A look at Trump’s global business dealings is a caution for his presidency

If Americans are concerned about what a Donald Trump presidency would look like, I would suggest you read the Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek article from last week on how Trump has managed his foreign business affairs. Or, you could link to the CNN interview with Eichenwald below.

This issue is of significant importance, as it reveals management dealings with heads of state as well as people with nefarious backgrounds. Plus, it shows that should Trump win, he cannot merely place his business in a blind trust managed by his children, as his presidency would still create a huge conflict of interest, that would endanger national security. This is especially true with a man who has impulsive reactions to disappointment or pushback.

Several relationships jump out at me, so I will summarize them the best I can.

  • He so offended President Erdogan of Turkey in a speech at an opening ceremony for a venture with a business party in that country, the partner was later arrested. Erdogan has said about Trump, if he wins the election, the US will be denied access to the air base we use now to battle ISIS.
  • He has dealings with a partner in Azerbaijan whose father launders money for some bad actors in Iran.
  • He has had up and down dealings in India, with one of the properties being built on land whose ownership is now in question. He was earlier denied access to other relationships by the government, but the author notes, if he were President, would they have stuck to their guns and denied him access?
  • He has been in Twitter spitting contests with an investor in Saudi Arabia that is related to the royal family and he has had financial dealings with Muammar Gaddafi who was removed from power and executed by the Libyan uprising.
  • He has ties with a South Korean man who was convicted of fraud and fled to North Korea. He has since returned, but should Trump get his way to make South Korea be totally responsible for its protection, this man would hugely benefit as he is in the defense business.

Eichenwald shares several concerns about Trump’s potential conflicts of interest, but also his temperament and judgment in who partners with. Rather than mention further issues, it is worthwhile to at least listen to Eichenwald or read his article in Newsweek. This is true irrespective of who you might be voting for as win or lose, this man has the potential to cause global problems.


29 thoughts on “A look at Trump’s global business dealings is a caution for his presidency

  1. Of further interest: last Sunday’s 60 MINUTES broadcast interviewed the military personel in charge of the US nuclear command post….where all the “red buttons” are, plus the submarine nuclear component to our national security defense. This week’s program is a continuation. 60 MINUTES will further investigate the powers that POTUS has with and/or without congressional approval. The general who oversees every inch, nook and cranny of our nuclear defense was asked if he would “argue with a President” who had just given him (General) the command to begin the nuclear retaliation system. His answer was telling. (Paraphrased): He said he is allowed to voice his opinion especially if he feels it is a wrong decision, but he is after all a 100% military man…who follows orders. I’m anxious for this revealing Sunday’s informative segment…the consequences of all the men and women in our military who would feel compelled to….follow orders. As always, Keith, thank you. Raye (PS. I’m really missing Barney, but know he is where he is…spitting and fuming!)

    • Raye, good discussion. This should give everyone pause. Please remember this was the premise of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone,” where Johnny, the lead character, who could see, but alter the future, saw that potential president would launch our missiles. But, let’s take something less traumatic, but still essential – waterboarding. Trump said he would use it, but the CIA has said “never again” as it was not effective and Bush and Cheney left the CIA hanging out to dry on the issue. So, the CIA said they would ignore such an order. Keith

      • Raye, I was just checking the 538 Polls and predictions by Nate Silver. The race has tightened to 56.7% chance of winning for Clinton. More information about Trump’s sordid career needs to become more public, but it may be too late to make a difference. Keith

  2. Keith,

    I don’t know if you saw the daily show interview with Trump supporters. If you haven’t, please do:
    “Did You Know Bill Clinton Got AIDS from Magic Johnson?” http://wp.me/p47Ymh-50e

    When you do watch the faces of the Trump supporters. It seems obvious that they don’t beleive a word of what they are saying. I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are so filled with hatred for Blacks that they will destroy the nation rather than see another black President, or a woman. They have no principles, no love for this country but they are educated enough to know
    that they are spouting nonsense.

      • Oh yes….someone said that Hillary has AIDS which she caught from Bill who caught it from Magic Johnson.

        The best is when one of them is asked if he has any proof for his opinion and he smiles cynically and says no. That’s when I realized that it doesn’t matter that what he says isn’t true…all that matters to this man is the destruction of the system that made a Black man President.

      • People need to question folks who say stuff like this as the moderator did. Here are a few phrases I have used:
        – I find that hard to believe
        – Do you really believe that or are you just saying it?
        – Where are you getting your information?

        To the middle question, I have seen strident views backed off when someone provides tactful, even handed challenge to that information. Some are just saying to see if they can get away with it or had not really thought of how ludicrous it sounds. Trump can be contradicted with his own statements.

    • Or how about the guy who wanted to know where Obama was on 9/11? yea, not terribly bright that one! that video was very disturbing. Hard to believe there are that many stupid people out there! Or as you say, they’re so filled with hatred for our African American brothers and sisters. This election has certainly opened my eyes and I’m not liking it one bit 😦

      • How is it possible in the 21st Century for a man to be that uniformed about recent history.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not stupid. They know that it’s all bullshit.

