Republicans on Clinton when she is not running for office

When Hillary Clinton is doing her job, she gets high praise even from Republicans. Yet, when she runs for office, the Republicans trot out the piñata they have created over time filled with some truth and much innuendo, so they must beat her down, like kids do at a birthday party when the piñata is put before them.

Here are a few quotes from senior Republican officials from an article in The Daily Beast, before her latest run for Presidency. The italicized items are from the article whose link is below.

Senator John McCain: In 2011, at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, McCain praised Clinton as “an international star” who has done “a tremendous job” as secretary of state. He also later told to CBS News, “I respect Secretary/Senator Clinton; I respect her views.”

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice: In 2010, she told Bill O’Reilly,Hillary Clinton is someone I’ve known for a long, long time. She’s a patriot. I think she’s doing a lot of the right things.” Rice then added, “She’s very tough… and she’s got the right instincts.”

Senator Orrin Hatch: In 2010, when Clinton was being floated as a possible Supreme Court nominee and Hatch was the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Utah senator said of his former colleague: “I happen to like Hillary Clinton; I think she’s done a good job for the… secretary of state’s position, and I have high respect for her and think a great deal of her.”

Former CEO and Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina: “Having started as a secretary and eventually become a chief executive officer, I not only have great admiration and respect for Hillary Clinton and her candidacy and her leadership, but I also have great empathy, I must tell you, for what she went through.”

Senator Lindsey Graham: Perhaps no Republican has spoken more highly of Hillary Clinton than the South Carolina senator and prominent foreign-policy hawk, who went so far as to describe the then-secretary of state as “a good role model, one of the most effective secretary of states, greatest ambassadors for the American people that I have known in my lifetime” in May 2012. The Republican also went out of his way to praise Clinton to The New York Times three months later saying “She is extremely well-respected throughout the world, handles herself in a very classy way, and has a work ethic second to none.”

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney: During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Cheney told host Chris Wallace of Clinton: “I have a sense that she is one of the more competent members of the current administration, and it would be interesting to speculate about how she might perform were she to be president.” Cheney also suggested that, if elected, Clinton might be easier for Republicans to work with than Obama.

Now that she is running for President her opponent and many Republicans have impugned this woman saying what a horrible job she did as Secretary of State and as Senator. Please take the time to re-read these quotes and find them in the attached article. This imperfect woman has taken a lot of crap, but is still standing. Most people, including her opponent, would have wilted under pressure by now.


22 thoughts on “Republicans on Clinton when she is not running for office

  1. It is obvious they don’t want a woman in the all boys club. Obama wasn’t created but he was tolerated. It was hard enough to take orders from a black man but a woman. Unheard of, I think the all boys club will aren’t ready to say madam president.

    Do you think the guy who leaked the new email investigation was paid. From all I’ve read it was illegal to reveal this information without proof so close to the election. Why else would he risk it unless he’s planning a move to the Cayman Island?

    • Kim, this imperfect woman has had to battle more than twice as hard. She is experienced, competent and tough. The latest email issue is a continuation of an issue that has been put to bed, in my view. Her opponent, as reported in Newsweek, purposefully delayed providing and deleted requested emails under court orders on multiple occasions. Those are crimes. Comey has been chastised the GOP Senate Judiciary committee chair. Keith

      • Kim, I think Comey placed himself between a rock and a hard place this summer and with testimony. I understand his coming forward, but believe he violated protocol as this issue may be nothing more than copies of pedestrian emails. They should look, but they should have waited to disclose until they knew if there was an issue. Keith

      • If she doesn’t get in with a majority behind her she will be a sitting duck for the bellicose Republicans who are determined, once again to paralyze the government in the name of party loyalty.

      • Hugh, agreed. Otherwise, she will try to gain cooperation, but since the GOP has put their whole election behind fear mongering, it is hard to backtrack from that. Governing should not be an after thought, but it is to our GOP Congressional leaders right now. Keith

      • One of the leading Republicans is already talking about impeachment if Hillary wins. As though this is even possible — impeaching someone for deeds (presumably) committed prior to taking office!

      • Hugh, this stuff has gone beyond the absurd. It would be funny to see a variation of the Key and Peale comedy routine does its Obama impression, with one playing the inner angry Obama who says what he wants to say. I could see HRC’s inner angry side saying “is that all you got?” Keifh

  2. Note to Readers: I started to add some current Republican endorsements to the above, but it would take away from the pre-election remarks. But, we must add the endorsing remarks of hundreds of former and current Republican leaders such as Colin Powell, Brent Scowcroft, Michael Bloomberg, etc. and the countless generals and security personnel who have signed a letter of endorsement.

  3. Dear Keith,

    Let’s add 370 economists including 8 noble laureates who are calling DT’s economic plan, “fantasyland,” to that list.

    I was originally a “hold my nose” supporter of Hillary Clinton, but after reviewing her job performance record which belies the critical republican talking points v her, I became an avid supporter.

    Thanks for this timely blog and ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, those economists are joined by an overwhelming support of her by the National Association of Business Economics at 55% for HRC and 14% for Trump. Jill’s post today on Thomas Friedman’s views is compelling, as well. Keith

  4. I have to say Republicans have always been ridiculous in their blatent hypocrisy and this is another perfect example of it! thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will say this though, if Trump has done anything good in this election it’s that he has highlighted the clustered mess of the Republicans and the obvious need for change in the house. With that said, he is clearly not the man to bring change, I am think Hilary will be a great president and FAR better than Trump but I also hope that the republicans lose the majority of their seats in the house so she can actually get some work done.

    • You are so right this reveals hypocrisy. They count on people not paying attention and choose not to correct misconceptions. Trump even perpetuates them. Trump can still win, as our press still does not focus on issues which show his business and personal malfeasance. Per my last post citing his biographers, what we see now is who he is. I don’t think the Dems can retake the House, but the Senate is possible. Thanks for commenting, Keith

  5. Thank you for the article Keith, very interesting. On a different note, gender does not play a part in my choice for president (in this election, I feel there is only one choice) but in the latest ad I see Trump standing before a few generals that are supporting him, he says ” Can you imagine HER being THEIR boss, I don’t think so”. Now, though it is obscure I take this as these MEN would never allow this WOMAN to be their commander in chief (of course he is lacks the eloquence to use the term CIC and must resort to “Boss”. He is not fooling anyone.

    • Thanks Holly. Your point is sound, that many of the references are not direct ones. I believe with her credentials, if Hillary were a man, she would be winning by a larger margin. I also believe if Barack Obama had said what Trump says, he would be knocked out of the race a long while ago, maybe at the first reference to John McCain.

      • Without a doubt Keith. This man has gotten away with all the hate speech he could spill. I is a disgrace.

      • Holly, his biographers have said what we are seeing on the campaign is not an act – this is the real Trump. At least twice he has been penalized for racial profiling with his housing. And, he is big on steamrolling hard working contractors. Keith

      • Oops. I am quite sure we are seeing the real man and the ugly under belly of our society who feel threatened by anything other than a white Christian America.

  6. Note to Readers: CNN has overlapped footage of Donald Trump telling his audience how President Obama screamed at one of his followers at an Obama event. The actual footage shows what really happened as Obama treated the man with dignity and respect and quieted the crowd. It is comical how Trump tries to use something when footage actually shows he is lying real time. I wish we could do that with his debates.

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