The Pope is Catholic

Today, Donald Trump held a press conference and announced “I am here to say without a doubt, the Pope is Catholic. Believe me.” He went on to say, “I blame Crooked Hillary Clinton for telling everyone he was a Protestant. No one, not even the Bishops, not even the Cardinals know more about Catholicism than I do.”

He went on to explain that he is not a fan of this Pope as he believes climate change is a real problem. “We all know climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs.” Plus, he said the Pope worries about the poor too much. If they are losing their jobs or are unable to pay bills due to my stiffing them due to bankruptcies and cash management issues, then “that is their problem,” said Trump. He went on to say, “I am businessman,” to justify his looking out only for his interests.

He also said he doesn’t like this Pope because he says we should not be building walls, we should be building bridges. “We will build the biggest wall and get Mexico to pay for it. They are all rapists and criminals,” said Trump.

Trump said he was not a big fan of the Pope washing the feet of a Muslim. “Can you believe the head guy would wash the feet of a Muslim?” he asked. Trump went on to ask, “Can you believe this guy does not want to live in luxury and chooses to live in a smaller apartment? What kind of leader wants to turn his back on luxury which exhibits true power? I am rich. It is OK for me to show it.”

Note to Readers: The first and last paragraphs use fictitious quotes, while the middle paragraphs use paraphrased quotes from actual things the candidate has said about these issues in his history.


41 thoughts on “The Pope is Catholic

    • Hugh, that is what makes it so sad. To be honest, the man has a press conference to tell the world what we already know about Obama. Then he has the audacity to say his inane stance is due to his opponent starting it, which is an obvious and clear lie. Keith

    • Raye, they were not too much of stretch were they? But, as I noted to Hugh, Captain Obvious holds a press conference to tell us what we already knew about Obama. Then, he tells the world his inane comments for five years are due to his opponent. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: On CBS This Morning, they showed a snippet of an interview with Bono, the U2 singer and activist and Charlie Rose. It will air tonight. When Rose asked him about Trump, Bono first laid his head on the table.

    He said, “America is the best idea to the world. We have many great countries, but America is an idea.” He then added, “Trump would be the worst thing that could happen to America. He may even destroy America.”

    He added that Trump’s followers have a right to feel some angst, but he is not the person who will lead them. To me, this is why HRC’s deplorable remark was so stupid. She generalized to half his followers and betrayed her history of helping people. Although she apologized, with our voters not looking at real history, this is the kind of thing that could allow this vainglorious, exploitive and lying man to win.

  2. “I am not a fan of this Trump 😝” God, this is so…. I don’t have words to express how ridiculous he is… sorry, but it is only embarrassing that he doesn’t even notice what sh*t he spills all the time…

      • Erika, he is indeed saying idiotic things, but he I would say he is exploitive, lying and ego-maniacal first. And, as the dealings of his Trump Foundation are becoming more known, he has committed several crimes of self-dealing using philanthropy assets for personal reasons. I added a comment to my previous blog on his using $258,000 for the Foundation assets to settle his personal legal bills, which was disclosed today in The Washington Post. Keith

      • Yes, unfortonately he is an idiot with power and the right people at hands! Reading your reply again makes me ponder how it is possible that such a person can be sent for president. It can never be for the sake of the country… never!

    • I am just starting to catch up on posts, and this one gives me a fair idea of what i’ve been missing.. or to be glad that i’ve been missing the sad comedy show our country is putting on for the world. Erika, your comment surprised me – that he prompted you to use stronger words than norm.. that made me chuckle!

      in contrast, i spent most of today touring a new friend’s property. 200 hectares of pristine cloud forest (500 acres) and it was a very peaceful and amazing day, totaly immersed, absence of sound from modern man — ah, pazzzzz as they say here….

      more soon,

      • Thanks Lisa. This seems like so long ago. Mr. Trump’s past is catching up with him these days via videos and his sexually assaulted and harassed victims.

      • Oh, I have the whole repertoire of words basically… lol! It is always about the “inspiration”….haha!!! That sounds just so wonderful what you wrote about that property. That is the world we all should see and not this artificial scenery so many arte tricked and manipulated with! Thank you and I am looking forward to reading more! Have a lovely day 💖

  3. Bono is right. HRC needs to take on the aura of a queen but one who is gracious, kind and reachable. Let the surrogates stoop to DT’s level. What is sad is that while it was foolish of her to refer to 1/2 of his followers as “the deplorables”, she was factually correct.

    We shall see, Grond

    • The visual of Bono placing his head on the desk after the Trump question was compelling. The use of the words “destroy America” were frightening, but I do not disagree with that risk with a Trump presidency. I just hope Clinton’s use of that phrase in her speech is not a Waterloo for her. Yet, a great deal of attention should be paid to the follow-up article on the Trump Foundation in The Washington Post about $258,000 more self-dealings with charity money to settle business litigation. This is a serious no-no, which could cause the Foundation to lose its charity status. I did see that the Florida AG keeps digging herself a bigger hole on her receipt of the illegal $25,000 Trump Foundation donation.