        What’s drives this is their racism. |They will tear our nation apart to prevent another Black President.

        And then there is the woman named Hillary Clinton.

        The recently deceased hypocrite, Phyllis Schlafly, who made a great deal of money as an independent woman thanks to feminism said that a woman would become President over her dead body.

        I’m sure she wasn’t just speaking for herself.

      • Rob, you will be tickled by one of those 21st century man who said in a letter to the editor that our problems started when women were given the right to vote. In his mind, he said that was the beginning of the nanny state. The follow-up letters asking him about his early 20th century mindset were interesting. Did I say he was voting for Trump? Keith

      • He’s parroting the always specious Ann Coulter who by her own reckoning ‘should’ be barefoot and pregnant but who instead remains single and unmarried and thanks to feminism is independently wealthy.

        She said: “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat [sic] president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.”

        She’s certainly proof of her contention that ‘single’ women make stupid choices, though she may be the only example.


      • I find it fascinating when people benefit under our construct, then regale against it. Coulter’s opinion is highly hypocritical, but it is not the first time. Taking her logic one step forward, she would not be enabled to offer her inane opinions or any opinions in public without repercussion.

      • Exactly Keith!

        But Coulter had great role models in hypocrites like Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schlafly, though their hypocrisy has an excuse when one considers that they born in the early 20th Century.

        I expect Ann Coulter to begin railing against cosmetic surgery as soon as her procedures are finished.

      • Rob, I am glad my newspaper does not carry her column. I read several conservative columnists to get their take, but do not find her more mean-spirited columns of great value. My favorite conservative columnists are Michael Gerson and David Brooks, who are not surprisingly adamantly opposed to a Trump. Keith

      • Hum..the problem with conservatives who are not adamantly opposed to Trump is that they are not getting it….a soft stance on the rise of a white supremacist means that they are as compromised as Coulter, even if their ideology is intelligently expressed.

      • Rob, all true, but he is now ahead in one of Nate Silver’s polls, and close in the other two. This is getting very scary. All of those millennials that hate the caricature of Hillary Clinton created over time by the GOP and burnished by Bernie fans, need to now realize that Trump believes climate change is a hoax and he will tear up the Paris accord and roll back environmental issues. Plus, the advances of the LGBT community and extending healthcare to many will be pushed back. Trump is an apocalyptically bad candidate and the realization in January will be like the Brexit vote – you should have told me he is this bad, they will say. Folks, this man exploits people for money, everyday. Keith

  3. Thank you. I knew of Eichenwald’s article but haven’t read it in its entirety so I appreciate the summary you’ve given. I’ve read snippets elsewhere too but hadn’t seen much of what you wrote here. It’s so HARD to keep up with everything!! This election is terrifying!! Let’s hope sanity prevails.

    • Toby, the sad part is Eichenwald has done substantive journalism just as much as David Farhenthold did on the Trump Foundation which revealed Trump uses charity donations for his own purpose, which is a crime. Encourage folks to read these pieces, as the race has tightened to troublesome probabilities as noted below. Keith

      • yep, I know of Farhenthold (man his name is hard to spell!! I just copied yours) as well. I’m doing my best!! but honestly, I am exhausted! The polls swung around to Hillary in the past week after the chump’s stunt at his hotel but I’m extremely worried about the debates 😦

      • The downside is the press should have been doing this all along and may have waited too long. The debates will likely allows both sides to claim victory, so I don’t know if they will accomplish much.

  4. Dear Keith,

    The print media is doing some great journalism and investigative work but these reports are not getting widespread coverage on the TV regular and Cable News Shows. I guess this data is just not sexy, controversial enough to get the ratings.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are right. The first Foundation piece got some airplay, but not near enough. The second Foundation piece seemed to get less and just mentioned in the news summary. As for the Newsweek piece, it got some coverage on CNN and PBS, but I don’t know of Fox picked it up.

      This coverage is needed, but it may be too late and, as you said, not sexy enough. These two pieces are yet two of several examples why this man is not qualified to be President. I was reminded in a Time article that John Oliver is the person who put a price tag on the wall.

      Thanks, Keith

  5. Note to Readers: When I saw Eichenwald interviewed on PBS Newshour, his main worries were Trump’s childish temperament and poor judgment. Remember, this is the man who people said would hire good people. But, Paul Mannafort, his campaign managers, has under the table ties with Russia and Trump has dealt with some shady folks in his businesses. And, what happens when Trump has the US might behind his tempestuous and childish behavior. To be frank, I cannot fathom any good reasons why this man should be president.

  6. Note to Readers: What is getting some press this past week, is a follow-on article from Newsweek that Trump may have violated laws restricting trade with Cuba in the 1990s. Evidently, he hired a consultant to grease the skids for a business relationship, should the US and Cuba relationship thaw. The keys are this shows his bent to flout the law and he seems a little hypocritical with his current stance on Cuba he is espousing with former Cubans living in South Florida. It is not playing well.

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