One written speech and 16 lies

What has been drowned out of the news by his own inability to avoid saying something hateful, inflammatory or inane, is Donald Trump’s economic speech in Detroit on Monday. This was supposed to be the reset of his campaign to make him look like a more serious-minded candidate. Our blogging friend Jill Dennison, a CPA by trade, as summarized her thoughts on the economic changes, a link which I provide below called “The Wizard of Trump…Smoke & Mirrors.”

What I want to focus on is the fact a written and read speech by Trump included sixteen untruthful statements. Let’s just call them what they are – lies. Per the two main nonpartisan fact checkers, Trump has been the most prodigious liar ever in a Presidential campaign. As a voter, I pay attention to fact checking, even though Trump has done a yeoman’s job to tell his followers fact checkers are all biased. However, I can recite off the top of my head at least a dozen lies by Trump that are verified as such by multiple sources.

Yet, what makes the speech so troubling, is it was likely written by his speechwriters with influence by his economic advisors. Given its importance, it was likely reviewed multiple times. With all of that review, it still contained sixteen lies. Why? The sad truth is “truth” no longer matters in politics, especially with Trump. Stephen Colbert termed it “truthiness” but that gives too much credit to Trump and his team. Many of these lies have been repeated multiple times and proven to be incorrect, but he and his team still use them. For example, we are not the most taxed country in the world, not even close, although Trump would have you believe otherwise

Rather than reiterate them here, a link to a brief article can be found below that summarizes each of the lies, their frequency and their relative lack of veracity. So, when a Trump supporter says he or she is voting for Trump because he tells the truth, please feel free to share this one example. In truth, Donald Trump, like most narcissists, would not know the truth if he tripped over it.


The Wizard of Trump … Smoke & Mirrors

31 thoughts on “One written speech and 16 lies

  1. I honestly believe Trump (and his advisers, apparently) doesn’t think it’s a lie if he can get people to believe it! I especially like his lie that Clinton wants too eradicate the second amendment, to appoint judges to the Court that “will take your guns away.” As we have seen, the president cannot “appoint” Supreme Court judges and Clinton has never said she wants to take anyone’s guns away. Indeed, I have never heard a politician make such an outrageous claim. If anything, they simply want to reintroduce some element of sanity in an otherwise insane situation.

    • Hugh, you are correct. The circle goes like this. Trump says it. Fox reports it. Trump says it again. Others parrot it. Now it is the truth. It is “lying vetting process.” As Bill Maher said to Rick Santorum the other day, the GOP has been blowing on that dog whistle for some time, so now that the dogs are here, don’t complain to others. When he said this, I was remembering Santorum using one of those lies on Maher’s show that was made up by an internet blogger – that only 56% (not 97%) of scientists believed in climate change. Maher found the source of this lie and debunked it the next week.
      The NRA is now running commercials in NC saying Hillary is coming for your guns, which she has denied multiple times. Keith

      • Politics has degenerated to the level of the ad hominem almost entirely. There are very few who seem to want to discuss the issues — and the voters are fine with that. We don’t elect qualified people any more, just people we like.

      • Agreed. In this case party matters, especially with climate change, ACA and social justice issues, so I hope some folks are paying attention to that.

  2. I just wrote 300 words in a comment and realized – I should probably have just made the comment a post. So I will.

    You sparked a thing that has been bothering me (as it does you) for so long.

    Ultimately, I don’t think anyone who supports Trump cares that he is a liar and I think people on the fence are unlikely to consider it all that deeply. Its sad.

    • In their eyes, he is not a liar, as he has told them everyone else is lying and the judges are biased. With several folks writing blogs about narcissists, a key trait is to deflect criticism to others by blaming them for the faults you are accused of. So, Trump calls Ted Cruz “Lying Ted,” he calls Hillary Clinton “Corrupt Hillary,” and now he is saying she is “mentally unstable” which is what many folks are writing about him. The best defense is a good offense. By the way on the corruption, Hillary could be more forthcoming, but she has not been charged with any crimes, while Trump is currently in three class actions lawsuits for alleged misrepresentation and had been involved with over 3,000 lawsuits as accuser and accused. He has settled over 300 lawsuits.

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  4. Thanks for the mention and the link to my post, Keith … I appreciate it! Just finished reading the fact-checking article … I learned a few things that I wasn’t even aware of. After some recent conversations with Trump supporters, I have determined that they simply do not care if the man is honest, whether he has integrity, or whether he will be good for the country. They cannot tell us why they will vote for him, and resent us even asking. And they cannot be bothered with such pesky little things as facts, for they need to get back to watching Duck Dynasty. Sigh.

    • Jill, you are so correct. They love his false bravado and “you’re fired” schtick. For some reason, folks equate that with power and leadership. I wish they would run some commercials on his history about the many folks he has screwed over and who lost their business or homes or whose property value sank because of him. The very folks who love him are the very kind he loves to exploit. His “shooting someone on 5th Avenue comment and still retaining support” is making fun of his followers ignorance as much as their loyalty. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I really don’t know what more can be said about the lack of veracity of Trump. Adding to the crazy comments of the last two weeks, he made a veiled solicitation for Second amendment fanatics to take out Clinton and accused both President Obama and Hillary Clinton of creating ISIS. He has back pedaled on the former, but doubled down on the latter. That is on top of his normal campaign lies.

    But, adding more fuel to the fire against Trump are 70 Republicans who have written RNC chairman asking the RNC to no longer support Trump. This is on top of the 50 senior security leaders who said he is unfit and unstable and Senator Susan Collins, who said the same thing in a different way.

    I personally do not see how anyone could construe him as stable enough to be Commander in Chief.

  6. The man is not right in the head. The people who support him are either also not right or they hold such hatred for Clinton that they just don’t care about the damage he would do to the country. Since I come from a solidly blue state, we don’t see many presidential TV ads (I guess I should be thankful), but we’ve seen a few while watching the Olympics. It’s so easy just to use his words against him… he has a lot of words.

      • Lisa, I just shared on Hugh’s excellent post, a new ploy he has used twice in the past ten days – he did not lie, it is sarcasm. He is trying to blame us for not picking up his sarcasm. It is like the line from “The Wizard of Oz,” “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Keith

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