Allow me to be politically incorrect

The Republican Party and its Presidential candidate have a mission to strip away political correctness. In his phone messages, Ben Carson would say it is the biggest problem we have in America. Really?

With the freedom afforded me of removing the air cover of political correctness, let me ask a few direct questions.

– Why is it the candidate who says don’t believe the non-partisan fact checkers is the one who has lied more than any other candidate since the measurements began?

– Why is it the candidate who says if he loses it will only be due to voter fraud and a rigged system represents a party whose state leaderships had four Voter ID laws ruled unconstitutional just this month and as well as several gerrymandering cases on the past year?

– Why is it the man who calls his opponent “crooked” has been involved in multiple thousands of lawsuits when he has stiffed contractors, employees and investors, tried to evict people from their homes or made alleged misrepresentations as he did with Trump University?

– Why have we had eight Congressional committees on Benghazi and not one on invading Iraq to find WMDs? The just completed  UK study on the Iraq invasion  found fault with Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

– Why does Trump talk about “extreme, extreme vetting” when it is being reported by the AP that his campaign manager and now Chair, Paul Manafort, may have helped Russia buy influence in the 2012 election through masked funding of a lobbyist and by NBC News that he had involvement with several nefarious pro-Russian investors and people in the Ukraine?

– Why does Trump talk about taking Iraq’s oil when that would be a crime and make us out to be a pariah? Or, waterboarding, which the CIA says was ineffective and won’t do again after the Bush administration hung them out to dry?

-Why are members of Congress who are funded by the fossil fuel industry wanting to see the in-progress results of New York State’s Attorney General investigation into ExxonMobil for their alleged misrepresentation to shareholders and investors about the impact of climate change on its business?

– Why is it the GOP members of a Congress and 19 states have tried to strangle Obamacare through over 50 repeal votes, defunding the risk corridors for insurers to help with initial adverse selection, not expanding Medicaid in 19 states and naysaying it to constituents? It is working pretty well, but needs improvements in particular the risk corridor payments to insurers like Aetna and BCBS.

-Why did former Speaker John Boehner say jobs were mission one in January, 2015, then not pass any jobs bills that year, with the exception of the Keystone Pipeline bill which accounted for 40,000 temporary jobs?

-Why is it reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie help settle a back taxes case against a Donald Trump casino for only $5 million when Trump owed $30 million for several years, as reported by the New York Times and others? Now, tell us which system is rigged?

I could go on, but these are questions worth asking. And, hearing the answers.

40 thoughts on “Allow me to be politically incorrect

    • Tanya, I hope you are right. Our Republicans in Congress have decided they no longer want to govern, so they just run campaigns to discredit Clinton more as they are doing now. So, who knows what may be drummed up and highlighted. I have never seen a candidate take more crap than this woman. She is far from perfect, but she is far more credible than the opposition lets on. Keith

    • Hugh, thanks. You deserve a wider audience. People are not reading much anymore. I have been told my less than 500 word emails are too long. But, issues are more complicated than a Twitter feed. Keith

      • Hugh knows I send out a weekly email usually gleaned from one of my blog posts. It goes to members of the General Assembly, press, local politicians, Moral Monday, other groups and friends. I do get spammed, but I do hear from folks that they read the email, even if they don’t agree with everything therein. If it is a national issue, I will post it in the two NC senators and my Congressman’s website contact form.

        People need to hear from folks like you, so do reach out to them. I know the strident folks are a lost cause, but if I can reach more moderate voters and independents, that is the best I could ask. Just this Wednesday, a moderate GOP councilman and I sat down over coffee after he had seen a few of my emails. He laments the lack of collaboration as well. Keith

      • Thanks for the idea! I never thought of that, and the few times I have written directly to a Congressperson, I received no response, no acknowledgement, so I thought nobody even read it. I am eager to get my point to a wider audience, though. Thanks for the encouragement and idea!

      • Best wishes on your endeavors. Many won’t read it, but a few will. The ones who really like it will route it.

  1. Why indeed…? I wonder how he feels about the politically incorrect (although, as I understand, anatomically correct) statues of DT that have been appearing in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc? Funny how one person’s political correctness” is another’s insult.

    • Janis, I believe you can be frank without insulting anyone. I tried to focus on the act or failure to act in my questions. Now, people can construe an insult from what I said, but my intent is to say this act is not responsible and is inconsistent. Thanks for your comment, Keith

      • I don’t think any of your questions could be taken as an insult (although I would imagine that some people might find them difficult to answer). I do despair that basic politeness is now somehow bad and dismissed as being politically correct. I mentioned the DT statues only because I’m sure his followers found them insulting and impolite (which they were). I just wonder if their stance against political correctness extends to their feelings and their candidate.

      • Janis, unfortunately, I think you are more right than wrong about politeness. There are too many that view DT’s false bravado as leadership. His tough talk and cursing are seen as a strength by too many. I personally view it as a weakness. People who talk tough usually are not. Even the Trumpster ran scared of Meghan Kelly because she asked him only reasonably tough questions. Could you see him under eleven hours of Benghazi grilling?

        To me, Clinton is far tougher than he is. I would rather have her on my team than a man who cuts and runs leaving others high and dry, his modus operandi.

