Beavis and Butthead (Trump and Stern)

The largest story of the Presidential election has been the release of an audio where Donald Trump spoke of using his star power to sexually assault and harass women. This audio should not be a surprise as it is not inconsistent with the man’s history of misogyny and sexual harassment which continues to this day. For Republicans who are only now realizing what the Trump Pandora’s Box looks like, they are likely very concerned about what other stories may come out of the woodwork.

Earlier today CNN broke the story about an audio which was made available of yet more conversation between Trump and Howard Stern, who has made a career with sexual jokes and creepy behavior with his radio show. On Stern’s show about the same time as the released audio, Trump revealed his penchant for barging into the Miss Universe dressing room as the contestants changed clothes. He said to Stern since he owned the franchise he could do what he wanted.

Per the link to a Washington Post article, a former Miss Arizona, one of the contestants has corroborated this story along with another report by BuzzFeed about a similar occurrence at a Teen Miss USA contest, which was reported by four contestants, some as young as age 15.

I don’t know about you, but I have a mental image in my mind of Trump and Stern as “Beavis and Butthead,” the two creepy cartoon teens who told potty jokes about women and then eerily snickered. I will let you decide which one is Beavis and which one is Butthead. I am not doing this to make light of the situation, I just want people to start becoming more aware of the persona of this narcissistic womanizer. Stern has always been a little creepy, so for Trump to go on his show reveals much.

I am quite certain there are far more stories about Mr. Trump like this. I would personally rather people to realize how he exploits people, in general, to make money, but those stories are not as sensational or disgusting as his using power to get his way with women, even teen age girls. “The Apprentice” tapes that are being discussed for possible release, we have been told are far worse than the audio released last Friday.

This man has been a horrible candidate from the outset. I started with the opinion that his candidacy was a joke, that this must be for publicity. But, with his success, it made me do more digging. The more I dug I realized he is worse than my initial impressions in how he has made his money and treated people along the way. The fact his followers hang on his every word is sad and frightening, as they represent the very people who he has screwed over his entire career.

So, I am hoping these more sensational recordings will be his Waterloo, as we Americans and citizens of our planet can ill-afford a Beavis or Butthead in the White House.

30 thoughts on “Beavis and Butthead (Trump and Stern)

    • Hugh, you are right, it is unfunny. My wife and were chatting, and as ugly as everything is with the sexual harassment, there is something deeply disturbing that he walked in on fifteen year-olds.

      I did read in The Guardian that a trial date has been set in December for his alleged rape of a 13 year old. He denies the charge and it comes from an uncertain and questionable source, but the house where it allegedly took place is owned by a man who has been convicted of sex with minors. Given the other stories known, anything is believable at this point, but is yet to be determined in court.


      • Hugh, he will have a busy post-election with this and three class action Trump University lawsuits. This does not count his other litigation he consistently is involved with. Keith

      • Dear Keith and Hugh, If it can be proved that DT was ever present at any of Mr. Jeffrey Epstein’s parties, then he is toast.

        So far, Mr. Trump has said for the record that Mr. Epstein has only been an occasional guest at Mar-a-Lago.

        According to a 10/25/15 BuzzFeed article by Alex Campbell, “Court Papers:(deposition of Juan Alessi in 2002 case v Mr. Epstein) Trump Ate At Jeffrey Epstein’s House,” the report disputes DT’s claim of no real relationship with Mr. Epstein. But it does not place him at one of the parties: Here are excerpts:

        “But court papers — in one case previously unreported — suggest that the Republican frontrunner for president had a closer relationship with Epstein than he has recently let on, dining at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and riding on his private jet.”

        “Alessi testified that Trump would come over to Epstein’s home for dinner — though he added that Trump “never sat at the table” but instead ate “with me in the kitchen.” In another deposition, Epstein’s brother Mark testified he once flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with both him and Trump, who were “friends.” Asked why Trump was on board, Mark Epstein replied, “You’ll have to ask Donald. I think he wanted a ride back to New York.”

        “Reached by phone Wednesday, Mark Epstein declined to comment beyond what was in his deposition. A call to Juan Alessi was answered by a man identifying himself as his son John, who said that Juan did not want to talk about the Epstein case.”

        In a 2000 New Yorker Magazine write-up by Landon Thomas JR., “Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery,” Mr. Thomas reports::”Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” (Note: This was 2 years before any court actions v Mr. Epstein.)

        Ciao, Gronda

      • Gronda, thanks for the report. It confirms what we already know, if Trump says something, in and of itself, it does not make it true. Keith

    • It will get worse as Trump is in full-fledged panic mode and does not want to be labeled a loser. That is why the “election is rigged” comment is being used. He is like a little boy.

      • I did not see his comments, so I will need to check this out and get back to you. I don’t condone his role, but it is hard to reign in a powerful force like Trump. I am reminded of Thomas Wells, the attorney who worked for Trump and said he lies all the time. When being interviewed, he said Trump went on about his sexual prowess. Since he wanted to work with him, he chose to be silent, yet he said that was a signal he missed about the man’s nature.

      • I was watching John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and he had footage of Billy Bush. I had no idea how sleazy he is. He and Trump make quite the pair of sexual harassers, with Trump adding the assaulting to the mix.

