Three bloggers who offer context and rational discourse

While I am traveling for a few days, I thought it would be a good time to steer you to three representative posts of bloggers that consistently and capably discuss the issues of the day. I enjoy many blogs, so please do not look at this small selection as evidence that I do not fancy others. With the importance of the current US Presidential election to the planet, I find reasonable discussion from rational people helpful. While we agree often, we don’t always, but that is the great part of learning, to challenge our thinking.

The first is by Jill Dennison and it focuses on the proposed mental health care plan of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the fact it was covered very little by news outlets. The latter point being our country cares little about details and more about contests. This lack of focus is a key reason a man with very little details and plans can gain so much footing.

The second is by Gronda Morin and is a part of her series on policy issues. This particular one is on climate change and the need to act more forcefully than we are. To me, this issue is so urgent, we can ill-afford a President or elected officials that do not see climate change for the major problem it is. It should have been discussed at the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum, as the Department of Defense says climate change is one of the greatest threats to national security and one candidate thinks it is a hoax.

The third is by Hugh Curtler, who routinely writes excellent pieces on education, environmental and political issues. As a former college professor, this is not his most adroitly named post, but it is very much related to his theme of how easily many of us are being taken in by a con artist running for President. As an attorney who used to work for this candidate said in an Op-ed piece, the man “lies all the time.”


My Policy Wish For USA, Part XII (Climate Change)


Please enjoy these posts. These are not necessarily their best ones, they are just recent ones that offer context to today’s discussions.


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