Here are 20 countries take on the US presidential election

President Barack Obama mentioned during his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that the rest of the world sees our presidential election much differently. In their view, the differential between the two candidates is striking, with Hillary Clinton being far more qualified and prepared to be on the global stage as US President.

Don’t take my word for it. Or, President Obama’s. Let’s consider the twenty countries that make up the G20.

In a YouGov/ Handelsblatt Poll of people in the G20 countries a few months ago, nineteen countries favored Clinton, with only Russia favoring Trump. This lone country dissent is even more interesting of late given Trump’s fascination with Russia and its media controlling leader who Trump admires. A link to the article and graphic is below.

In many of these nineteen countries, the difference is not even close. Maybe we in the US are finally catching on to what they see. They see an active First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State who has been on the global stage for some time. They see a woman who has advocated for women and girls issues around the globe dating back to the 1990s, and even before in the US. They see a woman who has relationships with many leaders and understands better than her opponents, the subtleties in each country.

They see a person who actually thinks through plans and knows policies. And, the see a woman who respects our commitments to our allies and has the temperament for the job. Her main opponent does not seem to possess these attributes. His thin-skin, large ego, bombastic manner and shallow understanding is offensive and dangerous. I have counted seven retired generals, three former CIA directors and three former Directors of Defense that have formally come out against Trump for his dangerous remarks.

Hillary Clinton is not a perfect candidate. She has been around long enough to warrant fair, but has also received more unfair, criticism. She is protective of her name and message, sometimes to a fault. Yet, she has shown she is a tough cookie, and we need someone who is competent, rational, diplomatic and tough. Plus, party matters  – we cannot back track on climate change action and must address environmental issues; we must improve on the ACA; we must not fall back on civil rights for all; and, we must invest in our country to improve infrastructure and create jobs.

30 thoughts on “Here are 20 countries take on the US presidential election

    • Janis, I bet you did. NPR is speaking with reporters in various countries. Today, I caught one from a German reporter. He confirmed what I wrote above, but added seasoning. Clinton is deemed trustworthy, although he noted he heard the US has issues. She is the more normative choice and would not cause angst. He said Angela Merkel’s endorsement helps, but he said the Bill Clinton years were prosperous there. He said Trump’s remarks on NATO and nuclear weapons give folks pause, plus his criticism of Merkel has not been well received.

  1. The choice here strikes me as as compelling as the choice between continuing to ignore climate change or determining to do something about it. It’s a no-brainer! Other countries see this more clearly than we do for some reason, though growing numbers seem to be aware. If Trump sticks it out (which is doubtful) I think he will be solidly beaten.

    • Agreed. Climate change alone is reason enough that the GOP cannot win irrespective of the candidate. You might find of interest for the Exxon Mobil investigation on misleading shareholders on climate change denial, fifteen GOP led states want to keep the investigation confidential and several GOP Congressmen have subpoenaed two Attorney Generals to strong arm them into what they know.

      • He has said (if you can believe anything he says) he will withdraw when the polls make it clear that he cannot win. There is much hope and a great deal of speculation in the Republican camp, I gather!

      • I hope he stays in, but if he drops out, will all his followers blame the GOP leadership for not supporting their candidate. His ardent fans do not see the toxicity and believe him when he says the system is rigged. The GOP may be in an actual Catch 22 situation.

      • I really worry what those slugs he has brought our from under the rocks and into the light will do if and when he loses. Many of them are armed and dangerous!

      • A gracious loser he is not. It surprised me today that he admitted being wrong about seeing footage of the $400 million flight. The dilemma is when you brand your opponent as the devil, it makes it hard to be magnanimous. Keith

      • I’ve read a few articles about what would happen if he dropped out of the race at this point. In short, it would lead to a mess across 50 states and the electoral college. The basic benefactors from what I gather would be the election lawyers. If he was going to drop out the time to do it would have been before the convention.

      • Roseylinn, I agree it would be a mess. I had not thought of the litigation potential. You are always informative. Thanks, Keith

  2. Note to Readers: The new poll data out today reveals a larger differential between the two candidates, even with the others in the mix. When your candidacy is based on the premise of “I am great and I am winning,” when the latter falls, the luster of the former wears thin. His big albatrosses are he does not have a good field organization to dissuade voters from jumping and the others Republicans are beginning to pile on.

    • Susan, me too. Hopefully the polls tell the final story. I am certain Wikileaks will reveal something that could be exploited for gain, so we should not count our chickens yet. Irrespective of content, it seems unfair to only reveal emails from one side. I am quite positive the GOP emails would be very interesting reading as well. Keith

      • I am not sure what would be more interesting, Trump’s email server or the RNC’s? I would be quite interested in Trump’s staffers trying to confirm what their candidate said that morning and how can they spin damage control. The RNC’s would be that issue, plus the conversations around replacing him or isolating him from others running for office. Trump’s being a “loose cannon” is an understatement.

