Help me understand why I should now vote for you?

As Donald Trump sinks further in the polls, he has suddenly discovered that maybe he should reach out to African-American and Latin-American voters. This is after a consistent campaign to demean the civil and economic rights of these same folks. Plus, he is building off years of his Republican Party’s efforts to do the same.

So, help me understand the following:

– why would any working class people rush to support Trump after he has said people are overpaid and does not support a federal minimum wage, much less an increased one?

– why would African-Americans support a man and party that added voter suppression laws in several states after the Supreme Court said some features of the 1965 Voters a Rights Act were no longer needed, four of which were just overturned as unconstitutional?

– why would Latin-American voters support a man and party who do not favor pathways to citizenship for relatives of American citizens who have been here working and paying taxes?

– why should African-Americans support a man or party who feel that Black Lives Matter do not have valid arguments and try to discredit and diffuse their concerns?

– why should working class people support a man and party that has done everything they can to water down Obamacare and would do away with it hanging over 20 million out to dry?

– why should working class people support a man and party that believe giving more money to rich people will trickle down and create jobs and has shown reluctance to fund significant investments in job growth?

– why should people vote for a man who the National Association of Business Economists say former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would handle the economy better by a 4 to 1 margin and actually place him in 3rd out of four candidates?

Truth be told, President Obama has overseen the creation of 11 million net new jobs, the 4th longest economic growth period in our history, and a more than doubled stock market. It would have been amazing to see the results if the Republican led Congress would have collaborated with him.

37 thoughts on “Help me understand why I should now vote for you?

  1. Well written and to the point Keith. Now that the right wing propaganda machine has pulled out it’s power clowns like Ann Coulter we can expect the party of greed to go into smear overdrive.

    BTW: I’ve nominated you for the Make It Ultra Blogging Award.
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    • Thanks for stopping by. The punch line is they should not. I could have added the love of the Alt Right of Trump seems to be at cross purposes with his reach out to African and Latin Americans. Please do come again. Keith

    • Thanks for coming by. It is idiotic that he had such a large following. There is a significant light of day between the two main candidates. Please do visit again. Keith

    • Hugh, he is now calling Clinton a racist to deflect from comments about him and appeal to the extreme fringe. The narcissist playbook is to accuse others of your faults, almost like a Teflon protection. Keith

      • I do wonder if anyone is listening to him any more. Those who detest the man have turned him off and those who love him obviously don’t hear what he is saying.

      • Hugh, I have given up on reaching his diehard supporters. M goal is to have folks who are considering him or are lukewarm to him, to think that through. I am hoping the email I sent out on the overwhelming support of 19 of the G20 countries will help. However, it should be noted his softening on his immigration stance is ticking off some of his followers, including Ms. Coulter. Keith

    • I will be delighted when it is over. My fear is even if Clinton wins, the tactics will continue to discredit, impugn her further. Even if the Dems take the White House and Senate, I see more blocking from Congress.

  2. Why? is right! I live in a very blue collar neighborhood and the migration to this man is baffling. Ignorance plays a huge role and unfortunately talking until you’re blue in the face does not make a difference to this audience.
    Great piece as always Keith.

  3. Note to Readers: Per an article by Jonathan Mahler and Steve Eder of The New York Times called “Accusations of bias rang out in Trump’s start in real estate,” apparently Trump and his father have a history of discriminatory lending practices against African-Americans. This has included several law suits, one of which they settled without admitting guilt. Even stumping in Ohio, he bragged on a development in Cincinnati, which ironically had a separate discrimination lawsuit. Again, everything one needs to know about Trump’s lack of veracity is in his history.

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