Michael Bloomberg gives an independent, well-versed endorsement

There have been many great speeches at the Democratic National Convention that support Hillary Clinton for the White House. While the President gave an excellent speech, for sheer presentation and meaning, his wife and Vice President may have upstaged him. The candidate’s husband did an excellent job as well in telling her history of passion and work around remedying social injustice. Yet, the most effective speech may have been by Independent voter and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg knows both candidates very well and made a very compelling story of why we should be voting for Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. He knows Clinton most from her work as a New York Senator where she relentlessly championed securing benefits and protections for the 9/11 victims and responders. He went on to add other reasons, but I wanted to highlight this one.

As for Trump, he told a history littered with screwing people over leaving contractors and small businesses high and dry, as Trump exited unprofitable relationships with his money and left others without much payment. Many of these contractors and partners had to close their businesses, as a result. Bloomberg also noted Trump left a trail of thousands of law suits, where some of these contractors tried to recapture what they were owed.

Bloomberg noted he also knows a thing about business with his successful Bloomberg News, but he did not start with a $1 million loan from his father like Trump did. He went on to share other exploitive business practices of the GOP candidate, but was not high on Trump’s business skills or ethics. Bloomberg said, in essence, he is a New Yorker and he knows a con job when he sees it.  Bloomberg added Trump said he would run the country like he runs his business. If that were the case, “God help us.”

He noted that Clinton has far more experience, credibility and understanding of what it takes to be President. She is very prepared for the job. He urged us to vote for the “sane and competent” candidate in Hillary Clinton. Given his Independent voter status and personal working knowledge of both, I think his opinion matters.


27 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg gives an independent, well-versed endorsement

      • Erika, I know of seven retired generals and three former CIA directors (two of which are Republican and two of which also served as Directors of Defense) who have noted the danger Trump has already put the US, NATO and the world in.

        I wrote three months ago that Putin wants him to win, as he know he can play Trump like a violin given the latter’s ego, thin-skin, big mouth and shallow understanding. Nothing that has occurred in the last week surprises me.

        Thanks for sharing our fear. It is good to know we are not alone. Keith

  1. The word “sane” keeps creeping into the conversations about Trump’s opponent. By implication, we might suspect that many are beginning to wonder if the Trumpet might be a bit mad???

    • I saw your repost of Jill’s post on the psychological test. I think he wants to win, but does not really want the job. Is that insanity? Maybe so. He reminds me of several narcissists I have worked with. If someone is keeping score, they want to win and they will throw a hissy fit when they start losing. I was tickled when Bloomberg used the phrase “con job” as that is precisely what he is doing. Thanks for commenting. Keith

  2. If the Trumpet (I like that) is a bit mad, what does that say about all his followers? (Who, btw, won’t listen to or read or consider Bloomberg’s commentary because it’s not coming from Faux News.

    • Linda, they are hearing a great salesman telling them what they want to hear. The message is simple, you should be be very afraid, my opponent is the problem and I am the only one to keep you safe. As VP Joe said last night, “that is a bunch of malarkey.” Keith

      • If I had the Trumpet’s podium, maybe I could sell them the ol’ grey mate I don’t own. It would cost them as much as their vote for the Dumpster.

      • Whatever he’s selling, too many are buying it. The GOP leaders need to have some serious discussion to fish or cut bait with this con man. They would be better off to withdraw and say he does not have our support. Keith

      • It is interesting to watch all this unfold…frightening, but immensely interesting. Even House of Cards couldn’t have dreamed up what’s going on!

  3. Note: While Clinton’s speech was good, the most impactful speech of the night was by a Muslim American father named Khizr Khan, whose son Capt. Humayun Khan was killed in Afghanistan. With his wife for support, this father told of his son who ordered his troops to stand back as he walked ten steps ahead as he sensed something. Unfortunately, a bomb exploded and while he lost his life, he saved his fellow troops. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

    His father said they came to America and immediately embraced their new country. His son wanted to be a military lawyer, but decided to enlist to give back. He was 27 when he died. Khizr said that if Trump were President, they would have never been allowed in to the US. In an impactful way, he said Mr. Trump, you have asked us to trust you. But, have you ever read the US Constitution? Pulling a 3 x 7 booklet from his coat pocket, he said here is my copy for you to read

  4. While Bloomberg was speaking, someone I follow on twitter said “I’m a single issue voter and the issue is sanity.”

    Someone I work with is going to vote for Trump because of abortion. After pointing out that a vote for Clinton at least wouldn’t change the status quo on that issue, I didn’t try to talk her out of it because it’s pointless to try and change someone’s belief on an issue so closely tied to their personal morality.

