Two obstacles promise to continue

Two prominent Republican politicians in Congress promise to continue their hardheadedness should Hillary Clinton win the White House. Senator and former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has begun percolating the idea that the Senate should not vote on any new Supreme Court justices. Not to be outdone, Utah Representative and Chair of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz has noted he will hold committee meetings with the purpose to throw dirt at Clinton and find something that will stick.

I don’t know about you, but I think Americans are tired of these kinds of antics. I have noted before that the media has been sloppy on their reporting of why people don’t like Washington lumping all of the reasons together. The majority of Americans want them to work together and get things done. There is a smaller percentage, primarily on the GOP side, that only want it done their way and compromise and collaboration are viewed as curse words.

The big problem here is the latter group is the predominant reason why the anger exists in the first place. Cruz has been a leader of the obstinate Tea Party and extreme right GOP members in the Senate. He single-handedly almost caused the US to default on its debt payments. Try that with VISA and see how far it gets you. And, then he advertises as a candidate that he wants to become President to solve all our problems. Senator Cruz, you are the problem, and if you want to solve it, then please resign.

As for Chaffetz, I have not been too impressed with his efforts. When Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards testified in front of his committee, Chaffetz put up a chart showing their ineffectiveness, saying it came from the Planned Parenthood website. After a whisper from behind her, Richards pointed out that chart was inaccurate and actually came from an anti-Planned Parenthood group website. She proceeded to tell him where it was wrong. It was one of the most effective put downs I have witnessed and showed that Chaffetz had not done his homework.

So, now Chaffetz wants to belabor anti-Clinton committee hearings. This comes on the heels of eight Benghazi hearings which former Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice described as witch hunts. Yes, Clinton had some fault, but so did many others and the final report agreed with a nonpartisan report done three months after Benghazi. And, not to be outdone, Cruz does not want to vote on Supreme Court justices at all, violating the mandate under the Constitution. It was bad enough the GOP Senate leaders punted on nominee Merrick Garland, but now this ineffective leader wants to stonewall some more. I guess we should let it whittle done to zero justices.

Excuse my language, but when is this bullshit going to end? It might be helpful to the American people if our Congressional leaders tried something unique like governing. It has gotten so bad, our own military defines Congressional inaction as one of the gravest threats to our national security. Senator Cruz and Congressman Chaffetz, my strong advice to you is to worry less about keeping your job and just do your damn job.



51 thoughts on “Two obstacles promise to continue

  1. I have also read that Trump, sensing his defeat, is determined to make it impossible for the next president to govern.These people are so filled with hate, it beggers belief.

    • I guess “make America great again” is limited to only if I am in charge. Call me crazy, but how about I will work with the President to help America. That should not be a novel idea.

      • Agreed. He does not lose well and per his biographies, redefines the scoring so that it is not a loss. Cruz is no better and Chaffetz seems to prefer to nitpick.

      • This is a serious problem and it behooves us to rid ourselves of as many of those obstructionists as possible in November. The engine of the government is running out of gas, I fear.

      • Why we complain and then get fooled by party and commercials to reelect people that we feel as a body are not doing their job. My senator advertised bills he worked on that never made it into law because of the gridlock in Congress.

      • Hugh, that is it. Since we don’t pay attention, we can easily be fooled. This same senator’s staffer called me on one of emails I posted. And, we had a long chat, but she was unaware of how the ACA came into being as well as the role the GOP has played in trying to make it less successful, such as defunding the risk corridors to help with adverse selection. She was unaware that he candidate’s own health plan is Obamacare Light. I said rather than repeal it, as it is working, let’s fix the problems Keith

    • I thought I saw something about him starting his own TV show for after the election?

      All of the talk now about a rigged, fraudulent election will help in keeping the country divided after the election. It also casts doubt that the winner was actually the winner.

      • Roseylinn, here is a man who claims it is rigged against him and then reads from Clinton’s staff hacked emails. He also has benefitted from free publicity moreso than all other candidates. You are right about his movement continuing like Palin’s. Keith

  2. You are so right Keith. we have been held hostage by the congress for eight years and I see no let up in sight. Shame on them!

      • I agree Keith, I have not always been in line with Obama’s platform. This morning the media reported that the I-4 corridor of Florida will determine the swing state, living in the area it appears that Trump will pull it off . His rhetoric has brought the racist, misogynistic, and other unsavory elements from the woodwork.

      • Holly, I hope your sense is wrong on this. It really comes down to turnout and hopefully Clinton’s ground troops will do the trick. 538 has her slightly in the lead in FL, but it all depends. Do you follow Gronda Morin’s blog. She is a former GOPer now Independent and she has the best summaries of “why Clinton?” Thanks for your thoughts, Keith

  3. I was going to leave the same comment if they don’t nominate a new supreme court justice to the chair are they going to let the supreme court fade away. I think I liked life better when I didn’t know too much about what was going on in politics and just voted democrat because that was my party.

    • Janis, I agree. I also wanted people to recognize that while the President and Democrats share some blame, most of the gridlock has been caused by the extreme members of the Republican Party like Cruz. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for a great post. I do not want my tax dollars paying for an endless series of hearings designed to gather “gothcha” material on the opposition and for more gridlock.There is a reason that the most current “Real Clear Politics” stats show the U.S. congress with 76.3% disapproval rating by their tax paying constituents.

    If the U.S. senate turns democrat, and if Cruz and cohorts continue to block supreme court nominations, then it is time for Harry Reid to deploy the nuclear option.

