Be safe

As Hurricane Matthew inches its way up the Eastern Florida shoreline, coastal areas are being endangered. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

The danger is heightened by the intensity of this hurricane coupled with its path right along the coast. A climatologist noted that most hurricane damage is from water not wind. With the rising sea levels due to climate change, the hurricane’s impact is elevated. A few years ago with Sandy, a climatologist said it is like dunking a basketball from an elevated court.

I do worry about the wind impacting older or weaker trees. This where additional damage could occur as these trees are uprooted and fall on homes.

So, let’s hope for as little damage as possible and pray for those island residents who lost family members and homes in Matthew’s wake.

2 thoughts on “Be safe

  1. I share your concerns, especially regarding storm surges.. looks like the storm is pushing lots of water in advance, so the tides play a large role too… this morning i’m keeping an eye on the wunderground thread and that is loading as i type…

    two days ago i completed the move from the property to ‘mindo proper’ a nd am now trying to find things still packed in boxes.

    it will be several more weeks before i find those old routines again..

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