Monday morning you sure look fine

With Fleetwood Mac in the background, here are a few miscellaneous musings for an early Monday morning.

Having seen the “60 Minutes” segment last night about climate scientists researching the sediment beneath ice sheets in Greenland, it heightens my already significant concern. This episode follows one on PBS Newshour earlier in the week which discusses relocating a Native American population from an island off Louisiana that is being consumed. I have strong advice to anyone who lives on the coast. Sell your property now, while you can gain value and move inland. And, if you don’t believe me research how Bangladesh had to relocate about 750,000 people from fishing villages inland.

On a different subject, after insulting (and then doubling down on the insult) a Muslim American father and mother who lost their son after he saved the lives of his fellow troops, Donald Trump reacted in a horribly insensitive manner. He has received deserved backlash from all sides for his insensitivity. After that criticism, he asked, “Don’t I have the right to talk?” Yes, he does and so do we. This man has the judgment of a mean-spirited middle schooler who ostracizes other middle schoolers. Republican leaders need to further distance themselves from this toxic man who does not deserve to represent America. If you don’t, he will drag you down with him.

On the good news front, more communities are holding community meetings to create better dialogue around racial issues and community policing. There are so many fine, hardworking police officers, that reaching out more is a hugely positive move. And, the African saying that Hillary Clinton took grief over in the 1990s, which she referenced again Thursday night, it does take a village to raise a child. We must solve our problems together as we all want to live in a safe, peaceful environment where opportunities exist to grow.

Finally, I saw Senator Bernie Sanders on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Friday night. He encouraged young folks to stay involved after the election. Run for office or be involved somehow in helping the community. He rightly noted that so many decisions are made at the local and state level, where your involvement can make a difference. Hear, hear.


44 thoughts on “Monday morning you sure look fine

  1. I am frankly embarrassed for my (very few) friends who still support this man. I wonder if they will allow themselves to ever admit that they were taken in by smoke and mirrors. I think the single truth he uttered was that he could literally shoot someone and his supporters would still follow him.

    • Janis, he has snookered the lot of them. I had the same reaction when I saw the “shoot someone” line. My reaction was him saying my followers are so stupid, I could shoot someone and it would not matter. I was alarmed he got such a warm reception last week at the VFW, with so many veterans. With so many generals against him coupled with his John McCain remark, you would think that would be enough. But, I think he really screwed up on the criticism of the Muslim American soldier’s family. That coupled with the Russia connection which is building as a story will make some of even his strident base take note. Keith

    • Erika, I hope people pay attention. We can ill afford a President who does not see climate change as a problem and who is so toxic, he will drag our country down as well as the rest of the world. The Guardian ran an article today saying it will take a grass root groundswell to put down his efforts, just as was needed on Brexit. Keith

      • You say it, he is a pollution himself! He will definitely be uncovered by his own followers but it might be at a very late point. He would cause big damage to the US … and also the world!

      • Erika, you are way too kind on this. McCain is in a very good position to help offer a better moral compass in the Republican Party. They are not getting it from the Speaker or Senate Majority Leader. Thanks, Keith

      • Oh, I have my thoughts about it and they are not nice. But all these expressions are showing up as a result from your writings. I am not that much into the American politics. But I cannot imagine there was ever a worse candidate.

      • He reminds me of George Wallace, who also played on people’s racial fears, when he ran back in 1968, but Trump is actually more scary than Wallace, as people saw Wallace clearly as a bigot. Trump has too many followers who are turning a blind eye to his bigotry.

  2. Note to Readers: I was glad to see Senator John McCain, a war hero himself, speak out against Trump’s response to the Khan family’s remarks. Yet, it also serves as a reminder that Trump said McCain was not a hero because he was captured. When the moderator pushed back and gave Trump a chance to refine his statement he doubled down. To me, these two examples show not only meanness, but incredibly poor judgment on the candidate’s part. There is also an old saying he needs to be reminded of and that “after you dig yourself a hole, the best thing you can do is stop digging.”

    • I agree, and I admire McCain for standing for what is right, rather than pandering to da trumpeter. However, in May, McCain endorsed Trump … I wonder why he hasn’t rescinded his endorsement? Party unity is one thing, but Mr. McCain seems to have some integrity, and I keep waiting for him to “just say ‘no'” to Trump. Your take?

      • Jill, I think he is pretty close. Trump made an announcement yesterday that he is not endorsing either Paul Ryan or John McCain in their races. Ryan said he had not asked for one. My guess is these were pre-emotive strikes by Trump who will say they are just retaliating. Keith

      • Let me look at this tomorrow when I am fresh. There is more to Trump’s story involving Russia that The Washington Post is looking at. Plus Mannafort ran the campaign for the ousted Ukraine president.

        By the way, you must check out Trump’s interview with George Stephalopolous yesterday.

      • Trump makes every narcissist I’ve ever met look like bastions of empathy and compassion which is truly a feat because every narcissist I’ve ever met was a selfish destructive soulless sociopath who would steal her grandmother’s dentures for the pleasure of seeing her toothless.

      • His narcissism is nauseating to watch, especially for an abuse survivor. His most recent gambit of declaring the election rigged is a typical maneuver. I truly pity the people who think this man sees them as human beings.

