Sunday reflections

I hope your Sunday is going well. I have a few reflections for your review and digestion in no particular order.

I find it telling that ISIS fighters are hiding behind human shields of the people they captured. These terrorists have bastardized a peaceful religion and have brainwashed young people to do their dirty work. I think this last line of defense speaks volumes.

The Brexit debate continues leaving a lot of leaders looking for antacid. Reasonable exit from the EU looks harder to come by and many are calling for a new vote, which will unlikely happen. Scotland continues to evaluate and position itself for a potential exit from the UK if Brexit happens. I understand the reasons for those wanting Brexit, but unfortunately the price of retrenchment might be too dear.

On the other side of the world, President Duterte of the Philippines has said God wanted him to start cursing less. He has been colorful in telling allies to go #$*% themselves and calling them sons of ^@#$, which has left his ambassadors scrambling. By this way, this is what a Donald Trump presidency would look like in some respects. But, apparently, God did not tell him to stop having drug addicts and peddlers murdered, his solution to drug crime.

In all of the talk about Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood”  tape of his approach to sexual assault and his discussion on Howard Stern’s radio show about his walking in on undressed beauty pageant contestants because of his ownership, one story is not being discussed. While twelve women have accused him of unwelcome advances, the fact he has a pending judicial conference in December for the alleged rape of a thirteen year-old girl is not mentioned much if at all. I realize it is “alleged,” but enough validity has been given the allegations that it is moving forward to this stage.

Speaking of trials, Jill Dennison has done an excellent job of summarizing the over 4,000 lawsuits that Trump has had in his 45 year career (see link below). He has seventy-five pending lawsuits, three of which are class action lawsuits against Trump University for alleged misrepresentation. This is on top of the investigation into his Trump Foundation for self-dealing, meaning he allegedly used the funds for business and personal purposes.

While Hillary Clinton’s emails to her aide Huma Abedin are being reviewed as a result of the FBI discovering them as they investigated Abedin’s ex-husband/ ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner for his unique version of sexual assault via sexting, it reminds me that women are victims in multiple ways by powerful men. Whether it is Congressman Weiner, Trump, Roger Ailes or Bill Cosby, your wealth and power do not give you the right to sexually assault women.

Finally, I find it amusing that Trump claims the election is rigged against him when he is reading from daily email feeds from hacked emails of Clinton’s staff. His staff has an active voter suppression campaign underway to dissuade African-Americans, Latino-Americans and women voters from voting at all. Also, the man has benefitted from more publicity than all other candidates including Clinton.  Plus, his party has had five states’ voter suppression laws ruled unconstitutional this year. So, saying it is rigged against him is a huge stretch.

Call me crazy, but I would take the word of Trump’s five biographers, one of whom Trump unsuccessfully sued. All five agree on a key point – do not vote for this man.

Sue, Sue, SUE!!!


24 thoughts on “Sunday reflections

  1. Note to Readers: There is an article in The Guardian this morning about Tony Schwartz, who is the ghostwriter for Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.” His publisher calls him Dr. Frankenstein because his book gave Trump credibility taking his ramblings and spotty business record and making him look better than he is. A quote from Schwartz is interesting:
    “He (Trump) is a man who is a chameleon and doesn’t have any core beliefs beyond his own aggrandisement and power.”

  2. I have come to the conclusion there is nothing that can be said or revealed about Trump that will bring his supporters out of their trance. It will be a rude and shocking reality when his supporters wake up getting less money in their paychecks when their tax rate goes up. When they find they won’t be getting a SS check the next month and they will be cutting a few years off their life expectancy because they won’t be able to afford the doctor bills forget about medication. They will finally know what real crime is when everyone including the mentally ill are carrying guns. They, Trump supporters say they would never vote for Hillary because she’s liar ir the most ludicrous think they say. I can’t wait for this election to be over.

    • Kim, if he does win, rude awakenings would echo the planet and many of the over 1,000 hate groups in the US would be more visible and vocal with his perceived empowerment. Yet, it is the impact on climate change actions and making us a pariah in the world, that scare me most. And, you are right, there is not a thing that can be said to is ardent followers to dissuade them. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: The Donald decided to kick a dog and the dog has bitten him back. Trump went after Ewan McMullin last night on Fox and it continued today. McMullin is a running as a real conservative alternative to Trump. He is not on the ballot in every state, but as a Mormon, he is in Utah and he is tied with Trump and Clinton. After being called a “loser” and a “puppet” by Trump, McMullin fired back with several tweets. Here are a sample:

    “Yes you’ve (Trump) never heard of me because while you were harassing women at beauty pageants, I was fighting terrorists abroad.”

    He also called Trump “deeply corrupt” and asked “why have we not seen your taxes?”

    He also made reference that Trump is not really a conservative and “we cannot trust you with our justices.”

    When I read these statements, I keep thinking this is what the primary competitors should have done last year, so the GOP could have a more reasonable candidate than what they have.

  4. Dear Keith,

    You mentioned “Whether it is Congressman Weiner, Trump, Roger Ailes or Bill Cosby, your wealth and power do not give you the right to sexually assault women.

    Unfortunately, this includes Bill Clinton.He has managed to complicate HRC’s life every step of the way.Even this thing with Comey’s review of the newly discovered emails. This would not be happening if Loretta Lynch (DOJ) did not feel obligated to recuse herself from this case because Bill Clinton decided to have an impromptu private meeting with her at an airport.

    If not for Bill Clinton’s shenanigans, she would not have had to attend a debate with women from his past sitting in attendance.

    Then she has had to deal with a man who brags about sexually assaulting women as an opponent and the amoral republicans legislators who are supporting him while holding her in judgment.

    Then there appears the idiot in chief and pervert, Anthony Weiner who reemerges in her life and then the enabler in chief, the FBI Director Comey who has thrown democracy to the wind in order to prove something to his fellow republicans,

    There is something not right with this picture.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, I started to add Bill’s name, but stopped short. I view him as a philanderer, not to make it sound better, but to stop short of a declaration of sexual assault. His desire to think with his lower extremity should not be condoned and HRC has had to put up with his shenanigans, even still. Keith

      • Agreed. I don’t know the term for it, but there is a sense of entitlement to too many male politicians who are or feel they are doing good. They feel that indiscretions are OK because of the greater good. The movie “Primary Colors” with John Travolta is a good example of this. We don’t see sex scandals with women politicians, which may be a reason to have more of them.

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