Leadership is not beating on your chest

I have written before that a key characteristic of a great leader is to deflect credit to others. Such a leader understands that most achievement is leveraged by a team of people who executes ideas or serves its customers.

Conversely, when you hear a leader or wanna-be leader take credit, even when undue, it is a sure sign that this person’s ego will get in the way of organizational success. If you hear too many “I’s” and “me’s” and too few “”we’s” and “us'” then that should give you pause. A candidate recently said ” I alone can solve this” which  should be sufficient by itself to discount his candidacy.

Our blogging friend Persia, who writes under a blog called “Blog of a Mad Black Woman,” has written numerous posts about exiting a narcissistic relationship. While she is from the UK, she does not have full advantage of how accurately she has defined the candidate I quoted from above who is running for President.

Her latest post, which can be linked to below, is a perfect example. In this post she compares the leadership attributes versus those of a psychopath, which is an extreme version of a narcissist. It is a quick read, but well worth it. In it, you can easily see why this candidate is scary.

Leadership Trait vs Psychopathic Trait


20 thoughts on “Leadership is not beating on your chest

  1. I have been enjoying Blog of a Mad Black Woman for some time. It’s marvelous. Anyone who has been victimized by a narcissist can relate. Regarding Mr. Trump. He has no qualities that would make for a good leader
    he relies solely on himself for his poor and sometimes unethical decision and refuses the advice of those who might be better equipped in almost any area, especially the role presidency. In regards to Sect. Clinton, I am disillusioned with some of her careless decision that have placed in a position to be criticized and rightfully so, however, basically she is a mindful person who will rely on others to help her in governing. The least of two evils.

    • Thanks Holly for your valued opinion. I am glad you used the word “unethical” with Trump, as his modus operandi reveals his lack of ethics time and again. As we have discussed, while imperfect, I do give more credence to Clinton than you. She has been fairly and unfairly criticized, but I find her far more experienced and credible than her main opponent who has exploited so many. Yet, her poor judgment on the emails may prevent her from winning and that would be unfortunate. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. Keith

      • That is my fear Keith, that this thing, this either intentional move or careless gaff will cost her and this country more than we know. They are beginning to try to dredge up details of the Foundation that if not proved a lie could be extremely damaging and divert attention from this narcissistic bully. I have lost some faith in Hillary, but rely on her judgement to surround herself with good and knowledgeable staff at the white house. I fear if Trump is elected this country will never recover from his destructive behavior ,perhaps even the world.

      • I share those fears. Trump is an apocalyptically bad candidate who could severely alter the course of America and the planet in a very negative way.

  2. Note to Readers: It pains me when people mistake false bravado for leadership, as well. The candidate in question talks tough, but as with most tough talkers, it is an act. This man is not nearly as tough as his female competitor. She is not a gregarious candidate like her husband or her opponent, but is a very collaborative and studious leader. And, with the complexities of relationships around the world, she will be the far more effective leader than the chest beater.

    • Dear Keith, I have done tons of research on Hillary Clinton before I decided to vote for her. I am no longer lukewarm but a strong advocate.I am starting to blog on the results of my research. My favorite resources are: Michael Arnovitz’s Policy blogs, “Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason” and “Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up” – on Medium; Jill Abramson 3/28/16 piece in The Guardian, “This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest;” (She was former NY Times editor who has definitely not been a member of Hillary Land. Another resource is the blog “Social Justice for All with the post, “Dear Hillary, How very dare you?”

      There are other references but the above are my top 4. Gronda

      • Gronda, I look forward to it and will offer links and support. The dilemma she faces is she has been caricatured over the years, so she is running as an icon that has been invented. She is not perfect, but I understand why she is protective of her name and not as forthcoming. I wish she would be, but as a woman, she takes a lot of crap. Yet, as with anyone, some criticism is fair and it feeds this caricature. I have been disappointed with my former party for some time now, but Trump has few tangible, concrete ideas, so he talks about her health and that she does not look presidential, which to me are code words that she is a girl. Yet, one reporter said yesterday, Clinton has pneumonia and is out campaigning. That is pretty tough. It surprises me that people cannot see the BS Trump spews. Keith

      • Dear Keith,

        HRC has to get over her need for privacy. I can understand why she despises the press, but she has to rise above this antipathy.

        Yes, a lot of what she is dealing with has to do with misogyny. She was a top student at Wellesley. where she gave the graduation speech that was published in Life Magazine.Then she was an outstanding Yale Law School grad; and as a 27 year old young lady she was a staff member of the House Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate.The false stories against her start here. A right wing rumor started that she had been fired without a letter of recommendation by her superior, Mr. Zeifman. This story still has legs today, even though, this falsehood has been thoroughly debunked numerous times. Her sin was that she wrote a brief which garnered a lot of attention despite her being a relatively low level staffer (Source:.News about Washing Post Zombie Claim That Hillary Clinton …was fired during the Watergate inquiry,/ Washington Post/ 9/6/16)

        After this period, she accepted a teaching position at University of Arkansas to be close to her boyfriend, Bill Clinton

      • Gronda, I was unaware of the first effort to discredit her. She does need to get over antipathy toward opening herself up more. In that vacuum, the reporters and opposition fill it with other information. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I have shared stories of good leaders before. Here are a couple quick summaries:
    – the CEO who walked the floor of the plant so often, he knew everyone’s name and even family members.
    – the CEO who took the time to know the name of each employee who graduated from a Master’s program which bore the CEO’s name so he could acknowledge them when he handed them their diploma.
    – the CEO who meant what he said about safety first and wanted to know within 24 hours why an accident occurred and how they could avoid future ones.
    – President Mandela, who did the opposite of Apartheid and involved everyone in rebuilding his country after many years in prison.
    – Pope Francis who turned an inwardly focused church and reached out to all Catholics and non-Catholics through words and deeds.

      • Gronda, they were a former client of my old company. Although I did not work with the team, I did have a chance to interview people at Nucor to find out how we were doing. What I liked about them is every employee was on an incentive plan. So, all cared about productivity and profit. When they had a bad year, the CEO stood up and told employees he was not getting a bonus as he did not earn it. That spoke volumes. Agreed that no company is perfect. Keith

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