    But it reminds how utterly foolish it is to define your vote or any decision on a single issue. Life and Politics are complicated. All things must be evaluated in context and in changing circumstances.

    She knows that Trump is fiscally irresponsible, mostly untruthful and a bigot. But because she has committed herself to this one issue, she must continually downgrade those problems in order to maintain the integrity of her one issue.

    That choice to define your decision by one issue makes your brain stop thinking critically. It forces your brain to work on justifying the decision it has already committed to.

    • More than anything else, I suspect, it simplifies matters in what is certainly a complex world. The fewer things one has to focus upon the simpler things are. This is why people like Trump are successful: they simplify things and people think they are geniuses! (But I do like the single issue of sanity: it works for me! :))

    • Your friend may be interested that Trump is very inconsistent on abortion. He was pro-choice before he registered as a Republican. Note the word “registered” as he is probably more liberal on social issues than GOP voters realize.

      My strong recommendation to the GOP and voters is don’t count on him to toe the Republican line. He is a man in his own country and will do where his whims take him, which is about as scary as it gets.

    • I suspect it defines a good portion of them. Not all of course. There’s a good number of people who will vote republican no matter what. Which amounts to the same thing.

      • I think they are reacting in large part to his false bravado. He talks tough, but I find him lacking courage. He is so thin-skinned, he cannot take criticism. Just today, he is going ballistic over the criticism. He said he wanted to hit some people, which is not very Presidential. I would not be surprised by future melt downs, as he just can’t control himself and there will be many more leaders being critical of him from both parties.

    • Susan, please refer to my response above. People should not count on Trump to be consistent on anything, with the lone exception is his focus on himself. Keith

  5. I love the way you can ignite a meaningful discussion here. It confirms that people out there are feeling the same fears and doubts about Donald Trump as I am. And I can tell you from living in Texas and recently visiting my home state of Iowa, Trump may win. There are enough angry, disenfranchised, and not overly intellectual people out there that are willing to burn the government down in order to be heard, in order to disrupt, and in order to make change happen. Some are even intelligent enough to know what he would do to this country, and will vote for him anyway. I hope that at least a few of those are willing to listen to you and some of your commenters. Rational voices with clearly stated reasons, like yours, need to be heard.

    • Thanks for your comment. This is a good group of readers and commenters. You should check out their blogs. If you want to have some fun, you could tell your friends, “well at least we have two Democrats to choose from.” I am only being facetious in part, as in spite of all the reasons he should not be President, he is probably more liberal on social issues than many Republican voters know. Truth be told, he is very inconsistent and lacks conviction with the exception that it is all about him.

  6. Note to Readers: I was listening to David Brooks and E.J. Dionne on NPR this afternoon. The storyline of the day is how the Democrats have become the values party taking the mantel from the GOP. Many conservative writers lamented all the themes that used to be words they would use. Brooks said they did not take it, Trump has abandoned the core values of the party and the Democrats just embraced them.

    The line that will come back to haunt Trump, in my view, is “I, alone , can solve this.” First, it is not true from many vantage points. Second, it feeds into the appropriate message of “stronger together” for the Democrats. Trump may find out how alone he is as more GOP leaders openly criticize him. If I were them, I would not want to hitch my wagon to this egomaniacal and exploitive man.

  7. Great post, Keith! Since the lemmings who follow Trump blindly do not hear what the rest of the world has to say about Trump, I think the best hope is that he will self-destruct. He certainly seems to be on that path given his comments of just the past week. He said that since the DNC is over he can stop “being so nice”, and he wants to hit every speaker of the convention who criticized him. Sounds to me like a man who will bring about his own destruction. But what will the lemmings do then?

    • Jill, you are so right about his reaction to folks who were critical of him. First, he said he wanted to hit them, which is a bully’s response. Now, he wants to get them all back. He will have a long list.

      Self control is not a characteristic with which he is familiar. He also is confirming Clinton’s criticism that a man who can be goaded by a Tweet does not deserve to be anywhere near a nuclear weapon. Thanks for your comment, Keith

      • I keep thinking that this guy cannot possibly be real … he simply MUST be a cartoon character, a figment of somebody’s imagination.

      • I am not sure a cartoonist could invent someone this bizarre. Why his history is not more known is beyond me. People need to hear his legacy of exploitation, which is still underway.

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