Millennials have more at stake

While this title is painfully obvious, it cannot be overstated in this election. Everyone will be impacted by this election, but millennials will feel the brunt.

While both major party Presidential candidates are flawed, there is a clear light of day between Clinton and Trump, with her experience, competence, global relationships, temperament and toughness. On this latter point, Trump is a seventy year old petulant child when things don’t go his way or he is criticized, while his opponent weathers the storm.

Yet, three definitive comparisons need highlighting for all, but especially millennials – environment, economy and equality, the three E’s. The impact will have a lasting effect on our country and planet.

Environment: HRC and the Democratic Party have firm stances and policy positions consistent with the United Nations and every major science organization on climate change and man’s influence thereon. Trump is acquiescing to the fossil fuel industry with the rest of the GOP, going even further saying climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs. He plans to tear up the Paris Climate Change Accord and roll back environmental regulations. Both actions should scare all of us, but especially our younger voters.

Economy: HRC has detailed plans about keeping the economy percolating and investing in our infrastucture, which will create jobs. UK based Oxford Economics joins other economic forecasters in saying Trump’s economic plans will likely cause a US recession, while Clinton’s will be neutral to positive in impact. Further, the nonpartisan Committee for Responsible Federal Budget and nonpartisan Tax Foundation model that Trump’s economic plan would increase our $19 trillion debt by $5.3 trillion in the next ten years, while Clinton’s would only increase it by $200 billion. Note both of these are in the wrong direction, but there is a 27x difference between the two candidates’ plans.

Equality: With aggravated hate speech and fear mongering, Trump has tapped into the worst part of the American psyche. No American has more rights than another and no less either. Yet, too many are being demonized and their rights and opportunities are being stepped on. Plus, their voices are not being heard. We are better than this and must be or we will harm our future. Clinton has fought for the rights of the disenfranchised here and abroad, especially those of women and children. And, her plans on investing in infrastructure jobs and education, improving Obamacare and increasing the minimum wage are representative of her focus on those who are disenfranchised.

To me, this election reveals a stark contrast to where we need to go. We cannot retrench on fighting climate change and environmental protections. We cannot avoid investing in our infrastructure and new technologies. And, we cannot forsake the rights of all of our citizens. It is my strong belief, that Clinton will also be a collaborative leader as evidenced by her work as a Senator and will work with both parties to get things done. Our millennials will bear the brunt if we don’t address these issues.


35 thoughts on “Millennials have more at stake

  1. Good post. But from what I have read the millennials really don’t care much about anything but themselves. They have been raised that way. Unless they see that this election will affect them directly (as you point out) they will stay at home glued to social media.

    • Hugh, we should avoid generalizations, in my view. There are more invested in this election thanks to Bernie Sanders. I just want to share that a vote for Trump is very different than a vote for Bernie.

      Clinton has a great line she used yesterday. People have a right to be angry, but anger is not a plan. Thanks for your comment. Keith

      • Two things: (1) we cannot avoid generalizations. (2) my concerns about the millennial are based on fairly solid data. I hope I am wrong, but I suspect I am not.

      • Hugh, I guess I commented as I constantly guard against generalizations, as they are hard to avoid and I use them more than I should. Keith

      • I don’t think one can think, speak, or write without drawing on them. But every generalization has exceptions — they are at best generally true. I dare say anecdotal evidence will support the view that many millennialists are caring people who want to save the planet. But the research suggests that the majority do not, sad to say.

      • Hugh, I would say that we have too many folks who may feel by “liking” or “disliking” something, that they are making a major statement of advocacy. To me, that is a just a small step in the education process. We need more folks voting with their feet and I think more of society has gotten away from real advocacy as they are scared of the vile backlash.

        This is a generalization, I know, but getting folks engaged is harder these days in many respects, as it is too easy not to. Are millennials over represented in this group because of their embrace of technology? More than likely. Thanks for the great discussion. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for your message to Millennials.

