Locker room talk

A certain Presidential candidate has been dismissive of recorded comments he made that describe sexual harassment and assault and how it is easy to get away with such when you are a star. He did apologize for the remarks, but has belittled them as “locker room talk” as if that makes them OK. As a former athlete and now 58 year-old man, I can assure you that I have not heard this kind of talk in a locker room in my lifetime. Nor, do I hear business people speaking this way, especially ones who are my age which is one year younger than this candidate was at the time of the recording.

But, don’t take my word for it, as I never have been a professional athlete. A group of professional athletes confirm what I say above as a former grade school, junior high and senior high school athlete and one who participated in sports in my 20s and 30s. Per the PBS Newshour article linked to below,CJ McCollum, Jamal Crawford and Jacob Tamme are among current and former professional athletes on social media to criticize Donald Trump’s characterization of his predatory, sexual comments about women from a 2005 video as ‘locker room talk.’

Tamme, a tight end with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, asked that Trump ‘please stop saying locker room talk,’ adding that ‘it’s not normal. And even if it were normal, it’s not right.’”

The candidate has also said that this recording does not describe who he is. I disagree, as based on what I have read about this man, this precisely describes who this candidate is. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for him said the candidate bragged on his sexual prowess in the initial interview (see second link below).

To be frank, I was not surprised by the comments made in the video given the number of derogatory comments about women, affairs, marriages, and sexual harassment and assault accusations toward him as well as his narcissistic behavior. Even before, but more true now, I cannot fathom why any woman or father of daughters could vote for this poor excuse of a man.


20 thoughts on “Locker room talk

  1. Trump wants to take over the Republican Party and is doing a fine job of dragging it completely down. He is a reckless and dangerous man who is the lowest of the low. His remarks regarding jailing his opponent has sunk our political system to the level of a banana republic. The fact that he has rabid followers, some who applauded his comment on jailing Clinton, are the lowest common denominator and would do well to reside in a banana republic where civility is nonexistent. I would venture to say that Trump is a dictator, he has dictated his family, bullied his employees, belittled and assaulted women. We the people are the victims of this presidential debacle and what is happening. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the idealism of the republican party, they made their bed and we are having to sleep in it.

  2. I have never heard that kind of talk in any locker room I have visited. And I totally agree with you: it does tell us a great deal about the kind of person this man is. Well said.

    • Thanks Hugh. I have already seen his fans use the phrase it is “just locker room talk” in his defense, which is why it is important for men to call him out. If I were one of those teetering GOP leaders, I would be scared of the video they have not seen, as this is truly his nature. Keith

    • Many thanks. As I mentioned to Hugh, the locker room talk is now a defense mechanism by remaining supporters. I was happy to see the NBC/ WSJ poll show HRC with an 11 point lead in surveys over the weekend, but before the debate. Voters must vote, so people cannot let up.

  3. Great post, Keith! No matter how you call it, it doesn’t make it more right! What a stupid excuse. But stupidity in his statements seems to be his understatement. So at least he was authentic…lol! And as Holly said, he is doing a great job of weakening the Republicans. What more could we ask for?

  4. Note to Readers: Watching a movie today, it hit me when I have heard language directionally toward the sexual harassment spewed by Trump. Insulting language toward woman tended to come from young, narcissistic teens who felt they had money, looks and power. I started to think of all the teen based movies where this kind of person was the villain. This is Trump, except he has not grown out of this womanizing villain that was shown in these movies. I would encourage to think of those movies and how you felt about that character.

  5. Dear Keith,

    You are right. Donald Trump is the teenager talking inappropriately about women who never matured into a decent man. His misogynist words reflects his soul. He said these words when he believed he was safe and where he was convinced that no one would ever hear him.

    During the debate, Anderson Cooper did his job by asking Donald Trump if he ever acted out in a way described on the 2005 tapes. At first DT hedged. Mr. Cooper had to follow up about 2 or 3 times with this question until DT gave a firm denial.

    Now we wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, he is not fooling the majority of women and the men who love and respect them. DT and his sycophants will figure this out soon enough.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. Those of his supporters who believe these were only words and an isolated incident are being naive on both counts. This episode is entirely consistent with his character which continues to this day. There will be more examples that are and will come out, which should scare the GOP folks who still support him.

  6. Note to Readers: More athletes are speaking out regarding the reference to locker room talk. And, they are doing so in a way that is critical of the sexual assault and harassment nature of the candidate’s comments.

    On a side note, Warren Buffett is offended that Trump used him as an example of using a tax feature to not pay taxes. Buffett notes that he has not used that on his personal taxes and has paid taxes dating back seventy-two years to 1944. He then revealed his taxes, which are under audit noting that it did not keep him from revealing his taxes as the candidate has used as an excuse. The other message to the candidate was don’t be using me in your examples when you have never seen my tax returns.

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