Man up, Little Donnie

While I am not a fan of former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, she is the author of a quote she has not used with Donald Trump, but should. “Man-up,” is a saying that applies here, but that actually does a discredit to women. Little Donnie is being called this by me as he has acted liked a petulant child throughout this election. We have often seen tantrums from Little Donnie without much provocation.

Yet, his continuous rant about the election being rigged against him by the media and election officials reveals a modus operandi for this man. He is thinking like he tends to do when criticized, “It cannot be me, so it must be you.” The culmination of this petulant attitude came at the final debate last night when he answered moderator Chris Wallace’s question would he support the election results? Trump said he would have to “wait and see.”

Little Donnie does not like to lose, nor does he like to be criticized. What he may want to pay attention to is people are laughing at him, even in the audience, when he said “No one has more respect for women than I do.” I am sure he thinks that, but the last poll I saw said 70% of Americans think he did grope women and not just talk about feeling them up and kissing them without being invited. I don’t know how Americans feel about him walking in on beauty contestants while they changed clothes, especially contestants who are only age 15, but my guess is not well.

But, in addition to Palin’s line, President Obama uttered the most scathing comment that speaks volumes, especially if you have ever competed in team sports. At a speech earlier this week, Obama said to Little Donnie, “Quit whining and go out and earn more votes.” Teammates and coaches do not like whiners, plain and simple. Please forgive the use of a curse word, but if Little Donnie claimed about the game being rigged, they would say “Just shut up play, dammit.”

Little Donnie has been a poor candidate from the get go. He survived this far as the GOP did not bring out his many issues and history in the primary. They thought a sensible candidate would win one on one, but that strategy failed. Trump is losing now because of one person, Trump. I am hopeful the polls ring true after the votes are tallied. And, he will need to say these words, “I concede.”

33 thoughts on “Man up, Little Donnie

    • Other countries will no longer hold our democratic process as an example. I am hopeful Clinton will win with enough margin to erase any doubt, but first she must win.

  1. Yes, “Little Donnie” is a good nickname for the brat who never grew up. LD went 0-for-3 in the debates and is sinking in the polls, but he is still a menace to the republic. Whether “the polls ring true after the votes are tallied” is indeed a big question. Surely there are many Trumpniks who are embarrassed to admit it when speaking to a pollster but will vote for LD in the privacy of the booth. Will the polls ring true enough to shock some sanity into them?

    • We definitely the HRC folks to vote. I just read a piece in Politico which interviews his five biographers, none of whom say vote for him. They said he will never admit he is losing, even when near bankruptcy, and when he wins he will say he won big.

    • His biographers say he does not like to lose or ever say he is losing. The rigged system schtick is all part of his marketing strategy. I just read an interview in Politico with his five biographers, none of whom say to vote for this man.

      • Very true. Living in one of the four states where a Jim Crow-like Voter ID law was just overturned as unconstitutional along with both the US and State districts being ruled as unconstitutional gerrymandering, comments on election rigging from Trump are more than ironic.

    • In light of his saying that he would “never withdraw” and that he would only accept the results if he wins, I highly doubt he will give up now. Besides it’s way too late for him to withdraw.

  2. Dear Keith and friends,

    Your caricature of Little Donnie reminds me of an old cartoon character “Little Richie” who kind of looks like a little DT. Only Little Richie is cute and Donald Trump is not.

    Last night at the famous annually held Al Smith Catholic Charity fundraiser dinner in NY, which is typically attended by conservative who’s who folks, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were there to deliver some joke lines. It is supposed to be a fun night but somehow DT did not get the message. As he was delivering his ugly lines a la Breibart, he was heckled and booed by the crowd.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, Little Ritchie Rich, I remember. I get tickled when Melania Trump was defending her husband to Anderson Cooper. She said it was locker room talk between two teenagers. To which, Cooper commented, but he was 59 years old.

      I saw the booing at the event. Clinton was able to get laughs with her comments, while Trump did his campaign schtick, which did not play well. He was booed by his peers, which had to embarass him. Keith

  3. Greetings Keith, you give Donnie too much credit. I conceded won’t pass his lips. One of his children will concede on his behalf. He is running out of steam and knows it. A narcissistic person never sees his faults and it’s always someone else’s fault. This afternoon on the news it show Hillary has double the amount of electrol votes so hopefully he will fade into the shadows somewhere. Unfortunately I live in NY and I’m sure he will be featured on the gossip pages in the news. They need someone to replace Kardashian.

    • I have missed you. I hope you are feeling as well as you can. You’re right, he may use a surrogate to concede. We still need folks to vote to see this through. Keith

      • I know we do. They found another mass in my lung. When I was scheduling the surgery I told the doctor after the 8th I have to vote. Yes we don’t want a pumpkin as president. I hope people come out for Hillary like they did for Obama and send a clear message to him and his supporters. I’m okay new surgeon and I have loads of confidence in him.

      • Wow. Your are my hero. It makes my angst over the election seem so pedestrian. Your vote means more than ever with your personal challenges. Best wishes on all counts, Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Little Donnie decided he would be better served by acting more petulant, his modus operandi. He is attacking his attackers. He is disparaging Michelle Obama and he announced that he will sue all of his accusers of his sexual assault. He is fond of lawsuits, such as the time he sued the Federal government because they dared find he and his father guilty of racial profiling in his housing.

    Also, speaking of his Dad, Trump’s five biographers say the story of his Dad lending him money is bogus. While he was able, his father would not let Donald sign anything without his co-signature. In fact, he moved into Atlantic City against his father’s recommendation. When they signed the papers with some mobsters who owned some rights, but missed one page, the mobsters made his father return to sign the missed page as they did not believe Donald had authority.

    • Note to Readers: After Trump made his threat to sue his accusers, one more came out of the woodwork to point the finger at Trump. I’d be interested in people’s views on this. He is trying to use his power as per usual to impose his will. I think this will back fire on him, as more women debating coming forward may now do so. What do you think?

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