      • As I see it HRC has run a weak race thus far. She needs to spend some of the millions she has collected and recreate her image for the fence-sitters. She MUST erase the notion that she is weak and sickly and “just another politician.”

      • Hugh, I agree. Her work as Senator is exemplary. She needs to highlight that more. She also needs to hit hard on climate change and environmental issues. She has some good commercials about examples of solving our problems together. She needs to hammer that home. Keith

      • Dear Keith and Hugh, In my recent HRC blogs, I have been singing her praises but at no point do I want anyone to believe that I am so enamored of Hillary Clinton to where I think that she should not be held accountable for past missteps. I have several concerns about her past judgments which could effect future policies. For example, I question her support of her husband’s policies when he was president with the passage of the following laws: NAFTA in 1993; the 1994 Crime Bill; and the 1996 Welfare Reform Bill which have been rife with negative unintended consequences without any corrective legislative action being seriously considered for 20 plus years. I just don’t want any analysis to be done through the prism that she is a liar who should be locked up.

        The truth is that she is a politician and can act accordingly. As PolitiFact reports, HRC stretches the truth less than most politicians but she is in the normal range for her profession. DT is off the charts. Most of what he states are factually not true.

        The way the TV news outlets are covering these elections, you wouldn’t know this.

        Ciao, Gronda

      • Gronda, all good points. I did not vote for Bill, as it was during my Republican years. But, he turned out to be a good president with the economic growth, 22.8 million jobs created and balanced budget. People lose sight of that, even though he was not perfect. I think it would be an added plus having that extra perspective around a HRC White House.

        And, yes she is a politician and all that entails. But, her career has been one of service where she has made some mistakes, where her opponent’s career has been one of exploitation and lying, which continues to this day.

        Great comment, as per usual. Keith

      • I’m with both of you. HRC is a hard woman to draw near to. She seems to want to hold others away. This translates into a coolness that is off-putting. But this elections not about personalities, despite appearances to the contrary. It’s about issues and as we all know Trump doesn’t have the slightest idea with the issues are and Hillary has the experience and intelligence to deal with whatever might come along.

  4. Hi Keith, I have been giving myself a break from reading American election campaign news because it’s so relentless. But I felt awful about the “deplorables” remark because (I believe) Trump’s followers are alienated working people – they need a smart leader whose actions will positively impact their lives. Characterizing them as bad people is not the way to do that. I think the people should feel proud that they defeated people like Palin who would also have caused harm, and brought in Obama, who has the respect of the world. I suppose that less educated voters may not realize how much governing is done through patient and tactful negotiations on the world stage. Clinton will excel at that. Like other readers, I am sad that the fictitious quotes in your post are believable coming from Trump.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful remarks and a perspective from north of our border with Canada. I am chagrined by HRC’s unfortunate use of the term deplorable as it detracts from her adult life’s work to help people, especially women and children. Trump has tapped a disenfranchised audience who has not realized they have been voting against their economic interests with the GOP. Trump is far from the champion he has portrayed, but the frustration he has tapped is real.

      I would add his history has been exploiting people just like this by stiffing painters, electricians, plumbers, dry wallers, landscapers forcing them to sue him, to which he counter sues and outguns them. They go away unpaid and put of business.

      Finally, I think he has overstated our economic problems as a whole, as we are doing pretty well as a country. To me he is a keen sales person to tap the frustration, but he is not the solution. Thanks again, Keith

  5. Like the others, I would have no trouble believing he said those things about the Pope! Good post, Keith … you made me laugh for just a minute before I wanted to cry again. My fear is that the latest attack in New York will just be more fuel for Trump’s fire, and meanwhile, Hillary seems to be shooting herself in the foot on a daily basis. Sigh. Less than 50 days now … still hoping that Trump will say something that finally opens the eyes of the lemmings.

  6. Keith, as others have said, everything you said was very believable to have come out of Trump’s mouth. Sitting here just north of you, we Canadians are just as concerned about the outcome of this election. I don’t know if you watched the Emmy Awards on Sunday, but host Jimmy Kimmel said it was all Mark Burnett’s fault because he started “The Apprentice” and cast Trump! It was, of course, a joke. However, before the show, he was just an arrogant businessman. After it aired, his ego inflated more with every episode and season.

    • Thanks Lydia. I saw that part of the Emmy’s. To me Canada has its act together better than we do in the US. Please feel free to share your concerns with any American. There is a great Newsweek article about Trump’s global dealings where he has offended Turkey and dealt with the son of a man who launders money for some bad actors in Iran.

    • Very true. Who knew we were in the presence of someone who had such widespread and deep knowledge of so many topics. What he is failing to realize is people are laughing at him now, when he says that in front of a people who aren’t his supporters.

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