Attorney who worked for Trump – Please don’t support him

An article, written by Thomas M. Wells, who worked as an attorney for Donald Trump, appeared in the Huffington Post at the end of last month. The article which is entitled “Donald Trump Hired Me As An Attorney. Please Don’t Support Him For President” can be found by the link at the end of this post.

Rather than repeat the article, which I encourage you to read, let me summarize his twenty reasons and offer two quotes that are quite informational. I will leave how the words appeared when I cut and pasted.

1. The man lies all the time.

2. It is actually not all about the candidate.

3. U.S. presidents are by design not kings.

4. The devil IS in the details.

5. Words matter.

6. Reading is good. So is studying. (See the first quote below).

7. The new vocabulary we are adjusting to is not a good one.

8. We need to be careful with “tough.”

9. Success does matter. (He notes Trump’s history has many failures).

10. We could not be the great country we are without the First Amendment, but our media may kill us. (He is noting the importance of the media).

11. Temperament, demeanor and character are important. (See second quote below)

12. The emperor and his clothes.

13. Sophomoric speech tricks don’t work ― at least not with most of us

14. A thin skin does not work for a president.

15. Bullies will always exist somewhere, but the White House should not be that somewhere.

16. Law and order. (He is noting the President has little impact on policing).

17. Incoherent rants, often contradictory, does not a foreign policy make.

18. How will anyone effectively be president if we don’t at least respect the office?

19. Rich and powerful guys have to play by the rules, too.

20. We must stand for something.

I found this first quote from Wells very compelling as Trump’s main opponent is clearly a policy wonk with significant experience and studies what is necessary to do the job. Wells says about Trump’s lack of concern and interest in knowing the details, “It is a special and unique form of arrogance to think you could even consider being literally the leader of the free world without doing the work to deeply understand the job.”

This second quote is also of importance as it indicates the make up of the man’s character. Wells says about Trump, “He is the spoiled young man of privilege with the “right” race … and family fortune to succeed easily and who looks down on others lacking in any of the above who do not.”

I have said many times, every thing one needs to know about Donald Trump’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find. Rather than me reiterate my reasons, I think it is good for someone who worked for him as an attorney to do so. If you are considering Trump or have concerns about him, please read this article. To be frank, I am surprised he has gotten as far as he has with his history of exploitation of others.

18 thoughts on “Attorney who worked for Trump – Please don’t support him

    • Janis, I agree there are many out there with similar stories. Michael Bloomberg worked with him when mayor, so his speech stands out, but I wish more would step forward. One of my favorite stories is a woman who successfully fought him to keep her home. When she was asked what she thought of Trump, she chose the word “maggot.” Not a flattering term. Keith

  1. His lack of enthusiasm lately leads me to wonder if he has changed his mind and doesn’t actually want to be bothered with this “presidency” thing, perhaps he had not really considered that there would be expectations and accountability . Good article Keith.

    • Holly, he is hard to gauge. I think he has gone further than he first envisioned. Yet, like many people with large egos, I think he wants to win, but may not want what comes after. I do think he is preparing for his loss, with the rigged system and media is against him talk. Thanks, Keith

    • Hugh, it is. Now, we have to get people to pay attention to the real truth about this man. Someone wrote into the editor today chastising Trump supporters saying “you don’t believe in climate change or evolution, but you will believe every word this man says is true?” That is the challenge. Keith

      • The problem is that in their minds (?) the truth is defined by what Trump says. They are blind to any other claims no matter how evident they might be.

      • Blind and deaf. I read an article which talked to followers. Several felt the election is rigged against him. On CBS Good Morning today, a reporter said the GOP narrative for years has been media bias, yet Trump leads with it, whereas others left it as a subplot.

  2. Note to Readers: Interesting Wall Street Journal article today. It told Trump to stop blaming everyone else for his problems and get back on message. The WSJ said if he can’t get it together by Labor Day either he needs to resign his campaign or the GOP needs to cut bait with him.

    Trump has continued his push that everything is rigged against him and many of his followers are buying it. I started saying he was being high school last year, moved down to middle school earlier this year, then to grade school. In essence, Trump is acting like a toddler. “Mom, it is not fair. He cheated.” I truly expect further imploding and hissy fits.

    Finally, the revelation that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Mannafort, is listed on under the table payments from the Ukraine President who was ousted and fled to Russia is worth looking into. Mannafort advised him and was paid. Yet, his name shows up on a ledger as to having received $12.7 million off the books. Mannafort denies receiving such payments.

  3. Note to Readers: Steve Brill has written an extensive article on “Are we safer?”which is appearing in The Atlantic news magazine. The gist is some things have been done well and folks are dedicated to the cause of our security, while some things could be improved. A couple of takeaways:

    – for any one to say we can stop all terror incidents in the US is not being straight with America. He said Obama has attempted to tell Americans, but he gets buzz sawed by opposition.

    – we can not do anything about terrorism unless we address assault rifles in the US.

    – two presidents in Bush and Obama have not taken the bait to make this a religious war. That is what the terrorists want. Yet we have a candidate in Trump who is running on this platform, which feeds right into ISIS.

    Voters need to be listening to security leaders rather than a spoiled rich kid who thinks he knows everything, which is not even close to the truth.

    • Thanks Jill. I agree. The part where he first meet the attorney and brags on his sexual prowess is interesting in its own right. This guy is thinking why is he telling me this? That should have been a signal not to work with him.

      • Indeed so! And, while no secret has ever been made of Trump’s extramarital affairs, can you imagine if Obama had that reputation??? He would NOT be sitting in the Oval Office today, I’m pretty sure! Double standard again.

      • Jill, you are right. David Brooks speaks of how scandal free the Obama presidency has been. As for Trump, I find it hard to believe that Evangelicals can rationalize voting for him with the affairs, three trophy wives, name calling, language, demeaning people, lying, etc.

      • I’m a little distant from all this. Rolling thru these comments and the tone of the plethora of exposes, i pause, reflecting that

    • Maybe indeed. Our system requires an informed electorate and we are the United States of Entertainment. People who watch and read the news are out numbered by those who do not or get their news from dubious sources. Of course, we are big on sports and entertainment news. Keith

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