A Labor of Love – why Mother Teresa should be so honored

Happy Labor Day everyone. Even if your country does not celebrate today, best regards for your toil for you and your family.

Irrespective of where we live, we work to make a better life and to keep a roof over our heads and feed our families and selves. Whether we like our jobs, we do what we have to do.

Yesterday, Pope Francis honored a hardworking woman officially making a Saint out of Mother Teresa. The Pope even said, while she is now a Saint, she will always be our Mother.

To be a Saint, the person has to perform at least two miracles. I find that a little over the top, myself. With respect to Mother Teresa, her miracle was helping people in need with care and kindness. She did these things throughout the day. Then, she got up the next day and each day thereafter to do them again.

I read in her diaries, she wrote how on occasion she did not know how she could go on. She would pray for strength to carry on. I find this humanity and humility so very compelling.

To me, these confessions to her diary show that even one of the finest people to ever walk the earth had doubts. Her doubts show that it is OK to be human. Just do your best and honor your God, your fellow people and yourself by treating people the way you want to be treated.

The miracle of Saint Teresa is she lived the words that Jesus taught us. Irrespective of one’s religion or spirituality, admiration for what she did is pervasive. Thank you Mother Teresa.


15 thoughts on “A Labor of Love – why Mother Teresa should be so honored

  1. That was such a touching post, Keith. Yes, Saint (Mother) Theresa was living God’s word but with a grounded spirit, compassionate and understanding. She did it filled with love and that was it what made her do this hard work unit such a high age. We are blessed that someone like her walked on this planet!

  2. Don’t believe in Saints but can’t say the same about sinners. However Mother Teresa always moved me and Saint Teresa having Pope Francis canonize her on our Labor Day Holiday Weekend seems auspicious and appropriate.

    I don’t believe in Popes but I like this Francis guy. Pious and Devote, Understanding and Tolerant, Erudite,Well Spoken, Comedic and “of the people”; he like Teresa, epitomize what this Holiday should be about; the nonrecognition of the qualities of true Labor.

    I congratulate, albeit posthumously, the people’s mother and appreciate the people’s holy father. ~~dru~~

    • I think many feel the way you do. Being Pope has to be more than just a title. Francis brings honor and love to the role. He will long be remembered as the People’s Pope. Francis being the one to honor Mother Teresa is very fitting.

  3. Note to Readers: Bishop William Curlin honored Mother Teresa with a mass Sunday. He had worked with her and hosted her visit in 1995. He echoed a quote from her that resonates with me:

    “She said the worst suffering of all is not just physical. The worst suffering is to feel that nobody cares what happens to you….A little word of kindness can change someone’s life.”

  4. Note to Readers: If you get a chance, take a peek at the post referenced at the bottom of this post called “A Better Part of Me.” It has a reference to Mother Teresa, but other imperfect heroes as well.

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