      • Thanks Rob. I looked at the Stewart piece. There are several key points here. Fox News is the most biased news in the US and has the least veracity when measuring how accurate the news reports are. It is not too dissimilar from the state controlled news of Russia. Furthering this point, a former Russia TV producer says the state also controls TV content. So, Putin has his people include important pro-Putin propaganda in the dialogue on regular shows, yet he is smart enough to include negative Putin comments to portray this as balanced critique.

        Out of 28 countries, who had polls of their citizens on Clinton vs. Trump, 27 countries favored Clinton, with only Russia favoring Trump. As for the Republican news outlets views of Putin, this should give everyone pause. I think Republicans admire their oligarchy strength, as they try to go back to the Robber Baron period. It should be noted Paul Manafort ran the campaign for the ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia after the uprising. You may recall is expensive house with a zoo.

    • Hugh, I worry as well. I mentioned my frustration with Dr. Cornell West for painting a one sided picture of Clinton, in my view demonizing her inappropriately. That is when Maher uttered his train story. Clinton has a light of day difference on competence, experience and global cache than anyone running. She is far from perfect, but she worked with Sanders to build a mutually beneficial platform. As you posted, voting for Stein of Johnson would make it easier for Trump to get elected, an apocalyptically horrible choice. Keith

      • I think that the academic Left is as out of touch as the elitist right. None of these people live as close to the edge as those who suffer the most when the left opts for ideological purity and throws the election to the right. Dr. Cornell West is in no danger of winding up homeless from his political decisions, but plenty of African-American people with mental illnesses have already died on the streets of our cities and plenty more will while the academic elites cast stones from the safety of the universities.

      • I agree. I applaud Clinton’s efforts to reach disenchanted Republicans and show a willingness to work together. Absent collaboration, nothing will get done. At best, the Dems could win the White House and Senate majority, so collaboration will be critical, otherwise West’s dreams will remain such.

      • The President’s job is to represent all of the people, even those who didn’t vote for her.

        Hillary said as much in her speech which was an overdue lesson in civics.

        The voters get exactly what they give as a mandate-even those who don’t vote.

        Imagine what this nation will look like after a Trump mandate.

        I get angriest with that part of the left that prefers to scapegoat the President for not fulfilling an agenda that it won’t mandate.

        If you elect a visionary democrat who stands for change and two years later give him a republican congress that dedicates itself to sabotaging the agenda he was elected to enact you have essentially told him to stop.

        It all comes down to us.

        In a nation as large as ours it’s all about numbers.

        The larger the mandate the more likely you are to get what you want.

        If we elect a centrist democrat then we give her a left of center Congress.

        By doing that you clarify that the majority of her mandate comes from
        the left.

        The fact is that the United States is and always has been a Progressive Nation.

        We declared all men equal in a world of kings and feudal lords.

        Our President is not a king.

        That’s why Congress has more power.

        And Democracy as a political system is an intellectual construction.

        I suspect that authoritative feudalism is instinctive which is why we have to struggle with these lapses.

        We must give up the luxury of the irrational if we are to preserve our democracy.

        Each of us is responsible for informing ourselves with objective information and basing our decision on fact.

        It is our part of the job of protecting the Constitution —

        And at times its greatest enemy is us.

      • Excellent civics lesson!! The posturing of the Tea Party should reveal how not to act. The extreme left should heed this.

      • Rob, I am an Independent for a reason – fiscally conservative and socially progressive. At some point, we have to step up and pay for things. We have a $19 Trillion debt, we need to be speaking of raising revenue, cutting spending and, on infrastructure, increasing spending. This is the process most companies go through.

        As I have shared with my very progressive friends, we need folks with good heads and good hearts doing the cutting and not meat ax cutters.

        Hillary is a moderate Dem and I view that as a good thing.

    • Agreed. He would alter the planet and our country in a negative way for generations to come. Our allies would trust us less, Russia would take advantage of the void, race relations would deteriorate with extremists coming out from under rocks, climate change efforts would retrench rather move forward and we would go into a recession with anti-globalization and anti-Obamacare rhetoric.

      • I worry about climate change inaction and not addressing our water issues as the two gravest threats with a GOP president. It is mission critical to vote for a president who sees these problems for what they are.

      • I don’t think any of us can afford to sit out this election. I have a friend who told me that his partner who was raised in Charleston has been in a state of panic since Trump won the nomination. The reason is that those of us who were raised on the South of the 50’s and 60’s know Trump’s supporters. We know that they are a small minded people who inflict violence on those they label the enemy. They live a world that is devoid of principle and compassion but rich with guns and fear.

        Trump represents the latest incarnation of the American Confederacy.

        We must all become political warriors this year.

      • With respect to the south, I won’t argue with you. He has tapped in to an angst, not with answers, but my telling them their fears are real and whom to blame. This hard core group believes any thing this demagogue says.

      • And, it should be noted Trump admires Roy Cohn, an attorney. Who is Cohn? He was an advisor to one Senator Joe McCarthy.

      • I don’t understand is Fox News is framing the debate over Trump’s fitness to serve as strategy.

        I’ve taken daily screen shots of Fox News headlines on Yahoo for the past forty days. Some of them are complete fabrications designed to promote the narrative that Hillary Clinton is guilty of crimes from which she is cleared.

        At what point does what they do become libel?

      • As noted, Fox is the most biased news in America. So, the headlines grab folks with their biases. I do not consider them for news, so when I cite real news to a Fox watcher, they think it is made up.

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