Mid-week Musings

Happy Wednesday everyone. Since I am having trouble coming up with a topic, here are a few miscellaneous musings.

In our country and others, there are some nativists who are arguing retrenching and involving themselves less with the world. That is a huge mistake as you cannot shrink to greatness. A global economy provides opportunity for all with jobs growing here and there. The entire equation of foreign companies expanding here must be included to get the full impact, along with accessing the global job market for young workers.

The best indicator of how a politician will govern is his or her history. If someone has a history of exploiting others, it is a sure bet they will exploit people while governing. This is the best reason not to vote for Donald Trump. It is all about The Donald and always will be. It would be out of character for Trump to think of the welfare of others before his.

Congress is back in session after being away for seven weeks. So, at least for seven weeks, we did not have to listen to the BS that permeates the place. They have some urgent things to do in only three weeks such as funding the government and Zika prevention efforts. Yet, I am sure the GOP will spend more time trying to discredit Hillary Clinton. This imperfect woman has faced more unfair criticism than any candidate I can recall, but she remains a better candidate than any of her competitors, even with her faults.

I am excited that China and the US have ratified the Paris Climate Change agreement. The two biggest polluters offer an important signal to the rest of the world. Good progress has been made, but we must leverage our efforts even more. Without the leadership of these two countries, progress would be minimal.

That is all I have for now. Have a great rest of the week.

19 thoughts on “Mid-week Musings

  1. Fantastic news! Oh, and for sure the whole presidentship would be one promotion tour for God Donald… haha… that made me laugh… I just thought about Donald Duck and how he can be furiously jumping around….. 😂

    • I don’t think we can take the polls seriously at this point. They differ from one another and seem to be always in flux. But the fact is that a lot of people do not like Hillary Clinton. Hopefully once she starts her hitting the networks that will change. People don’t know her they only know the construct invented by the Tea Party.

      • Hugh, I agree. The unfair part is no one is doing an effective job of talking about Trump’s history outside of the campaign. There are clear differences between the two, climate change, minimum wage, healthcare, supreme court nominees, etc. Yet, uninformed voters listen to volume not facts. Clinton bores her audience with stuff that shows how competent she is. Trump just says he will solve complex problems quickly with no plan. Keith

    • Hugh, we are doing a lot with solar, but others are as well. Germany and China are definitely leading a path forward. I just saw a report on PBS Newshour that said Trump would tear up the Paris accord and Obama’s climate plan. This should scare the crap out of every young voter out there. Keith

  2. Though I find little to praise China for this is a step in the right direction for for both of countries. I am hoping when (!) Clinton becomes President she will work hard for solar power and improve the environment and establish jobs. Until Trump comes forward with his “secrets” we cannot judge on ethics, I think he is hiding many things that we all need to know. Why we do not demand his tax returns is a mistake, though I realize we can force him, it is a red flag among many. Enjoyed your article Keith, thank you.

    • Thanks Holly. Trump’s position on climate change should scare the crap out of every young voter. For this reason alone, he should be defeated, as we cannot afford to backtrack. He will tear up the Paris deal and Obama’s Climate plan and go whole hog in coal. That is asinine.

      • It amazes me to meet 20 something’s who plan to vote for Trump. What happened to concern for the environment, long range problems that will effect them tremendously. Go figure.

      • Holly, I agree. They see a false equivalence. This man says he will tear up the Paris Climate Change Accord and Obama’s Climate Change Plan. He will double down on coal, natural gas and oil. Plus, he will nominate judges who restrict rights not protect them. This is more clear cut than is discussed here, which the G20 countries see, but Americans don’t. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Kudos to President Obama for nominating Abid Riaz Qureshi to sit on the District of Columbia’s federal bench, if approved by the Senate. He would be the first Muslim American to serve as a federal judge. Seeing Muslims succeed in America is the best way to fight ISIS.

  4. Note to Readers: PBS Newshour had two financial reporters who had delved deeply into Trump’s business history. To say the were not high on his business management skills is an understatement. They noted he over extended himself in debt in the 1970s and 1980s which led to his corporate bankruptcies and almost led to his personal bankruptcy. The stories of his looking out for his interests and allowing others to fail by not paying them are all true. They note on his latest vintage he takes on no risk and rents his name on developments. They noted he is the consummate PR person, equating him to PT Barnum. One says of his business skills, he is like the Wizard of Oz, asking you not to look behind the curtain.

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