A few quotes to remember Tuesday

We have a Presidential candidate who has said many bizarre, untrue, misogynistic and bigoted things. There are also many things said about him from people who have encountered him over the years.

Probably, the dumbest quote uttered by any candidate comes from Trump and he has used variations several times: “Global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs.” Really, because that is some public relations conspiracy.

Another one he has uttered many times including yesterday is “America is the most taxed country on the world.” Mr. Trump, you are not even close as we trail most nations who are part of the Paris-based Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development. One measure has us at 31st out of 34 countries and another at 17th.

Of course, he cannot help himself, being the most prolific storyteller since Politifacts began measuring fact checking for politicians in the 2007-08 campaign. Thomas M. Wells, who worked as an attorney for Trump said “Trump lies all of the time.” Wells had several quotes about Trump, but one that caught my eye is  “He is the spoiled young man of privilege with the ‘right’ race … and family fortune to succeed easily and who looks down on others lacking in any of the above who do not.”

Trump’s history reveals a proclivity to bullying people through litigation and threatened litigation. Per Wells, a key tactic is refusing to pay contractors like painters, suppliers, electricians, plumbers, etc. under the guise of bad service. He will bully folks into settling for less than $1 for $1 or await a law suit, so that he can countersue. This tactic has been used so much, a Virginia contractor noted on a PBS voter panel about dealing with Trump Companies, “The word on the street is to get your money upfront.”

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton is not the only who has email issues. In an October 31, 2016 article in Newsweek by Kurt Eichenwald, it details Trump’s own records purges, which included “systematically [destroying] or [hiding] thousands of emails, digital records, and paper documents … often in defiance of court orders.” Eichenwald describes a pattern of a “deny, impede, and delay” strategy—which included destroying court-requested documents.

Much has been rightfully made of Trump’s Access Hollywood tape where he describes his sexual assault of women, that has been corroborated by a dozen women before and after this interview was made public. Yet, not as much has been made of accusations of him walking in on naked beauty pageant contestants, some as young as 15. Trump denies he did this, but in a 2005 appearance on Howard Stern’s show, Trump bragged about doing exactly what the women describe. “I’ll go backstage before a show, and everyone’s getting dressed and ready and everything else,” he said.

In writing this post, there was too much to choose from. But, there are two ways to sum up when to tell Trump is stretching the truth. Anything he says prior to the reminding phrase “Believe me,” is most likely untrue. The other is when he says to a reporter or to his opponent in a debate when accused of saying something, “I never said that.” What he fails to remember is he is recorded saying these things.

Let me close with a colorful reference that was made a few years back. I do not like name calling, but the choice of words by someone who successfully battled Mr. Trump is priceless. At the height of a battle with Trump who cajoled, bullied, and then sued unsuccessfully to get her Atlantic City home in 1998, 70-year-old Vera Coking said of Trump to the New York Daily News: “A maggot, a cockroach and a crumb, that’s what he is.” Using the words “maggot” and “cockroach” are interesting choices in my view, as both sponge off of others.

26 thoughts on “A few quotes to remember Tuesday

  1. So true Keith. I see the markets are stagnating or falling due to the uncertainty worldwide of a Trump presidency. The entire world (minus the Kremlin) is holding it’s breath in fear.

    • Very true. China in particular will be ticked if we back out of the Paris climate change accord. Other countries want to deal with a sane and rational leader and he does not fit that mold.

      • Even China has agreed to cooperate in tackling Climate change (to a degree). Lets face it Keith, Trump is a buffoon who will say and do anything and his Rep. constituents are selling their souls depending on how his poll numbers look when they get up each day.

  2. He doesn’t fail to remember his lies, he just knows that lying is helping. So he does it. It works for him.
    I think he calling him a maggots and cockroaches is an insult to those vermin.

    • You are right. He does not care that he is lying. He just hates getting caught in public. Watch CNN’s side by side footage of Trump describing how Obama shouted down the Trump protester at a rally, then see the actual footage of what a leader does. It is comical and sad, that Trump feels he has to make something up that did not happen, with footage to prove him wrong.

  3. Note to Readers: There is a film called “You’ve been Trumped,” that has made its way here. It is about the true life struggles of Scottish folks who welcomed Trump with some hope, but are now quite bitter over unmet promises. Jobs did not materialize like he committed to and many have suffered water shortages due to the golf course.