    I have been working with Millennials as I have been knocking on doors to register folks to vote and in getting out the vote. And so I can say the message in mid west Florida is reaching Millennials They really care about the subjects of climate change, equality and improving the economy.

    HRC winning is the only real chance that young people have to get some relief regarding high student loan debt levels, as well as with help for child care expenses and preK schooling. As some step out there to start a business, she is the one who will work to make sure that Obamacare is available,and affordable with good coverage, so that our young entrepreneurs can take care of their families. She does have a plan to assist these young people’s small business start ups with ideas like freezing the student loan debts for about 3 yrs. and making credit/ loans more accessible.

    • Thanks Gronda on all counts. She has definitive plans, which is refreshing. Trump says he offers change, but what he offers is bumper sticker slogans masked as a plan.

      As for Florida millennials, being surrounded on three sides by water has to increase your concern about climate change. Thanks, Keith

    • Kim, agreed, in part with that person. To me, there is so much daylight between the two, a Clinton presidency will help address major issues, while we will retrench with Trump, as well as becoming a pariah in the world – think Duterte in the Philippines as what a Trump presidency would look like. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I left off several other differentiators, but let me add one more and that is better gun governance. No, she is not coming for your guns, but we must have better governance so say the adults in the room per several surveys – no fly list ban on purchase, background check on all transactions, elongated waiting periods, and finger-print safety feature to prevent kids from killing each other would be a good start. I would go further, but those are all common sense changes.

  4. As recently as 2014 I have worked with young Millennials as a high school teacher. In fact, as an English as a Second Language teacher, I worked with kids who are targeted by Trump’s infamous wall. We cannot treat such wonderful young and enthusiastic people as anything less than a priceless resource. But equality is a secondary issue to them because of the importance of environmental concerns about climate change. I had students from Vietnam concerned about much of their home country ending up under water. I had Chinese students who were concerned about the yellow green color in the air back home. I had students from Lebanon and Egypt concern about how much firebombing was in the air where they came from. Truly young Millennials are concerned about whether they have a future or not. I doubt any of them would say anything positive about Trump if I asked them now. This election should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately the ones without brains are not like the thoughtful Scarecrow of Oz. They side with Trump because he talks without using his brain just as they have learned to do. There is a growing group of people who pool all the straw in their heads to insure they all say the same stupid things to scare away the crows… and all the others who are not just like them.

    • Well said. With all of his negatives, the retrenchment on
      Climate change actions scare me the most. One scientist put it bluntly the other day when he said “Miami is already doomed.”

  5. Note to Readers: Please encourage all millennials to vote, if anything because of the strident differences on climate change and renewable energy. Retrenching on climate change action scares me more than anything with a Trump presidency.

    • Thanks. Given his positions on climate change and global trade along with his ego and tempestuous nature, more than just Canadian millennials would be impacted. He would negatively effect the world likely for fifty years, in my view. Keith

      • If you have influence on American friends, please share your concerns and encourage them to vote. A conservative blogger named Andrew Sullivan said now is not the time to abstain or vote for a third party candidate. Now is the time to stop this “monster” as he referred to Trump. And, this is a Conservative speaking.

  6. Note to Readers: Former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell (under President George W. Bush) has come out in favor of Hillary Clinton for President. In an article in Newsday this week, Powell said, “She is smart. She is capable. She was a good secretary of state.” He further added, “She is balanced, she has temperament and no matter what anyone says she has stamina … I think she is fully qualified to serve as the president of the United States and will serve it with distinction.”

  7. Note to Readers: I have mentioned in earlier posts the survey of members of the National Association of Business Economics regarding which candidate would best handle the economy in they view. 56% said Hillary Clinton, followed by Gary Johnson at 15% and Donald Trump at 14%. The NABE is not a group of academics, so their vote has more pragmatism.

  8. You articulated better than news media, bravo! It is indeed, my hope that many will step back with clear thinking and review important matters, for our children’s and grandchildren’s (and so on) futures.

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