  2. Note to Readers: It should be noted that Paul Manafort resigned completely from the Trump campaign this morning. This issue will continue, but from what I gather, the smug Manafort appears to have been advising some unscrupulous people. If he did help fund a foreign lobby without the proper notification, this would be a federal crime. By the way, we have seen efforts to create scandals and broaden stories and missteps around Clinton. If this is true about Manafort, this is real life scandal with repercussions for him and possibly Trump and the GOP leadership who recommended him to Trump.

  3. As a neighbour to the North, it is quite interesting and disturbing at the same time watching what it going on in US politics. I have actually been interested in US policy for most of my life. Canada took a step in the right direction with our new Prime Minister and I can only hope things turn out well for all of you in November.

    • Lydia, it is quite disturbing here as well. I am excited by your choice of PM in Canada. I would love to see Trudeau work with a collaborative leader like Clinton. Our two countries share more than a boundary, as our economies are mutually beneficial. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  4. I got physically ill tonight listening to this idiot woman on “Meet the Press” (yes, I had my hands full and it came on right after the Olympics) raving on and on about how wonderful that moron is (you know, the one that says Obama started ISIS..) The thing is, she thought that just talking over the moderator would make what she said “Intelligent”. But then, seeing as how they are going for the whole “Stupid is Good” concept, I wasn’t even surprised. . . and how the “Pundits” simply didn’t “Understand” sarcasm. Yep. I actually threw up in my mouth.

    • Leiah, now there is a metaphor. My guess is you heard his new campaign person who does not come across as mean as Manafort, but she is very sure of herself when she spouts pro-Trump inanity. I have seen her on Bill Maher and she is self-assured, wanting to cover for an answer that has little veracity. The new campaign boss is from extreme right news, which includes hateful rhetoric on his online news. Yes, it does make you want to throw up. Some are now hunkering on the must win attitude for a candidate that should not be let close to the White House. Keith

      • If he is elected I fully expect the nuclear weapons to start raining down. You can’t teach his sort of hatred without the world blowing up around us. He has already pissed of pretty much every country in the world…expecially the most dangerous ones.

      • Leiah, It worries me as well. Before then, he would make America a pariah. Do you remember the premise of the movie “The Dead Zone,” where Christopher Walkien’s character could see the future, but if it was hazy, he could alter it. Meeting the future president who Walkien saw would release the missiles caused him to act in what appeared to be a rash manner. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: To show that Trump has not stopped his litigious ways, he is being sued by a painter for Trump reneging on paying him $250,000 that was owed. Trump says he did not like the work, but that is an awful lot of painting that should have been reviewed over the weeks of work. My thinking is you could not have settled this without going to court?

    An early story of a young Trump buying a building with beautiful carvings on its facades in New York became an interesting window into the man. A museum had approached him and the city to carefully take down the work and save for others to see. They thought negotiations were going well, when in the middle of the night, Trump had illegal workers tear down the carvings. The city and museum got its first taste that Donald does things his way.

  6. Note to Readers: A question I left off, but think is important is why do evangelical voters rationalize their support for Trump when he exploits others, lies, spews hateful comments, womanizes, demeans and name calls, has a huge ego and has been married three times. He goes against almost everything Jesus taught us to do.

  7. Good questions, Keith, ones we should ALL be asking. Your idea of being politically incorrect, however, is much more polite than mine would be! Thanks for another excellent post … now if only we could tie down all the lemmings and force them to listen to these questions! 😀

    • Jill, I tell the story that my kids listen to me most when I use a matter of fact and soft voice. What is lost on too many people who watch the “housewives” and “big brother” BS, is you don’t have to yell to argue. When every one is yelling, no one is listening. We can be frank without being uncivil.

      I once told a client who had a department that was doing something ill-toward, that “I would be remiss, if I did not tell you what they are doing will get your company in trouble, if uncovered. It would be my strong suggestion they stop doing it that way.” Your being a CPA, I am sure you have seen a few bad processes.

      Good luck on sharing your well-thought opinions with others. Keith

      • Yes, I actually quit a job once because I was told to “look the other way”, and I simply could not … would not do that. A wise man, one of my professors in grad school, once told me that the best weapon in an argument is to speak very softly, as the other person would have to shut up to hear you. I was watching CNN this morning and Smerconish was trying to ask a question, but the two other participants were getting louder and louder, each trying to talk over the other. It was so annoying and I could not understand a single words ANY of them were saying! You are also a wise man, Keith!

      • Jill, I knew there were more reasons to like you. Resigning from a job when told to look the other way is the right thing to do. Well done. I also like your reinforcement of the reason to speak softly. A reason I watch PBS Newshour is the guests are told to be civil. If they are not, they do not get invited back. Many thanks, Keith

    • I agree. I try to stay between 500 and 750, although a couple of my longer ones were well read, at least for me. In my emails, I try to keep it to one email screen, yet many folks read on their phone, so it looks longer.

  8. Note to Readers: Interesting headline and article from a survey of the National Association of Business Economists. By a 4 to 1 margin, these working economists say they believe Hillary Clinton will manage the economy better than Donald Trump at 55% to 14%. Trump actually trails Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate who comes in at 15%. The article can be linked to below.

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