The Imperfect Candidate and Some Added Perspective

My blogging friend Gronda Morin is a self-proclaimed RINO who does a highly commendable job of research and rational thinking as she writes her blog posts on issues of the day. Like a few other bloggers who are more independent minded, she covers issues better than many so-called news outlets and provides well-grounded opinions rather than being a homer for a political party.

As an Independent voter and former Republican and Democrat, I appreciate her research on policy issues and candidates. Like me, she is supporting former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A good example of her research is the following piece based mostly on the article posted on June 13, 2016 by Michael Arnovitz of the Policy blog, called “Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason.” 

The gist of this piece is Clinton is far from perfect, but her opposition is running against a well crafted caricature that has been built piece by piece over time. Yet, a key data based component notes that her relative popularity rises while she is doing the job like Senator or Secretary of State and falls when she is running for office. I think this speaks volumes about her as she is a doer and knows the issues, but when campaigning the caricature becomes the opposing candidate not the person running.

I would encourage all voters to read this piece. I would especially encourage all voters who are unsure or not comfortable with their choice to read this piece. You may not agree with its conclusions nor with Gronda and me, but I do believe you will walk away with added perspective on the campaign. It won’t make her perfect, but it may help you understand her better and the obstacles she faces.

Michael Arnovitz’s Defense Of Hillary Clinton

14 thoughts on “The Imperfect Candidate and Some Added Perspective

    • Thanks for your comments. One of her shortcomings is not being forthcoming and it haunts her. This piece helped me better understand a reason for this defense mechanism. Please do continue to offer your comments.

      • Dear Keith, Thank you for your fair and balanced commentary (for real). As I’ve mentioned, all of our past presidents have their shortcoming as we all do.

        Recently, I have noticed that she is attempting to expose herself to the press on a regular basis. She has to overcome her impulse to avoid them and to withdraw behind a wall. This is part of her job description.

        Thanks again, Gronda

      • Thanks Gronda. I agree she needs to continue the reach out to the press. Her commercials about we together can solve problems are excellent, but they need to be balanced with more openness, which is contrary to her reserved nature.

  1. I wonder how many people who are “not voting for Hillary” are comfortable with their de facto vote for Trump? I wonder if they’ll be comforted by saying “well, at least I didn’t vote for him” when they wake up the day after the election to the horror of their decision to not vote her. I have had this conversation with several friends and it just makes me sad.

    • Janis, I agree. As you know, I think Trump is a horrible candidate who would be harmful to our country and planet. In The Atlantic article which summarizes the major shameful activities of Trump in his history, it notes Trump’s activities are well documented, while most of Clinton’s are innuendo. She is far more credible a candidate in spite of her imperfections and when she has made mistakes. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: With our electorate’s lack of affinity for detail and most news outlets who don’t cover it, it places one of the strengths of Clinton behind the eight ball – her detailed planning based on experience. Another good blogger, Jill Dennison, noted Clinton released her plans to help folks with mental health and it was barely covered. To be brutally frank, Trump’s pie in the sky plans don’t come with a lot of detail and just speak of results that cannot be achieved. Yet, he is not penalized as much because our electorate does not want details.

    • Dear Keith, For the past week I have been ill and that’s when I blog more. I am heading over to the local campaign office to see how I can help beyond registering voters. The polls are showing DT with a slight lead in Florida. This cannot happen!!

      See you later, Gronda

      • Gronda, many thanks for getting involved. The major news networks are not covering the Newsweek article which is extremely germane. They would rather cover “he said/ she said” BS and overlook major issues. I read that Trump’s campaign spokesperson is dismissing his $25K check to the FL AG saying he signs a lot of checks and that was supposed to come from his own money. Several points here – it arrived four days after an article appeared that she was considering charges against Trump University. Even though it was dated before, the timing is too questionable and backdating would not surprise me. Yet, his Foundation tax return labeled the recipient incorrectly that year, which causes questions. But, the keys are Trump does not like using his own money and would rather use someone else’s. And, in his speeches and appearances he brags on getting politicians to do what he wants through donation. This is a bigger story than the $25K sum because it if it looks and quacks like a duck, it is likely a duck. Keith

      • Dear Keith, His financial ties should be the leading story because of so many real conflicts of interests which should automatically disqualify him for the job of U.S. president. His not releasing his tax returns has nothing to do with him being audited. He should at least be required to produce the IRS letter stating that he is under audit.

        Yes, the Florida AG was bought off. Ms. Bondi was the same one around 2012 who had a prisoner’s execution date changed because the actual date conflicted with one of political fund raising events.

        DT is being held to a different standard than HRC by the media.

        Frustrated, Gronda

      • Gronda, you are so correct. I wager Trump changed the subject to get them off the Trump Foundation. I have a post locked and loaded for tomorrow on the smelly Florida AG business. Thanks, Keith

  3. Note to Readers: One of the interesting tidbits in the Colin Powell emails came in a back and forth with his successor Condaleeza Rice regarding the Benghazi hearings. He called them a “witchhunt” and said their were many reasons and blame to spread around. Rice agreed.

  4. Note to Readers: The Donald, after hemming and hawing today admitted the President is a US citizen. That is a relief for the White House with a few months to go. Yet, the man could not let a good opportunity to lie pass, so he said Hillary Clinton started the birther business back in 2008. Why do people take this man seriously as a candidate for one of the most important jobs in the world?

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