Five Trump biographers say don’t vote for this man

Politico Magazine has pulled together the biographers for Donald Trump on a couple of occasions. All five are in consensus – do not vote for this man. Per Politico, Wayne Barrett, Gwenda Blair, Michael D’Antonio, Harry Hurt and Timothy O’Brien have studied Trump more than anybody and have written an aggregate 2,195 pages in books.

About the man we are seeing in the campaign, “They are not surprised. Trump is who they thought he was. This, they said, is not a show. It is not an act. This is the man they wrote about,” as reported in the article. Further, the biographers said, Trump is “profoundly narcissistic, willing to go to lengths we’ve never seen before in order to satisfy his ego.”

Another key voice is Tony Schwartz who ghost wrote “The Art of the Deal,” Trump’s bestseller. As reported in The Guardian. Schwartz’ publisher calls him Dr. Frankenstein because his book gave Trump credibility taking his ramblings and spotty business record and making him look better than he is, thus creating a monster. A quote from Schwartz in the article echoes what the five biographers say above, “He (Trump) is a man who is a chameleon and doesn’t have any core beliefs beyond his own aggrandisement and power.”

From the outset, this man has been a very poor candidate, whose greatest skill is merchandising himself. His history reveals everything one needs to know about his modus operandi of exploiting others through bullying, stiffing people, lawsuits, and threatened lawsuits. As his biographers note, his mentor, attorney Roy Cohn, who also advised Senator Joe McCarthy of communist witch hunt fame, advised Trump to “sue everyone.” That he has done, either initially or in counter suit.

USA Today has updated its earlier report saying Trump has had over 4,000 lawsuits, with 75 still pending as of today. After the election, win or lose, he is facing three class action lawsuits for alleged misrepresentation by Trump University to students and seminar groups. And, he and a less-than-saintly co-defendant have a judicial conference date in December for the alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl. It should be noted that these claims are “alleged” at this point. But given his own comments on the Access Hollywood and on Howard Stern shows (about sexual assault and his proclivity to walk in on undressed beauty pageant contestants, some as young as age 15) and the twelve women who have come forward with sexual assault claims, nothing surprises me about this man.

Trump represents change. I get that. But, please do not mistake that his change will be for the betterment of others. That would be out of character for this man.

33 thoughts on “Five Trump biographers say don’t vote for this man

    • Most of the world wants. Unfortunately, we need more votes here. This election is beginning to scare me again. He is like the scary monster that you thought you killed, but he keeps coming back to life.

      • Erika, I was worried, but optimistic before our FBI director came out with his memo to Congress on Friday. Now, I am concerned, with little less optimism. Anything can happen, but I am hoping the better organized efforts of the Clinton campaign will help. Keith

      • You did your best over the last months and so did so many! The whole world knows what a catastrophy it would be. But now we can only wait…. what you guys are going to vote!

  1. I fear it is the hatred and distrust of Hillary that has been created during these past few months that have given this man a boost. Let’s hope it isn’t enough to put him in office. I wonder how many Trump “supporters” are really Hillary “haters”? Sexism plays a huge role in this election.

    • Sexism plays a role, but this woman has been vilified over time on unproven claims, rumors, innuendos, and a few true mistakes she has made. Trump just used that to lather them more up. Take a peek at the Newsweek article I linked to below in a general comment.

    • Dear Hugh and friends,

      Sexism is huge in this election. Too many men cannot stand a woman who is smart, clever, tough, competent and who pushes back President had 8 years of manure thrown at him, a lot of it based on racism, Hillary Clinton is dealing with 40 years of crap thrown at her, a lot of it based on sexism.

      Some of the criticisms on the two are based in reality but a lot of it is distorted way beyond recognition.

      Ciao, Gronda

  2. It’s amazing to me that after all the evidence you have listed this man is not in jail or has not been forced to sell off all his assets to pay back the government and tax payers. It’s very alarming. Here in Canada we are just in awe of the absurdity that is Trump and the fact that he has even made it this far. I sure hope he doesn’t get elected, sending over positive vibes 🙂

    • You use a great term to describe his candidacy – absurdity. I don’t know if you saw the Newsweek article on his defiance of court orders with his emails. I included a link in a general comment, but he in essence rhymed his nose at the courts. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Dear Keith and friends,

    I have been reading Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald reporting that Donald Trump “refused 2 produce records sought by prosecutors for 6 months. It looks like he is deleter in chief.

    With all the facts driven data against him, it is shocking to me that the polls show the elections’ predictions so close.

    It looks like the states of Florida and North Carolina represent D-Day on November 8.

    Ciao, Gronda

  4. Note to Readers: The biographer recommendation needs more notoriety by itself. But, the rape of the thirteen year old girl allegation is getting scant airplay. There are two facts that must be made public, as like the existence of the new emails that may or may not be relevant, it is imperative that people know.

    – there is a conference scheduled on December 16 with a judge between counsel for the plaintiff and two co-defendants. This does not mean he is guilty or innocent, but that date is on the calendar.
    – the second fact is Trump’s co-defendant is Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted and served time for soliciting a minor for sex. That is not an allegation, as he was found guilty.

    This news is pertinent because win or lose, Trump has this date and the three class action lawsuits against Trump University on his calendar.

  5. Dear Keith and friends,

    I have great news. A recent survey based on those who have early voted in FL. and this will be published on tomorrow;s news, shows that Hillary Clinton is winning big time. It is showing that 28% of republican registered voters have crossed over to vote for HRC. HRC is winning the early vote at 53%. The FL. prediction has her winning by 8%.

    If she wins Florida, DT is DOA.

    Moody’s Analytics has HRC winning at 332 electoral votes.

    This information was shared on “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell.

    CHEERS!!! Gronda

    • Gronda, that is good news. Let’s keep the pedal to the metal as the race has yet to be won. Thanks for all your hard work canvassing and your superb research. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Two comments. The Jane Doe alleged rape victim was supposed to have a press conference on Wednesday with her attorney Lisa Bloom. She canceled due to threats of violence as apparently her identity is known to some. There are two witnesses to her accusation, which include Trump allegedly tying her to a bed. All of which he denied. I am hoping her case will get more notoriety now.

    I also want people to look for a Salman Rushdie post on America needing to wake up to this man.

    • Update. I have been reading that a key reason the mainstream media has stayed away from the Jane Doe case is her anonymity, as it places the burden on the reporter as verification. To me, the mainstream media can report that the accusation has been made, a judicial conference date has been set and Trump’s co-defendant has a record. This does support or deny guilt, it just reports what is.

  7. Update: Late Friday, Jane Doe decided to drop the rape case against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Although not stated, she had declined to attend a conference earlier in the week due to threats of violence. Before knowledge of this, only two mainstream vehicles had raised the issue of the rape – on CNN on Friday afternoon and on The View when it was raised during conversation about why the media was not talking about Trump’s litigation.

    I am not saying Trump is guilty, but we will never know. I get a sense that he used influence to get his people to intimidate Jane Doe. What I don’t care for is a legitimate story came and went and very few people will ever know Jane Doe made a formal accusation that was worthwhile enough to get a judicial conference. This is too common a tale for the Jane Does of the world and the ones who do reveal their names.

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