Clinton or they will need to learn to live in fear of what The Donald will do next to harm our reputation and planet. Keith

    • I stopped watching, actually fell asleep right before Pence came out whatever night that was. Wednesday? Thursday we went out to eat and I felt so much more relaxed having not turned on that awful convention. I saw enough of the clips afterwards to know I was right to avoid it! He never says anything of substance and the hate-mongering that went on all week (put Hillary in a firing squad??? good gawd) was just disgusting.

      • Wise decision. When there is not substance, missing it was the better course. You should read Hugh Curtler’s post about a former WSJ writer assessment of Clinton.

      • within this post? I think I saw it last night but ran out of juice to read anything else. I’m obsessed with this election! so will read it later. there’s another one about Hillary that I began reading last night but had to give it up….hopefully will finish that one later today.

  5. Note to Readers: Why is Trump still attacking Ted Cruz, doubling down on as National Enquirer piece that insinuated that Cruz’ father had something to do with JFK’s assassination? The fact he again cited that tabloid magazine as a source is scary enough. Yet, this is a prime example of Trump’s thin skin and how he has been known to carry grudges for a long time, traits that are not the best to have in one of the most important positions in the world.

  6. Note to Readers: I was listening to a YouTube podcast from Sam Harris which is worth a listen as it is a thoughtful contrast of Clinton and Trump (the link is below). In it, he speaks to things that would have finished any other candidate, but Trump remains viable.

    His comments range from the advocacy of torture to the mockery of a disabled person to the lack of coherent thoughts in his speeches to the unethical and impractical rounding up of illegal immigrants to the lack of understanding of how the world works to the negatively impactful economic ideas to the assault on the integrity of the judicial process to his incredulous statements on climate change and so on.

    He notes whether you like Clinton, the statement that she is well qualified for office is not political partisanship. He said if it were said about Trump, it would be partisanship. He went on to say if you said Trump was the least qualified candidate ever, that would be more accurate.

    This candidate has said we will be safer on his watch, but to me evidence points to the contrary. I would listen to Harris and the retired generals and CIA directors rather The Donald.

  7. everything on your bullet point list bothers me but this one stands out: “His hateful and bigoted comments have given license to hate groups to feel more empowered and per five retired generals and two former CIA directors, he has endangered America.” We’ve got about 3.5 more months of this…….can I just take a long nap and wake up to vote on 11/8????

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