  1. Janis, oh he will never go away as he craves attention. He will be the new Sarah Palin and criticize everything done. William Weld, the Libertarian VP candidate equates the Trump movement to the “Know Nothing” movement prior to Lincoln being elected. They created waves and then more serious minded people reestablished the party. Yet, if the Know Nothings had social media, they would still have a voice. Keith

  2. Stern sickens me. I shall never forget some of the things he said on the cusp of his fame. How a man like that can be famous shows the insanity of the world. At least Trump is a business man (kinda) whereas all Stern is, is vitriol and poison and toxic gas. Then again Trump isn’t far removed. It’s a hideous puppet show making a mockery of those who actually want to see our country grow and prosper, we’ve made a clown show of this election maybe that is why the clowns came out?

    • Candice, I am not surprised you view Stern this way. He has made a name for himself with potty humor and sexual titillation. He is a perfect host for Trump’s sexual prowess discussion. Outside of the US, our election is viewed as clownish and frightening. Clinton, with all of her faults, at least is not insane and won’t change the face of America in a negative way. Trump will make us a pariah and an embarrassment. Thanks for commenting, Keith

      • That’s so true he is the perfect host for Trump. Urgh. I agree, it will be embarrassing if he wins though I don’t think he will now. Don’t kid yourself though I think this a world wide phenomenon in that other countries have some laughable political outcomes too. Speaks to a bigger picture? People becoming more vapid and thus, voting with their knees rather than their minds? Perhaps?

      • I recall Stern saying as a young man he felt badly as he had a very small penis he could never be with women then he married his first wife she was understanding so loyal then he became inexplicably famous and he started to cheat on her. This, a woman who put up with his short change and that’s what he does…. I feel she got out not a minute too soon. He regularly invited strippers on the live show and bragged about touching them during the show, that’s the definition of trashy isn’t it?

      • Right? I think he is immensely creepy. Though in a way it’s worse when someone IS NOT creepy then you have no forewarning! I would never leave a child with him, but many left their kids with other people who turned out to be no good. The worst disguise is normalacy, at least he’s a devil and you can see it? right? yuk he makes me shiver

      • Agreed. The guy to be scared of doesn’t look like danger, although the wife of a producer on The Apprentice said Trump had always given her the creeps.

      • Trump has been able to mask his history and it still remains largely unknown to far too many. It is fitting that it will be his sexual harassment and assaults that may be his undoing, rather than his history of exploiting people for money.

    • In many respects, the candidate has not grown up at all. I am losing because the election is rigged (she cheated says little Donnie). I would have won the debate but my microphone was broken (the problem for him was we could hear him all too well). And, so on.

      • This is my mantra: Trump is a textbook case of clinical narcissism.
        He is too ill to be president.
        He is emotionally two years ago and when he is confronted with shame he responds with emotional violence.

        Not only did he say on tape that sexually assaults women he also showed us that he will abuse them emotionally in front of 66 million people.

        I think our media is so confused they don’t know what question to ask.

        The big one is this: why did Trump invite three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to a public policy debate? They are not on our policy agenda?


        Because Trump needed to humiliate Hillary Clinton as a woman.

        She is not political opposition.

        I think in his mind she is an uppity old woman and she’s in his way.

      • Rob, I won’t argue you there. He is grasping at straws now. He has no one to blame but himself and that doesn’t sit well with a narcissist. So, he is lashing out at Bill in a pitiful attempt of saying he did worse.

        He is denying allegations from the women coming out of the woodwork, yet he himself said he does this things in the audio with Billy Bush and the one with Howard Stern. These women are just confirming what he said he did. The lie is his saying it was just locker room talk. The bigger lie is saying it did not reflect who he is. It is not inconsistent with his other words or actions.

      • The GOP is completely complicit in this. I’ve found a stash of RNC ads made for state senate races.

        These are disinf0rmation campaigns funded by the RNC.

        The GOP elite are disowning him even as they pander to the paranoid fears of his followers.

        We have a problem in the Country but we would be badly mistaken to think that making Trump go away will solve it.

      • Rob, I do not know the author of this quote, but it was made in Spring, 2010 before the first disastrous mid-terms for Democrats after Obama was elected. He said the Republican victory expected in the fall will mask the underlying problems of the party. This has been fomenting for some time now. I left the GOP in 2006 for three principal reasons – climate change denial, unhealthy embrace with Evangelicals and the NRA and with Fox News a tendency to make things up. Ten years later, these reasons still hold true.

  3. Note to Readers: On PBS Newshour tonight, there was the New York Times reporter, a Bill Clinton author and Jon Meecham, the author of several books on Presidents. The New York Times reporter said Trump’s attorney sent a letter asking for an apology and retraction. They stuck by their story and its relevance to the campaign. She also noted that many woman have shared their own personal story of assault. She also said the women who came forward were angered by Trump saying he never acted on what he said in the video.

    The Clinton author that there is a clear difference between marital infidelity and sexual assault. Bill is guilty of the former. Trump is guilty of both. Women see the difference.

    Meecham is not high on Trump’s saying he lacks the character to be President. He noted in the past, even when campaigns got nasty, the candidates at least were reasonable candidates. Trump has changed this.

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