    • Janis, I am still to cautious to say “when” and must use “if.” I am concerned, as well, if she does prevail. It will take a magnanimous effort, which Trump is incapable of giving. It will fall to Pence and the Republican leadership to cede and make amends. I would not put it past Trump to sue, as that is his nature. I hope she will select a couple of solid Republican officials on her team. That will help. I also would love the lame duck Senate to confirm Merrick Garland. That would help.

  4. We have all told a lie or two. When getting caught red handed in a lie most people are embarrassed. Same with cheating and trying to get something for nothing. His disregard for descent behavior speaks volumes of his character. But worst then his character is the character of the people who have drank his kool-aid. It should have been grape flavored. That wasn’t nice forgive me. 😉

    • Kim, you reminded me of an important obervation made by Politifacts. They noted when they approach most candidates to share where they have misstated the truth, the candidate shows remorse. They said Trump does not care. Just think of the number of disproven lies he repeats to this day like the one we are the most taxed country in the world. Good luck this week, Keith

  5. You chose your quotes wisely … I understand the dilemma, having just finished the draft of my Idiot of the Year post for this afternoon, I had the same dilemma … too much material to choose from! He is the most abominable excuse for a human being I have ever run across and I hope that common sense prevails tomorrow!

    • Jill, yet that assessment is lost on his followers. Let’s hope enough more reasonable minds have seen through his schtick which masks his history of exploitation and narcissism. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Let’s keep our fingers crossed and encourage folks to vote. To me, there is a clear light of day between these two candidates, given her experience, competence, global relationships, temperament and toughness. She is not perfect, but she is still standing after a lot of crap has been thrown her way. To be brutally frank, Trump has never had his career vetted in the main stream media like it should have been. If it had, he would have not made it out of the primaries. But, make no mistake, he can still win, if people do not vote.

  7. Note to Readers: The attorney, Thomas Wells, in his article citing reasons not to vote for Trump, professed to what should have been a warning not to work for him. During his limo ride job interview, Trump kept describing his romantic liaisons. Wells wanted the job, so he went along with the discussion. Yet, he said later that encounter was telling him not to accept the job offer. He said he should have listened.

  8. Dear Keith and friends,

    Gary Trudeau has published a book, “Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump,” which I intend to buy as long as DT loses. I’ve been singing this tune in my mind, What a difference a day makes.

    Ciao, Gronda

  9. Just came by for your candidness, Keith. You do not disappoint. 😊 I’m hoping and praying for better times ahead! I’d say it can’t get any worse, but actually it can. Hopefully we’ll recover, stop regressing at a rapid rate and start progressing! It’s pretty mind boggling that we are where we are as we close in on 2017.

    • Mother Wintermoon, thanks for coming by. There are few keys to remember. I do not know what country Donald Trump is describing. He cannot use facts, as the story is as follows:

      – we are doing pretty well economically on the 4th longest economic growth period ever, yet not everyone is benefitting from that
      – Obamacare is working OK with good metrics on more insureds, yet healthcare costs are going up irrespective of the coverage as we are an aging, obese country that is over-medicated. Plus, Congress purposefully underfunded the risk corridors for adverse selection to strangle it. It needs to be improved not repealed.
      – our reputation in the world is pretty good under Obama, after he improved it when Bush left office, yet there our hotbeds that are hard to understand.
      – we have made progress on climate change, with renewable energy taking footing. We have well over 200,000 solar jobs growing at double digit rates, with coal jobs retrenching to 60,000. Those jobs are not coming back, so when people say they are, they are lying to the impacted people.
      – race relations are better, but need improving. We could start with less we/ they commentary as we address problems
      – poverty exists in urban areas and in rural areas. Investing in infrastructure, repurposing deteriorated and renewable energy will help all.

      Clinton is not perfect, but she has a plan. And, she is known for collaboration. If she gets elected, I see her reaching out to Republican leadership for help. With our debt problem, we need earnest effort on this issue and it was not talked about enough in the election. What we don’t need is someone governing off bumper sticker solutions on problems that are overstated or oversimplified.

      Thanks for stopping by. Keith

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