  3. Note to Readers: I wrote on another’s blog about my concerns over Brexit, as well as the anti-globalization rhetoric going on. We must look at the whole picture, with jobs in your country with foreign employers, plus jobs in their countries with your employers, plus the trade back and forth. We make more money through collaboration. Yet, collaboration is hard. It is easier to do things on our own. But, commerce breaks down barriers and not only makes more money for us all, it makes us safer. People will overlook faults to do trade. And, that is a good thing.

    I say this as it matters what our allies and trading partners think of our election. We need to continue to promote trade, jobs, commerce and peace.

  4. Note to Readers: I found it interesting that the major theme of the Olympics opening ceremony was climate change and doing something about it. I contrast that to one of the major US political parties whose Presidential candidate says climate change is hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs. I also wonder how my home state of Florida reacted to the map of the encroaching seas that would significantly shrink the state. Of course, their Republican governor says not to worry and banned all state officials from speaking about climate change, plus one of their Senators Marco Rubio said it was not a problem, although the ocean is encroaching on the Biscayne aquifer, Everglades and Miami.

    As I said in the post, party matters because climate change must be addressed and not ignored. This scares me more than anything.

  5. It’s becoming more clear every day that he doesn’t want the job as much as he wants the attention. I can feel something in the air … this is far from over and the world continues to watch us like the reality show we’ve become.

    • Lisa, we live in interesting times. I saw a disappointing poll that said Clinton’s lead had tightened since Monday. Right now, the average gap on all polls is 6.8%. But, unless a poll has all four candidates and looks at key states, the poll should be discounted. So, I remain nervous.

      People need to vote against this man and for Clinton, even with her imperfections. I do think she will be a very competent President. Keith

      • Yesterday I was driving and was talking myself into the possibility that this incompetent man just might win. I have to start that conversation with myself early … just in case.

      • Lisa, he just might, which is why people that are not avid Hillary fans just vote for the “sane and competent” candidate per Michael Bloomberg. But, if he does, please remember two things. First, he is more Democrat than Republican, so he has pulled the wool over many eyes. Second, he may be the first President to be removed from office after he does something illegal or immoral.

        Yet, it does keep you up at night. Keith

      • The ignorance is astounding. I was just informing someone yesterday on the fact that he has changed his party 5 times … they refused to believe it to the point of screaming. This is why we have Goggle.
        I haven’t slept well in months!

      • Agreed. A narcissist tends to accuse others of traits they have, to distract them from seeing their faults. He is now calling Clinton unstable and unfit, which are two key faults that are being discussed about him. She is not perfect, but I would never use the term unstable with her. And, she is a very qualified candidate, so I would also argue against the unfit label. As Bill Maher noted Friday, Trump accuses others of lying, yet its a false equivalence. Trump lies at an astonishing rate, but quite often creates fantasy lies, such as the NFL debate letter, the plane, the 9/11 Muslim celebration, etc.

      • I am glad you got away. There is a woman named Persia in the UK who writes The Diary of a Mad Black Woman blog and she escaped a narcissist. When she describes one, I think this is Donald Trump.

  6. But Trump enthusiasts don’t give a damn what other countries think. They are isolationists who believe we would be better off walled up and protected from outside thought.

    • Linda, I would agree, yet the people I am trying to reach are those who do value our position in the world. Putin is excited by a Trump presidency, as he can use Trump to his advantage. You would think all of these generals, CIA directors and Directors of Defense would get through with their concerns. It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts to Charles Krauthammer’s column which questions Trump’s mental stability. Keith

      • He will respond as he always does. With a 5th grade vocabulary and lots of hand waving about how he’s being picked on by stupid people. I wish we could vote tomorrow.

      • Linda, you are correct. What is interesting about Krauthammer, he is paralyzed from the waist down, and last year when he was critical of Trump, Trump made reference to the fact that at least Trump could buy a pair of pants. This did not get the same airplay as his making fun at a rally of the reporter with the disability, but it is equally in poor taste. My guess is he may bring back up that issue. Krauthammer is a staunch conservative writer and Fox member, so we he sours on a GOP candidate, that is news. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: If you have not seen it, you may want to check out the panel discussion on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night. Rob Reiner took Rick Santorum to task on some of his supporting Trump in spite of long list of comments. Conservative Tara Setmayer joins in with her thoughts against the man who is harming the GOP. It is worth a few minutes.

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