    This is what a 10/24/16 Hill article reports: “Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is predicting a Democratic-majority Senate next year could break out the “nuclear option” to change the rules on Supreme Court nominations.”

    “The outgoing Democratic leader told Talking Points Memo that he’s paved the way for what would be a historic change of the Senate’s rules, allowing Supreme Court nominees to bypass a 60-vote procedural requirement and be approved by a simple majority.”

    Ciao, Gronda

    • True definition. As I said in earlier posts, the two best jobs presidents from each party – Clinton at #1 and Reagan at #3 – were known for three things – hating deficits, loving trade and collaborating.

  5. I also saw that McCain said the same thing about the Supreme Court; and then back tracked later. It is just another example of why people should get registered to vote, and then actually vote down the entire ballot.

  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    For years, President Obama has fought an uphill battle to get Congress to work with him on almost any issue, including the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia last February. Now, with less than two weeks to go until election day, noted Republicans, having accepted the fact that their candidate for president has little or no chance of winning the election, are claiming that they will make President Clinton’s job even harder than President Obama’s has been. They claim that they will confirm NO Supreme Court Justice nominated by President Clinton, and work to block her at every turn. Fellow blogger-friend Keith has written a very insightful post about this topic which I am sharing here. Please take a few minutes to read it … it is well worth the time! Thank you, Keith, for permission to re-blog!

      • Yes, I heard this first thing this morning and my heart sank. I think the timing is HIGHLY suspicious, and it was said that there is no indication there is anything to them, but they just thought they ought to check. Now … why is this okay 11 days before the election, but Trump’s fraud and rape cases will not be heard until after the election. I SMELL A RAT! That said, I am considering buying two cases of wine and staying polluted until November 9th. Wake me when it’s over.

      • Jill, this is one of those occasions that I wish I still drank. Comey has always been a stand up guy. Hopefully, they won’t find anything damaging, but they must go through the process. The timing sucks, but if he was not forthcoming, he would get in trouble. My hope is the FBI can go through them before the election. Clinton’s campaign manager has said that they should not find anything to alter their earlier stance, but you never know. Either way, it will have an impact on the election, unless they can move through them quickly. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: You have likely heard that FBI Director James Comey and his team discovered some additional emails that may have relevance to Clinton on the confiscated server of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. The inappropriately named Congressman has a repetitive problem of sending pictures of his privates to would be suitors in his mind.

    Why is this relevant? His ex-wife is Huma Abedin, who used to be a Clinton aide when she was at the state department. The additional scrutiny of about 1,000 emails, so I read, does not indicate they have confidential information on them, but Comey felt it warranted review. Irrespective of what they discover and how long it will take, the letter he sent to the Congressional Oversight committee could not come at a worse time for Clinton, with her increasing momentum going into the election.

    Her opponent has seized upon the news, taking credit for it and saying maybe the election is not rigged. Again, Comey did not elaborate on how long this would take, but the issue of so-doing could be enough to derail her. To me, this akin to having first down on your opponemt’s 30 yard line in the 4th quarter with a three point lead, then throwing an interception. Obviously, more to come.

    • They didn’t spend as much time investigating the Bush Email Controversy and some 22 million emails that went through RNC email servers between 2003 and 2009. Why spend so much time on Clintons?.

      • My old party likes to investigate things. We also had eight Benghazi hearings and little investigation of the WMD ruse to invade Iraq. The U.K. did one and found fault with Bush and Blair.

  8. Note to Readers: I should have added that Rep. Chaffetz has flipped flopped from his terrible distaste over Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape of his discussing sexual assault. He cited his daughter as the reason. He now will be voting for Trump after saying he could not two weeks ago. I guess his convictions are pliable.

  9. Dear Keith and Friends,

    Congress Representative Chaffetz has a lot of chutzpah to question the integrity of HRC with his lack of courage by voting for DT, after he said he wouldn’t because he couldn’t face his daughters if he did..

    The FBI Director, James Comey has a reputation for being a straight shooter but this time he is wrong. He should have followed to FBI protocol set in writing, that an investigation is not to be made public within 60 days of an election. In this case, he does not even know what he has. And this has the potential to change the outcome of an election.

    He is right in that he would have received a lot if flak no matter which decision he made. Guess what? That comes with the job.This is all the more reason why he should have followed the stated FBI rules.I’m with HRC on this one. “Dump all the emails” now.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, thanks for your comment. Agree totally on Chaffetz. I still think Comey was in a tough spot. But, I do agree with Clinton asking them to come forward with all emails. Trump and the GOP age calling this an investigation when right now it is a review. My guess is Clinton has a good read that the emails are process oriented as most of her emails are. I am hopeful that the email taint is baked into the cake and won’t materially impact the result, but it will have some impact. Keith

      • Dear Keith,

        I was knocking on doors getting peoples to commit to early vote and so I get to know what people are thinking. Director Comey’s actions are having an impact.

        You know she has checked with Huma Abedin about the emails. She is smart by pushing for the emails to be released.

        Ciao, Gronda

      • Gronda, thanks. Her caricature is so engrained, the email only adds to a negative impression. Unfortunately, it will linger until proven no harm no foul. That may occur after the election, so the risk of losing exists. Keith

  10. Note to Readers: Not to be outdone, Trey Gowdy, the most recent Benghazi committee chair promises he has a budget to do more of the same should Clinton win. People need to pay attention to what the GOP’s priorities are. They have become more than the party of “no,” as they are a party of small mindedness and divisiveness, so says this former Republican.

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